July 10, 2022
Three Kinds Of Believers

Dear Believer,

Just think of it, the God, Who made all things and set it in order, came down and was made flesh among us, to redeem us. And then He would so honor us with His august Presence, that He would stand here on this sinful earth in the last days, and prove His Word to be so, because He’s obligated to that Word.

The Holy Ghost has quickened that Word to us. It has become alive. By faith we see it. We know it’s so because the Word said so, and the Spirit quickens that Word to us. Now we are being united by the Word of God made manifest in the flesh, just as the prophet said It would.

The believer believes It, Not what somebody else says; what the Word says! Now, remember, that is the believer. The believer doesn’t question. The believer doesn’t say, “How can it be? If I can get It explained!” That’s the unbeliever. Uh-huh. It’s the believer, that, no matter what It is, “If It’s the Word, It’s the Word! That’s true.” That’s the believer.

You’ve got to believe every tittle and every jot, and everything that’s said in There. It’s got to be true. If you say, “I don’t believe that. Some is God, some is man, some of it is just hunting stories.” Well, then you’re an unbeliever. The believer don’t question. The believer believes It, regardless of what It sounds like or what anybody else has got to say about It, how impossible It seems to be, WE BELIEVE IT!

Every person that’s here, present, every person that listens to this tape; and even though some day I have to leave this world, these tapes will still live. That’s right. See? And you’re in one of these classes. You’ve got to be in one of them.

We are living in the last days and you must look at your life and see what class of people you are in. Do you say, “I believe God sent a prophet that has been vindicated by the Pillar of Fire?" He told us to believe every Word. To say EXACTLY what is on the tapes and don’t change one Word. We will be judged by what HE SAID, not by what someone said he said, or what someone says he meant, but by what the tapes say.

Or, are you going to go with Korah and Dathan, and them that say, “He’s not the only holy man. Other people have been called to do these things he did. You place too much on God’s prophet. The Holy Spirit is leading us now. This is a different age”.

You’re in one of these classes. In your present state right now, the present state of mind, that, you here in this visible audience, and you that will be in the invisible audience of this tape, your present state of mind after listening to this tape, proves to you what class you’re in. It’s tells you exactly where you are, whether you are a believer in the Word and will stay with It whether you’d walked out, or shut that tape off.

Praise the Name of the Lord, we are genuine BELIEVERS, not someone persuaded by some other person; not by some other thing, but the Holy Spirit has revealed to us the Word Itself. We see the Word made plain, vindicated and made manifested.

We are put to the test with trials, the dusty roads, the hot sun of persecution, but the loyalty of our hearts beats that material of the Word. We are now ready to go into the mold. We are God’s children, made up correctly on His Word. We are living examples, and the Word of God is living through us. The trials come to shake us, to put us to the very bottom, to see where we’ll stand. But we cannot be moved, we stand on every Word.

Listen as He tells you who you are.

Just remember that every part of you was here, when God spoke the world into existence. He put your body here right then. And there is nothing can take it away except God.

Nothing can take It away from you. Nobody can take your place no matter how little you are. You say, “I’m just a housewife.” Nobody can take your place! God, in His great economy, has so set the Body of Christ in order, till there is no one that can take your place.

Glory… Hallelujah… Listening to God’s stored-up Food just gets greater and GREATER. The more we hear God speak through His chosen messenger telling us who we are, the greater our Faith becomes. The sheer joy of knowing:

  • We are “ONE OF THEM”
  • We are “THE BRIDE”

I would like to INVITE you to PRESS PLAY with me, the Branham Tabernacle, and a portion of the Bride from around the world at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we will be gathering from the East, West, North and South to hear: Three Kinds Of Believers 63-1124E. This is what the Holy Spirit is leading us to do. For us, this is the program of God.

  • Press Play: Whatever tape God lays on your heart.
  • Press Play: Listen to whatever time you choose.
  • PRESS PLAY: Is my message to you.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before service:

St. John 6:60-71