March 05, 2023
Satan's Eden

My Dear Children,

You are an attribute of Me, your Heavenly Father. You were in Me from the beginning. You don’t remember it now, but you were there with Me. I so longed to know you because I wanted to contact you, speak with you, love you, and shake your hands.

As My child, you are a part of Me, made flesh, just like I was made flesh, so we can have fellowship one with the other as a family of God upon the earth. That was My purpose and what I wanted from the beginning.

I made a Garden of Eden for you so we could fellowship, but My enemy slipped in with deceit, and took this world over by misinterpreting My program to you.

It is a treacherous hour that you are living in, but it is also the most glorious time of all the ages, because you are now facing the great Millennium again; you’re facing Eden again.

My Spirit is not something that is schooled into you. It’s something that I predestinated by My foreknowledge into you by My mighty hand. Now My last call is going out to catch My Bride; “Come out from among them, be ye separated”.

Today they don’t try to establish My Word in the peoples’ hearts, they are trying to establish themselves. Churches are trying to establish the doctrine of the church in a person’s heart. Every man saying, “I did this. Me, I, mine, my denomination, me, this.” They are establishing themselves and not My Word which is spoken through My prophet.

You don’t have to understand everything I say, you just have to believe It because I said so, and that settles it forever.

My Holy Spirit is in action in you. It’s a Life in you, not an emotion; not some sort of a fleshly evidence, but It is a Person, ME, Jesus Christ, the Word of God, established in your heart, and It quickens every Word of this age. It’s My Holy Spirit in action in you according to the Word.

My first bride failed by listening to Satan’s reasoning, but I have redeemed you by Myself, which is the Word made flesh. YOU WILL NOT FAIL ME. You are My virgin Word Bride that will not listen to Satan’s reasoning. You will stay with My Word.

After the Millennium is over, then there will be an established Eden again; My great Kingdom will be taken back. I fought it out with Satan in the garden of Gethsemane, and won back My Eden. Now I have gone to prepare your New Eden in Heaven. I will be returning for you again very soon, so let not your hearts be troubled.

There will be no more sea, for the first heaven and first earth will pass away. I will renovate it with a Fire baptism that’ll kill every germ, every sickness, every disease, and every filthy thing that was ever on the earth.

She’ll burst forth, and there will come a New Earth. This first heaven and first earth will pass away. There will be a New Jerusalem descending from Me out of Heaven. There I will be with you, My true attributes, My sons and daughters. We will fellowship in holiness, with your eyes blinded to any sin.

I have come again unto you as I promised you I would. I have kept My Word to you. I have had My Word recorded on magnetic tape so there will be no misunderstanding, no question, just My pure Word for you; for It is Thus Saith The Lord.

Keep your conscience pure. Keep your hearts veiled. Keep your eyes veiled from the things of the world to become some big somebody.

Never forget, I will turn at the west and ride back again, one of these days. Until then, take My Name with you; It will joy and comfort give you, take It, everywhere you go, by pressing play.

Don’t compromise on one Word. My Word on tape needs no interpretation. You are part of Me, My attribute. This world is Satan’s Eden, but I have made you a New Eden where we will spend eternity together. Until then, unite around My Word. Love one another.

Come unite with the Branham Tabernacle this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, and hear Me speak through My chosen prophet and reveal My Word as you hear; Satan’s Eden 65-0829.

On His behalf,
Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

2 Timothy 3:1-9
Revelation 3:14
2 Thessalonians 2:1-4
Isaiah 14:12-14
Matthew 24:24