November 13, 2022
This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled

Dear Royal Spiritual Seed Of Abraham,

What church can you go to and know, without a shadow of doubt, that every Word you are hearing is Thus Saith The Lord? Nowhere, unless you are hearing the Voice of God speaking to you on the tapes.

We are God’s eagles and will not compromise on one Word. We only want fresh Manna every service and It doesn’t come fresher than hearing It direct from God Himself. We fly higher and higher as we hear each Message. The higher we go, the more we can see. If there’s no Manna in this church, God’s eagles are raising a little higher till they find It.

How our hearts leap with joy when we hear God speaking to us and telling us that we are His genuine, born-again, Church of God, which believes every Word of God in the face of anything, regardless of what it is, because we are His unadulterated virgin Word Bride.

There is such turmoil amongst the people today. As it was in the days of Jesus, those so-called believers were taking the interpretation of what the priest said about the Scripture. They were believing man’s interpretation of the Word. That’s the reason they failed to see the Truth of God, because there were too many man-made interpretations of God’s Word. God don’t need nobody to interpret His Word. He is His Own Interpreter.

Do you believe if you had lived during Jesus’ time, you would have believed every Word He said, no matter what your priest said? Would you have told your priest that listening to Jesus is the most important thing you can do? Would you have told him Jesus’ Words need no interpretation? If they would have had tapes of Jesus preaching, would you have told your priest you want him to press play so you can hear exactly what Jesus said and how He said It?

Well, that wasn’t your age; this is your age, this is your time. The Bible said, He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. What you are doing and saying now is exactly what you would have done then.

We believe the same S-o-n of God that come in the east and vindicated Himself as God manifested in the flesh, is the same S-o-n of God in the western hemisphere that’s identifying Himself among us. We believe this day this Scripture is fulfilled before us.

I truly believe this is the acceptable year, the year of jubilee. If you desire to remain a slave and don’t believe this Message is Thus Saith The Lord; If this Message isn’t your Absolute; If you believe it takes a man to interpret the Message; If you believe it is wrong to play tapes in your church; Then you have to be taken and a hole will be bored in your ear with an awl, and then you have to serve that slave master the rest of your days.

But the real genuine Bride Church is believing the entire Word of God in Its fullness and in Its strength. We are the Elected Church that’s pulling out and set aside from those things, and the manifestation of God has attracted our attention. We are that Royal spiritual Seed of Abraham.

We’re grateful for you to be here to enjoy this fellowship with us, which we’re under anticipations that God is going to give us during this meeting.

So we invite you to join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear 65-0219 This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled. We are under great anticipation for what God is doing during these meetings. The evening Light of the Son has come.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read:

St. John 16th Chapter
Isaiah 61:1-2
St. Luke 4:16