January 28, 2024
Three Kinds Of Believers

Dear Believer,

How wonderful it is to say, I AM A BELIEVER. Not in a creed; the Word! Not in a denomination; the Word! Not what somebody else says; but what the Word says!

We don’t question anything, we simply believe It. Regardless of what It sounds like or what anybody else has got to say about It, we are a genuine believer. We have a spiritual revelation of the Word.

We see the hour we are living in. We see the Message of the hour. We see the messenger of the hour. We see God revealing Himself in His Word. We see there is nothing else but This Message, This messenger, This Word.

A real believer don’t hear nothing but the Word. That’s all. He watches the Word. He ain’t looking for no loopholes. He ain’t looking for no gimmicks. He believes God, and that settles it, and he just keeps going on. See? There is the believer.

We can’t hear nothing else but the Word; the Word that comes only to the prophet. No loopholes, not someone’s interpretation, the Pure Word that was spoken and placed on the tapes for the Bride.

The Spirit has quickened that Word in us and has become alive. By faith, we see It and believe It. There will come a sound from Heaven that’ll take such a baptism of the Holy Spirit into the Bride, that it will take us from the earth, in a Rapturing Grace. God promised it.

We are put to the test all the time, every day. Satan tries to tell us our testing and trials is God punishing us. But PRAISE BE TO GOD, it isn’t, it’s Satan doing it and God permitting it.

God is tempering us, and molding us to see what we will do. The trial comes to shake us, to put us to the very bottom, to see where we’ll stand. But we overcome each battle, for we are living examples; the Word of God is living in us and through us.

How important are we in His eyes?

Nobody can take your place, no matter how little. You say, “I’m just a housewife.” Nobody can take your place. God, in His great economy, has so set so, the Body of Christ, in order, till there is no one can take your place.

How wonderful is that? Each one of us have a place. Each one of us was here when God spoke the world into existence. He put our body here right then. God placed us on earth at this time to fulfill His Word and give us Everlasting Life.

Everyone has to make a decision. Where do you stand on this Word, this Message, this messenger? How important is it to hear the Word that is spoken on the tapes?

In all different parts of the world, these tapes circulate through, ministries of the tapes.

It is a tape ministry sent from God to His Bride around the world. It tells you exactly where you are, who you are, and whether you are a believer in the Word.

You’re in one of these classes. In your present state right now, the present state of mind, that, you here in this visible audience, and you that will be in the invisible audience of this tape, your present state of mind after listening to this tape, proves to you what class you’re in.

After listening to this tape, it proves what class of people you belong in. Some believe you need more than just the pure Word that was spoken on the tapes. Some believe the days of the one-man Message are over; you must listen to your pastor or you’re lost.

The greatest division in the Message today is the importance placed on hearing the tapes. Some teach it is wrong to play tapes in church; only the pastor must minister. Some say there is a balance, but never play the tapes in church, or if they do it is very seldom.

With so many ideas, so many thoughts, so many interpretations of the Word, who is right? Who should you believe? That is the question each of us has to ask ourselves.

The prophet told us to check it with THE WORD, not what anyone says. How do you do that? There is only ONE WAY to do that, PRESS PLAY.

There has to be a correct answer, a correct way. Each person must decide for themselves. This Sunday will determine the future for all who hear this Message.

Something you should ask yourself: Who is the only person with Thus Saith the Lord? Who did the Pillar of Fire vindicate? Who will introduce us to Jesus? Who spoke the Word of infallibility? Whose words spoken on earth were so important, they were echoed in heaven?

If you’d like to have the correct answers, I’d like to invite you to come listen this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, to the Message: 63-1124E — Three Kinds Of Believers.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scriptures to read before service:

St. John 6:60-71