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Mondays: 12pm - 3pm
Wednesdays: 5pm - 8pm
In-Person services at the Branham Tabernacle and the YFYC are cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions and current construction project.
62-1104M Blasphemous Names

Dear Swarming Bride,

There is a cold chill in the air. Something deep inside of us is saying, “something is fixing to take place.” The Bride is swarming together from around the world. We’re hearing the voice of our leader, “Honk-Honk, Honk-Honk.” We’re setting our wings and getting ready to take a flight. We’re zeroed in and ready for the countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ZERO, the Rapture is at hand.

Let us never forget what our leader told us.

God has always sent a guide to His people. God has never failed. He sends a guide, but you’ve got to accept that guide. See? You’ve got to believe it. You’ve got to go the way he says. If you get into a wilderness, and your guide says “we go this way,” and yet you think you go that way, you’re going to come up lost. Then when you…God sends us a guide to guide us, we’ve got to follow that guide. No matter what we think, what looks reasonable and what looks ridiculous, we’re not subjects to divide that, the guide is the only one.

No matter what you may think, or others may say, you’ve got to follow God’s provided guide. We’re fixing to take a trip and get out of this place. We needed to make preparations or we’d come up lost. God sent us a guide, His Holy Spirit, that lives in each one of us. But He also sent a guide for us in human flesh. A guide God spoke through and said:

“I am God’s Voice to you”.

“Listen to my voice, what I’m telling you”.

“What I taught on the tapes. I believe every Word of it”

“You just say what is said on those tapes”

“Even though some day I have to leave this world, these tapes will still live.”

God sent us a guide that He PERSONALY VINDICATED by taking His picture with him and said to His Bride, “Hear Ye Him.” He is our prophet guide messenger.

If we don’t follow our God sent guide, we’ll get lost and never make it to our destination. We must follow his every instruction to make sure we don’t get lost. His instructions were so important, He had them recorded. We must believe and follow every Word. If you don’t follow these taped instructions, you’ll get lost and be on a death walk, walking in circles. But the Bride will follow EVERY INSTRUCTED WORD by: Pressing Play.

This Message is guiding us to be a Stature of Perfect Sons and Daughters of God. He has been telling us over and over again what we must be, to be sealed by the Holy Spirit.

Our faith recognizes only the Word. No matter what anything else says, it only recognizes the Word, because, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” And the Word is still God. “And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” And when the Word Itself is pouring into our faith, our mental faith becomes a spiritual revelation.

Our Faith has given us spiritual revelation. We are now becoming a complete unit of God, a Bride for Christ, and there is nothing that can stop us.

We are living in the day when we see prophecy and visions being fulfilled. In a vision the messenger had, he was preaching to the people and brought them the first climax to his ministry, The Word. But some of them said they would like to have some biscuits, and they left. He said, let them leave. But then he said,

“You know, they’ll, every one, be back tonight, so here is what I’ll do. I’ll background, kind of background.” You know the way I do it on these church ages and things, say what I said before. “I’ll background it, on the Word, and then this great, marvelous climax.” I said, “What a time it’ll be! Praise be to God!” .

I believe the vision is being fulfilled before our eyes. He is now backgrounding the Message and the Bride is coming back to their First Love, The Voice Of God, and it is uniting His Bride. What a time we are having.

I invite you to swarm with us around God’s provided Voice for our day and hear: Blasphemous Names 62-1104M, at 1:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as Father speaks through His messenger and brings us The Words of instructions.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scripture to read before hearing message:

St. Matthew 17:1-5

St. John 3:1-16 / 20:19-21

1 Corinthians 12:13

Ephesians 1:5 / 4:30

1 Timothy 2:14

2 Timothy 4:1-5

Hebrews 11:40

Peter 5:1-7

Revelations 17:1-15 / 22:16


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Wednesday Prayer Meeting

Dear Guided Bride,

What a special day in the history of the world today is. 58 years ago, the Lord spoke through His prophet and brought us the Message: The Stature Of A Perfect Man. A Message that would be a guideline for His Bride, to know what characteristics they must possess to be a true son and daughter of God.

We believe all Messages spoken by His prophet were spoken and recorded to be Stored Up Food for His Bride in this day. Although they were spoken many years ago, they are NOW being made fully manifested in us, His Bride.

Having His characteristics, and being sealed with His Holy Spirit, we want to wait till the Spirit moves us to do what He wants us to do. We want to be so completely lost in Christ that He don’t have to shove us around, but the first little nod of His head, we’re ready, and nothing is going to stop us because we know that it’s the Will of God.

We want Him near us all the time. We want to tell Him tonight, tomorrow, and every day:

Don’t never leave me, Lord. I can’t talk, I can’t preach, I can’t hunt in the woods, I can’t fish on the bank, I can’t drive my car, there’s nothing I can do without You. You’re my Guide.

Bro. Joseph Branham

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Prayer Request Update:

We are so grateful to the Lord for the praise reports from the Lauver and Fritzinger families! Gracey Lauver is home now on her way to a full recovery! They are scheduling several more operations to help with the wounds. The Lauver family has testimony after testimony of how the Lord has miraculously moved on the scene through her incredible recovery. Brother Jared is in stable condition at the hospital, and is expected to be released tomorrow! A staff member from Duke Energy said such a electrocution (a primary line of several hundred amps) would kill 90% of all people, and the other 10% should have missing limbs if they would survive at all! But when the saints of God unite in prayer, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

PRAISE THE LORD. Please continue to uphold these families in your prayer.

Brother Joseph

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From the Deacon Board

During the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, we realize there could be members of the Branham Tabernacle in desperate financial need who cannot obtain the necessities of living, such as food and sustainable goods. Because we do not have the opportunity to speak with you at Church because of the group restrictions, please email us at, or call us at 812-924-8200, if you are in this situation of need. The deacon board would be glad to investigate your situation.

I am so thankful that Father has prepared us, His Bride, for these things, both in the natural and in the Spiritual. I am certainly calling each of your names before Him in prayer.

God bless you,
Brother Joseph

There are policies with regards to saved seating at both the Branham Tabernacle and the YFYC. We appreciate your cooperation with the following:

  • Saving seats is permitted for those in your household only.
  • If you are disabled, you are welcome to enter the congregation before the doors open and sit in the designated handicap section.

We realize that there will be exceptions to these policies, and ask that you contact one of the deacons with any questions you have, so we may accommodate your special needs.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with these things, which we believe will make the services even more enjoyable for everyone.

God bless you

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From the Trustee Board

Many people have asked how to pay their tithes and offerings to the Branham Tabernacle while we are closed due to the Coronavirus. We would prefer you mail them to:

The Branham Tabernacle
PO Box 325
Jeffersonville, IN, 47131
c/o Billy Paul Branham

Our prayers are certainly with all our brothers and sisters around the world as this virus persists. For donations to Voice of God Recordings, please continue to use:

Voice of God Recordings
PO Box 950
Jeffersonville, IN 47131

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