January 02, 2022

Dear One Man Message Bride,

What a Red Letter year it has been for the Bride. He has united us from around the world by the only thing that can bring His Bride together, The Message of the hour, the very Voice of God calling out His Bride.

And now I believe She is ready to strike that final climax yonder, to bring forth a Faith that will rapture the Church into Glory. And She is laying in the Messages.

The Revelation of this Message is now anchored deep in our hearts. Our actions are exactly with the Word. We know our teaching is perfect with the Word, adding nothing to It or taking nothing from It. For us, it is nothing but the Word on tape.

He has been getting us ready for the final climax by giving us the Faith we need for the Rapture. That Faith, is in us NOW. The life of Christ is being reproduced in almost an incarnate way, through us, as it was in Christ.

We can see His life. “The works that I do shall you do also, he that believeth.” Not him that maketh-believe, he that thinks he believe, but, “He that believeth.” “He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he also.” Why? He is anchored to the same Rock. What was the Rock? The Word, always. You’re anchored there. It’s your north Star when you’re lost at sea.

We are so anchored to that Rock. We are certain of It. We’re positive of It. We don’t take somebody else’s word, we stay with Thus Saith The Lord. We have come to our Absolute.

We’re fully satisfied and content. No more wondering about like it was in the days of Judges, and with so many today, where every man done what was right in his own sight, where every man had his own absolute and did just what he wanted to do. God doesn’t change His policy, He cannot and be God. If God ever says anything or does anything, He must do the same every time.

God always sends a prophet to lead His people. He sent us His 7th angel prophet; the Son of Man revealing Himself in human flesh, to call out and lead His Bride. The Tapes are the Voice Of God to His Bride. THAT IS OUR ABSOLUTE.

She went up there. She knowed. And I like that, the way she come. She got to her absolute, her tie post.

God is calling His Bride together. He will not change His program. He will not send a group of men to gather His Bride. His Bride will only unite around the pure Word, that is the Voice Of God on the Tapes. It is God’s true ministry for today.

There is no better way to start the New Year than by coming together and hearing our tie post, our Absolute, speak to us. I would like to invite everyone to come listen with us Sunday at 10:00 A.M., Jeffersonville time, to hear the Message: Absolute 62-1230M.

If you cannot join us, I encourage you to choose a Message to play in your homes, or encourage your pastor to pick a Message that you too may set together, under the greatest anointing there is, and hear the Bride’s vindicated Absolute.

Bro. Joseph Branham