October 23, 2022
Questions And Answers #4

Dear Brother Joseph,

1.  I have heard you say that you believe EVERY WORD of this Message is THUS SAITH THE LORD.

From the depths on my heart and with every fiber of my being I BELIEVE THAT. It is the very Voice of God speaking lip to ear to His Bride.

God spoke through His prophet and said:

So say I, in the Name of Jesus Christ! Don't you add one thing. Don't take, put your own ideas in It. You just say what is said on those tapes. You just do exactly what the Lord God has commanded to do. Don't add to It.

If you claim you believe this end-time Message, you too must believe EVERY WORD in order to be His Bride. Satan tries to white wash It through the ministry and says, “When Brother Branham was telling hunting stories or saying ‘you have the best cook in the country’, or ‘I don’t have Scripture for that, but I’ll tell you what I think;’ You don’t have to believe that part. The Holy Spirit is here to lead us to understand what is and isn’t the Word.” THAT IS THE SAME DEVIL THAT SPOKE TO EVE AND SAID, SURELY.... HE DIDN’T MEAN EVERY WORD. Sound familiar?

They are doing exactly what he COMMANDED them not to do. He said SAY WHAT IS SAID on the tapes, not put your ideas or understanding to It. He didn’t say, “everything EXCEPT this part and that part, and your pastor will tell you when it was the Holy Spirit talking and when It was just me. I’m just one little pebble on the beach among these big stones.”

2.  Do you think Brother Branham and/or his tapes are the absolute?

Brother Branham is not my Absolute but the Message he spoke on tape is absolutely my Absolute.

Many people say that is incorrect, the Bible is the Absolute. My friend, the Bible and the Message on tape are the same thing. That is the very essence of the Message. The Message on the tapes is the interpretation of the Bible. They are one and the same.

The simple fact is, 1: The Bible is the Word. 2: The Word comes to the prophet. 3: The prophet is the ONLY divine interpreter of the Word. 4: Our prophet, William Marrion Branham, is the manifested Word for our day and was sent to interpret the Word. 5: God’s Word needs no interpretation. What He speaks through His prophet on tape IS THE INTERPRETATION OF HIS WORD.

The Bible tells us that He was coming again and living in flesh just like He did with Abraham and Jesus Christ. He said He had many things yet to tell us. He said He would reveal all these great mysteries which are hidden in His Word. He said it needed no interpretation. He never said He’d send a group to lead and unite His people, HE HIMSELF WOULD LEAD THE PEOPLE BY HIS PROPHET LIKE HE HAS ALWAYS DONE. HIS WORD CAN NOT CHANGE.

3.  Do you believe pastors should play the tapes in their churches?

Every pastor must do as he feels led of the Lord to do, as each church is sovereign. I do believe, and have said it many times over the pulpit, that pastors should put Brother Branham back in their pulpits by playing the tapes. I have never said they must quit preaching, just play tapes. But they use every excuse imaginable not to play the Voice of God in their churches.

I’ll let the prophet say how I feel about pastors that will not play that Voice in their churches.

Now, Brother Junior Jackson had a right to disagree with that. He wants his church…The people all want to speak with tongues and things in the audience. That’s Brother Junior’s troubles; that’s—that’s up to him. But Junior Jackson believes this Message the same as the...any of the rest of us does. He’s one of us.

4.  Do you believe ministers should stop preaching?

No, I have never said that nor do I believe that. The Word tells us, and Brother Branham has been quite clear on these Q & A Messages, for the ministers to continue on.

I just feel led, for my church, to do a quick introduction; or by letter for now, and then press play and hear God’s ONLY vindicated Voice for today. I have said many times that I have the greatest ministry in the world, I get to introduce the Voice of God to my church every Sunday.

5.  People are saying you feel if you don’t stream Branham Tabernacle services you are not the Bride?

I have NEVER said that or even thought that, my brothers and sisters. Anyone that would say such a thing is wrong. As the pastor of the Branham Tabernacle, I feel led to play the tapes of Brother Branham. I believe that Voice is the only thing that will unite the Bride.

As I said earlier, I believe everything on the tapes is Thus Saith the Lord and needs no interpretation. I can say amen to every Word I hear. I believe William Marrion Branham was sent to call out a Bride. My place in the five-fold ministry is to point the people to that messenger and then press play. There is nothing greater than to hear that Voice. The greatest anointing is on the tapes, so why would I want to give my church anything else?

Every Sunday I invite the world to listen to the Message the Lord has placed on my heart to play to my church. Everyone is welcome to listen at the same time.

I use as my guide what Brother Branham said on the tapes.

And we got this telephone system now, which is very, very fine. The people can set right in their homes or their…gather in their places, their churches, and so forth, and hear the service. I appreciate that.

Now, pastor, I want you to know that, that, this is only to my congregation I speak these things. And I have a right to do that, because I been set by the Holy Spirit to watch over these sheep.

This Message, and all other of the Messages that I speak on, is directed to my congregation. It’s not for your congregation unless they want to receive It. But It’s directed to this people here.

And that's the world around. And people get up at midnight in the night, in old countries, they keep that prayer chain at the same time. Literally, tens of thousands and thousands of thousands are praying at the same time. God's bound to hear; you're just—you're just storming Heaven with prayer, you see, so He's got to hear.

6.  Is it wrong to go to church?

I have never said that or believed that. If I believed that why would I have a church? At the Branham Tabernacle we had 3 services per week until it became just too hard for me to have that many services each week and do the work at VGR. We then had 2 services per week at the Tabernacle until it was just not able to hold the people. So we moved to our building we used for our young people, which was a gymnasium.

The Lord had placed on my heart to make a statement one Sunday morning. I said even if they closed these church doors one day, we would not miss a beat as our pastor could speak to us wherever we were. A month later, we had COVID which closed the churches around the world.

I felt led that during that time, it would be a good opportunity to remodel the gym, as we needed a sanctuary. Thus, we have been happy in our homes, united and listening to God’s prophet on tape with a portion of the Bride around the world, while the church is being remodeled.

We are just now finishing the building, but just like when Brother Branham was here at the Branham Tabernacle, we have already outgrown the additional parking we built. We’ll just have to pray and see how the Lord leads.

I know there are many, many more questions on the peoples’ hearts. There are many things I have said that have been misunderstood. If Brother Branham was misunderstood, how much more will I be?

I could be wrong in what I’ve said. I could have said them better or have been more clear in the way I presented them. But there is one thing I KNOW is right, THIS MESSAGE IS PERFECT. You don’t have to listen to me or what I say, but you MUST PRESS PLAY AND BELIEVE EVERY WORD.

Once again, I invite you to join the Branham Tabernacle this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: Questions And Answers #4 64-0830E.

Bro. Joseph Branham