October 02, 2022
Questions And Answers #1

Dear Branham Tabernacle,

If you can’t come here at the tabernacle, get some church somewhere; go to it. If you can’t listen to the tapes with us, listen to the tapes somewhere. Playing and listening to the Tapes is the most important thing a preacher, teacher, apostle, prophet, evangelist or you, can do.

This is my home base; this is my headquarters; here’s where we’re set up at. Now, hold that in mind no matter what takes place. Now, if you’re wise, you’ll catch something. No matter what takes place, this is our headquarters, right here! And keep that in mind and refer back to this tape someday, that you heard me prophesying. All right, remember that!

What was the prophet doing? Storing Food. Storing Food so we’ll have Something to eat, so that we’ll have Something to feast upon. We get It on our tapes setting in the cool of our room.

He said there was only one little storehouse in all the country, one little storehouse. He just laid in plenty of supplies; The Token, Absolute, The Seals, The Seven Church Ages, The Future Home, Proving His Word, all for us, so we would just stay here and listen while he is gone.

It seems like he is a long way away, but we still remember, these things are true. This is a life that we have to walk alone.

The garners are FULL. There is no other Food that has been certified by God Himself to be PURE WORD with no contaminates.

If you’d like to feast with us, we welcome you to join us, this Sunday at 12:00 P.M. Jeffersonville time as we come to The Table and dine as His guest.

Questions And Answers 64-0823M

Bro. Joseph Branham