December 25, 2022

Dear Rebekah Bride,

Father has sent His faithful servant, Eliezer, to hunt out His Rebekah Bride. We have recognized him, His seventh angel messenger, William Marrion Branham, whom He has commissioned to: Call, Gather, Lead and finally Introduce us, to Him.

He has given us a great outpouring of His Quickening Power and has brought us into recognition of our position, our place, and our responsibilities, being a called people, separated from the world, dedicated to God. He is guiding us and directing us in the things we do and say, bringing honor and glory to His Name.

There is nothing, nowhere, that can separate us from That, NOTHING. We are Eternally secured in the Kingdom of God. Father has stamped His Seal upon us to the end of our destination.

The devil punches at us day and night. He says everything to us, and accuses us, and tries to make us think that we’re not that Bride. He throws everything in our way to try to distract us, like sickness and sorrow, but we don’t listen to him. That Quickening Power is NOW in us and we are sealed and centered on that Word. We’re jumping off our camel, running to Him on our way to our great Wedding Supper.

We’re not ashamed in what we believe; on the contrary, we want the world to know, WE ARE TAPE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE EVERY WORD SPOKEN BY HIS FAITHFUL ELIEZER PROPHET whom He sent to call out and lead HIS REBEKAH BRIDE. We don’t add to or take away ONE Word. This Message is our Absolute.

How can a man who is filled with the Holy Ghost, full of the Power of God, and the love of God in his heart, talk to a man just a few minutes and not mention something about the Message he just heard on Tape?

When meeting people who claim to be believers in this end time Message, you can speak with them just a few minutes and can tell right where they stand on playing tapes. They are either Tape People or they are not.

It’s unimaginable that they consider it a shame, or even wrong, if you say you play tapes in your church or home. They feel it is anti-Word and not God’s provided Way. You’re looked down upon because you say you are a “Tape Person”.

Ministers who play tapes in their churches are criticized, and even called lazy. And if you listen to the same tape at the same time, well, you’re not even a minister, you’re a denomination, or a man worshipper.

I guess all those people before us that were on the telephone hook-up in their churches and homes, listening to Brother Branham all at the same time, they must have been a denomination too. They must have been out of the Program of God. They were not ashamed AND NEITHER ARE WE.

Just within a few minutes when you talk to people, they will let you know right away where they stand: Yes, we Press Play. Yes, we listen to the tapes on Sunday in our Church or homes. Yes, same tape, same time.

Why others say, “We go to church Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. We have such a wonderful pastor; he makes it so clear and so plain for us to understand. He explains the Message so I can understand It. You must have a ministry to be Bride. Brother Branham never said play tapes in church.”

What are you saying then is the most important thing? What the preachers say, what Brother Joseph says, or what the very Voice of God says on Tape? What is your Absolute? What’s on Tape, or what someone else says?

The ministry is wonderful, and in the Word. We need them. But what is THE MOST IMPORTANT, preaching or Tapes?

If the Tapes are not the most important thing in your personal life, in your church life, then something’s wrong. You’re off God’s Perfect Will Program. GET BACK IN LINE.

When a man ever meets God; not in some emotional work up, some enthusiasm, or some religious doctrine, some catechism or creed, or a dogma that he has accepted for a—a comfort for hisself, but when he really comes to the place like Moses did, on the backside of the desert, walk up face to face with Almighty God, and you see the Voice speaking to you, exactly with the Word and the promise of the hour, there is something It does to you! See, you’re not ashamed of It, It does something to you.

In our day, that traditional veil has been rent apart. Here stands the Pillar of Fire, manifesting the Word for this day. Deity veiled in human flesh. The Shekinah Glory for our today. God standing and speaking before us, veiled in human flesh.

Moses had the Word. Now remember, after the Word was made manifest, Moses was Moses again. See? But while that Word was in him to be give out, he was God; well, he wasn’t Moses no more. He had the Word of the Lord for that age.

What a CHRISTmas we Rebekahs will be having this Sunday. All day long, at different times throughout the day. We will be hearing our Eliezer call out His Bride and we will be telling Him we are not Ashamed.

May the Lord give you a wonderful CHRISTmas, filled with “HIS PRESENCE.”

Bro. Joseph Branham




Message: 65-0711 Ashamed

Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

St. Mark 8:34-38