October 01, 2023
The Third Exodus

Dear Exodus Bride,

These things that we are seeing taking place today could not have happened twenty years ago, or forty years ago; it’s only today that it is happening. This is the hour! This is the time! Now is the time for It to be fulfilled. God promised It, AND HERE IT IS.

We have spiritual understanding; the iniquity of this nation is filled up. The hour has arrived. It’s time to go to that promised Land. Not just another country to go to, but our Future Home we’ve been waiting for.

Just think of it, what is leading us is more than a prophet. It’s God manifested in flesh among us, with His Word to prove it. A prophet that did a thousand times more than any other prophet. It’s the Pillar of Fire leading us to that promised Land, the Millennium.

He chose our prophet and gave him a supernatural sign of the Pillar of Fire, so he wouldn’t be mistaken. What the prophet said is the very Words of God. He took our prophet, trained him up, then sent him back to us with the Pillar of Fire, to vindicate Himself to us, and give us a complete Revelation of all His Word.

If we want to go to that promised Land, we must never forget, God cannot, and He will not, change His program. He is God, and He can’t. He told us He’ll never deal with a group. He never has. He deals with us as individuals. He promised us in His Word He’d send us Malachi 4 to lead us to this Land, and He has.

But, you see, Ahab had a system that he thought was of the Lord. He said, “I got four hundred of them, schooled and trained.” And they claim to be Hebrew prophets, as ministerial groups does today.

Many don’t want to accept it, but like Elijah of old, God’s seventh angel messenger, our pastor, is the pastor of the world to lead His Bride.

He is Malachi 4:5, and Revelation 10:7. He is the fulfillment of all the Scriptures that the Bible foretold of him. It is this Message, this Voice, that is the Voice of God calling His Bride. It is God’s Blueprint for today.

It’s the same Pillar of Fire, by the same anointed system. The same God doing the same things.

Now the Word is made flesh and dwelling among us in our flesh, His Word Bride.

Let us cry out to Him and thank Him, praise Him, worship Him, for all He has done: Saving us, predestinating us, justifying us.

What He is doing for us right now; giving us Revelation and Revelation, telling us who we are. And all He is going to do for us… Come and get us for His Bride and take us to our Future Home He has made for us, and to be with Him throughout Eternity.

Whatever we have need of, cry out to Him. That’s what He wants His children to do. Cry out to Him till we’re satisfied and get what we need.

Come and unite with a portion of His Bride Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, and hear God’s pastor to the world, William Marrion Branham, tell us all about: The Third Exodus 63-0630M.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before the Message:

Exodus 3:1-12
Genesis Chapter 37
Genesis Chapter 43