December 18, 2022
Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word?

Dear Messiah-ettes,

We are God’s anointed Ones; anointed with His same Spirit, by the same works, by the same Power, by the same signs. It has gone from eagle to eagle, from Word to Word, till the fullness of Jesus Christ is made manifest in each of our bodies, for physical, spiritual, or any need we have need of. That quickening Power is living and dwelling within us. We are God’s Messiah-ettes.

Each week the Revelation of this Message; who we are, where we come from, and where we are going, gets greater and greater. We wonder with great anticipation, how could It get any more glorious? How much plainer could It be? But with every new tape we hear, God speaks to us lip to ear and reveals more of His Word to us, and assures us, WHO WE ARE.

The greatest desire of any believer’s heart is to be in God’s PERFECT WILL. Never do we want to be in His permissive Will. Our hearts are broken and we are crushed if we feel we have done anything that would displease Him. We know God has a Perfect Will, and we just want to be in HIS PERFECT WILL PROGRAM.

In my life, I have made a strong stand by saying I believe the most important thing every member of the Bride can do, both laity and the ministry alike, is to PRESS PLAY. I believe It is the ONLY vindicated Voice Of God for our Day in which you must hear and obey every Word.

I have said I believe the ministry needs to place Brother Branham back in their pulpits and play the tapes in their churches, as It is the single most important Voice the people must hear.

I have received much criticism in my life for making this stand for what I believe to be His Program and Perfect Will. It has been misunderstood and said that I do not believe in the five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4.

I have expressed many, many times that is false. I have never said, nor have I ever believed that. There are many that have twisted my words and tell people things I have never said or believed, but that is to be expected.

There has to be a Bible Word truth. If you claim you believe this Message, then we must take what the prophet said, as It is the very interpretation of God’s Word. For he is the ONLY interpreter of that Word.

If I were to ask each of you, “Who wants to be in God’s perfect Will?” Each one of you would say, “YES, that is my heart’s desire.” Thus we must look to what the prophet said is God’s Perfect Will.

NOTE: If the Message on tape isn’t your Absolute, and you don’t believe every Word, STOP READING THIS LETTER. To me, you are not a believer, thus it’s not for you. I can only stay with what God said on tape.

We want what He said; not what the church said, what Doctor Jones said, what somebody else said. We want what THUS SAITH THE LORD said, what the Word said.

We must submit ourselves to His Will and His Word. We must not question It. We just have to believe It. Don’t try to find a way around It. Just take It the way It is.

So many want to go around and go some other way. If you do, God will be blessing you, but you’re working in His permissive Will, and not in His perfect, Divine Will. God will permit you to do something, and even bless you in doing it, but it still isn’t His perfect Will.

God sent His seventh angel messenger to the earth to call out His Bride. We believe It was the Son of Man revealing Himself in human flesh. It is the very Voice of God that has been recorded and stored up for His Bride.

God Himself told his prophet, "if you get the people to believe YOU, nothing will stand in your way." He was the one chosen by God to lead His Bride. No one can take his place. No matter how many Korahs raise up, or how many Dathans, it was William Marrion Branham who God called to lead His Bride. This is God’s Program and His PERFECT WILL.

If the people won’t walk in His perfect Will, He does have a permissive Will He’ll let you walk in.

Now, God is a good...He sends His Word. If you won’t believe His Word, then He puts in the Church five different offices: First, apostle, prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists. They are for the perfecting of the Church.

Thus, the ministry was only raised up because the people throughout the ages would not accept God’s PERFECT WILL PROGRAM; His Word spoken by His prophet. We are simply just to believe the Word that God’s prophet spoke. We need no one else or nothing else.

Then the work of the ministry is to bring the people BACK to His Perfect Will Program, which is: STAY WITH THE TAPES, FOR IT IS GOD’S PERFECT WILL. Then keep that PERFECT WILL PROGRAM before them all the time by: PRESS PLAY.

You’ve got to come back and start where you began, or where you left off, and take every Word of God.

So what must you do to be in His PERFECT WILL: Press Play.
What must the pastors do to be in His PERFECT WILL: Press Play.

What did the prophet of God do when he went in the meetings? Just pray for the sick, and things like that? He would say things in a roundabout way that the sheep would hear it, because we know what He’s talking about. Otherwise, it was just the bait on the hook. He showed them signs like discernment, and knew the secrets of their hearts, just to stir the people. But then he said what the most important thing was:

The first thing you know, a tape drops into their house. That’s got it, then. If he’s a sheep, he comes right with it. If he’s a goat, he kicks the tape out.

Are you a sheep or are you a goat? God’s little group is centered on that Word. We are in His Perfect Will by Pressing Play as that was, and is, His original program.

Stay right with His Word, ’cause that’s what’s going to come out in the end, the Word, Word by Word. “Whosoever shall take one Word away from It, or add one word to It!” It’s got to stay, that Word.

I’m so thankful to the Lord to know, by spiritual Revelation, that I am in His Perfect Will according to His Word. I’m not adding my interpretation to It, or my understanding to It, but hearing with my own ears what is THUS SAITH THE LORD and His Perfect Will.

I invite you to come and go prospecting with us this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word? 65-0418E. There are so many nuggets in this Message, you’re going to be RICH in His Holy Spirit when we are done.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Exodus 19th chapter
Numbers 22:31
St. Matthew 28:19
Luke 17:30
Revelation 17th chapter