August 22, 2021
The Choosing Of A Bride

Dear God’s Chosen Bride,

Father chose His Bride before the foundation of the world. He wanted a Bride that would reflect His very character. He wanted a Bride that would attract His attention by keeping His Word.

A Bride that would be so sold out to Him and His promised Word, till the very Mind that was in Him would be in them. They would be His same flesh, same bones, same Spirit, same everything, just exactly built up till the two of them would become One.

He wanted to mold His very character in them, for She has to be just like Him. He has waited since He placed His first Adam and Eve on earth to restore His perfect Bride. He has been brooding over Her, bringing Her back to Her full manifestation; for they will be His Spoken Word Bride.

When He saw Her, He was so happy, He finally had a Bride that would not compromise on One Word. A Bride that would not even slightly doubt any of It, but take It just as It is. They would tell the world It needs no interpretation, for It is the Pure Voice Of God.

As He looked at His perfect little sweetheart Wife, He was so proud of Her, He just had to show Her off. So He called unto His mighty 7th angel, so he could have a preview of Her. He wanted him to see Her, and show Her off, so he could tell Her just how beautiful She was. So He could encourage Her and let Her know He knows just who She is.

So He took His angel and set him on a high-place so he could preview Her. As he looked, the Spirit of God spoke to him and said, “There is the Bride.” He looked, and he saw YOU there. His heart was happy.

Each one of YOU were dressed in your national garb from where you come from: Switzerland, Germany, around the world, every nation. Real nice long hair fixed nice in the back, sleeves, and skirts down neatly. And YOU were all in a marching tune, “Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war.” As he looked, We started marching right up into the skies; We were the Word.

Thank You Father. How that encourages our hearts today. We love You and Your Word with all that is in us. We believe every Word. This Message fits us like a glove on a hand.

We want to be Your Perfect Word Bride. We know no other way to do that but to stay with your Word, this stored up Manna you left for Your Bride to make Herself ready.

We see that time is at hand. The world is shaking underneath us with Earthquakes. Your investigating angels are all around. The world is turned up-side-down. Wars, fighting, killing, viruses and diseases everywhere. The enemy is raging nonstop, trying to torment Your Bride, but Your chosen sweetheart Wife is STEADY holding on to Your Word.

Help us Father not to get out of step. May we keep our eye on You and hold to Your unchanging Hand. Increase our FAITH, give us what we have need of. Come be with Your Bride this Sunday, at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we gather around Your Voice for the day and hear You speak: The Choosing Of A Bride 65-0429E.

This is our prayer Father:

O God of Heaven, have mercy upon a sinful world and a sinful people, Lord, as we are tonight. God, I’m trying to stand in the breach and ask for Divine mercy, that You’ll speak into this crowd tonight and call Your Bride to attention, Lord, to march not by the sign of any creed, but by the sound of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Grant it, O God. Let it be known, this night, that Thou art God, and Thy Word is Truth. While, solemnly, in the face of this people, we call them to attention of Thy Word.

Bro. Joseph Branham



Scriptures To Read:

Genesis 24:12-14
Revelations 21:9