January 29, 2023
The God Of This Evil Age

Dear Christ’s little Virgin, Word, Flock,

We can’t be nothing else. We can’t hear nothing else. We don’t know nothing else. We want nothing else. Where the fresh Meat is, PRESS PLAY, which is the Word of the season, there the eagles will gather. The Word coming to Life in us.

We are not the same as everyone else! Ye are a separated people, holy unto the Lord, dedicated to the Word and the Spirit of God, to bear fruit of His promise for this day. We are constantly maturing and ripening by hearing the Voice of God.

The prophet told us to refer back to these tapes. If you’ve got a tape machine, get a group of people together and play it, and listen close. Listen to His Voice, what He is telling us. God’s Word needs no interpretation; He does His own interpretation. “I am God’s Voice to you.”

And this is It, the Bible, not one word to be added to It or taken from It. Just stay right with that Voice. “A stranger they won’t follow,”

How could anyone not see God’s provided Way for today? But glory to God, we can see It, because we’re elected to see It. We will not, and we cannot be deceived, because we are His manifested Word.

Brothers and sisters, let that just soak in just a minute, WE ARE THE WORD MANIFESTED!! God Himself, speaking through human lips, is telling us WE ARE THE WORD. We have absolutely nothing to fear. Everything we have need of is ours.

Each week we are under great expectations for the Lord to visit us. We don’t have room here to seat everyone, nor can everyone come to Jeffersonville, so we just have to send them the Word through the medium of the internet.

We are in our homes, in our churches, in our cars, gathered around our little microphones from around the world, waiting on the Coming of the Lord.

They are gathered together with us in Africa, waiting for the Coming of the Lord. They're gathered together with us in Mexico, waiting on the Coming of the Lord. In Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, the middle East, South America, from the four corners of the earth, waiting on the Coming of the Lord.

And we’re gathered here at the home church, the tabernacle, waiting for the Coming of the Lord. We are many hours apart in time, but we’re together as ONE UNIT, believers, listening to God’s Voice, waiting for the Coming of the Messiah.

We ARE God’s called and chosen people out of this evil age for His Name. We are being tried and proven to Satan that we are the Word. We are part of that Original Bride Tree. We are watching our life being manifested by that Word.

It’s easy for everyone to believe that Jesus was the direct answer to every prophecy that was to come to pass in Him, because they are looking back to see it happen. But in this present evil age, they are doing the same thing they did then, by interpreting It another way, and have caused the people to go into strong delusions to believe a lie. If they could only realize It is the same Word for this age being manifested.

There is only one thing that can bring the Bride together, this Message. There is only one thing that we can all agree on, this Message. There is only one Voice that has been vindicated to be Thus Saith The Lord, the Voice of God on tape.

Now, just a cold, formal, starchy churches, and so forth, of man-made theology, that wouldn’t; the Elect would never pay no attention to that. But it’s up there almost like the real thing. Just leaving out one Word is all you have to do. Promised of the age; very great time! Christians, everywhere, take heed to the hour we’re living! Mark down, and read, and listen close.

The god of this evil age is doing all he can to deceive the people by keeping His vindicated Voice from them. He tries to make them disbelieve just one Word, like he did to Eve in the beginning.

But Christ’s Word-Bride is coming to a Head. We’re uniting back to our Mate where we started from. The time of the exodus is at hand. God is coming for His Bride that stays with His Word.

The Holy Spirit is here calling out a Bride for Christ. He is doing it by vindicating His Word of promise to Her, for this age, showing that It is Christ.

There is nothing greater than to be united with the Bride around the world, listening to the Voice of God speak direct to you. No need to hope, wonder or even pray what you are hearing is truth. For It is the ONLY VINDICATED, THUS SAITH THE LORD VOICE.

Come join us and listen to:

And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.

At 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: The God Of This Evil Age 65-0801M.

Bro. Joseph Branham




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