August 14, 2022
The Masterpiece

Dear Masterpiece,

How can I write you today without reminding you what our pastor said about each of us last Sunday?

But to know that wherever I can go…I haven’t a—a group on earth, that I know of, that sticks by me like this group. May—may God let us be so inseparable, that, in the Kingdom that is to come, may we be there together; my prayer.

There is not a group on earth that sticks with God’s prophet, and the Message that God spoke on the tapes, like us. And because we do, we will be inseparable in that new Kingdom with him and our Lord Jesus Christ. It just don’t get any better than that!

These are the greatest days of our lives. We are completely satisfied to be a fool for Christ and His end-time Message. To be called a nut because we believe every Word on them tapes and say, PRESS PLAY.

We belong to the One And Only Church. We didn’t join It, we were born into It. Each week we come together from around the world and make love to Christ and say, “Oh, how I love you ‘Yesus!’”

We might be a nut to the world, but Father has given us the Revelation of Himself in our day, God with skin on it, and It has drawn us, His Bride, unto Him.

We just love how simple It is, but at the same time, just how deep It is. But you must have a Revelation to see It, and WE DO.

Hid Himself in human veil, in His Church, revealing Himself by your faith and my faith, together, coming together, making the unit of God. I can do nothing without you; you can do nothing without me; neither could do anything without God. So, together it makes the unit, the connection. God sent me for the purpose; you believe it; and there it happens. That’s just it, see, confirmed perfectly.

We are like the men walking on the road from Emmaus that day. We listen to Him talk to us all during the day. Then we invite Him into our homes so we can get shut in with Him alone. Then He does something only He can do, breaks the Bread of Eternal Life. We instantly recognize Him. Then we say, did not our hearts burn within us as He talked with us along the way.

Each week we gather with great anticipation, wondering, “What is he going to tell and reveal to us this week”. We will share quotes with each other and talk about it all week. “Did you hear Him when He said”:

“It had taken me four thousand years to make My Masterpiece; but now I’ve been nearly two thousand years making another Masterpiece, You, My Bride. I have done it by His never-changing method, the same way I made My first Masterpiece, My Word. That’s the way I make My Masterpieces, because you can only be a perfect Masterpiece when It’s the perfect Word.

My brother, don’t think bad at this, but think a minute. If He took from Him, the original creation, to make the Bride for Him, He never made another creation. He took a part of the original creation. Then, if He was the Word, what must the Bride be? It’s got to be the original Word, living God in the Word.

Talk about a gastronomical jubilee. We are part of the original creation. We are part of the original Word. God is living in us. We are His Masterpiece. We are the group that sticks with His prophet. We are inseparable with His prophet and Lord Jesus Christ. We are ONE with Him.

If you too would like for your heart to burn within you like it does in us, come join us this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as a portion of the Bride comes together and invites Him into our homes, and into our churches, as we hear God speak and reveal to us the Words of Eternal Life, as He brings us the Message: The Masterpiece 64-0705.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scripture to read before service:

Isaiah 53:1-12
Malachi 3:6
St. Matthew 24:24
St. Mark 9:7
St. John 12:24 / 14:19