September 25, 2022
Proving His Word

Dear Salt Of The Earth,

Just when it seems like It couldn’t get any better, He gives us another Tape Load of Revelations. We have representation from predestination. That’s the reason we come from the east and west, north and south, to hear the living Word made manifest.

When God created the world, we were in His thinking. When our accuser keeps pointing a finger at us and tells Father, “they did this, they did this, they did this,” the Blood of our Lord Jesus covers us. When we’re praying, God don’t see us, He just hears our voice through the Blood of Jesus.

Satan cannot bother; or, he can tempt, but he cannot get a born-again Christian. For, God, from the foundation of the world, foresaw him, and sent Jesus to redeem him, and the Blood speaks for him. How can he sin when it can’t be seen, even by God? He don’t even…The only thing He hears is your voice. He sees your representation. Amen! That is true. See?

God’s prophet told us these things. It wasn’t him speaking; he is just expressing God’s thoughts, His attributes of the things that has to come. He is using his mouth to express them by. And after he said them, they’ve got to come to pass. “Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never fail.”

He has proven His Word to us over and over again. Hasn’t He proven to us to be: The Son Of Man made flesh amongst us? Hasn’t He proven to us: Our prophet fulfills every Scripture spoken about him? Hasn’t He proved to us: We are His Bride? Hasn’t He proven to us: We have the true evidence of the Holy Spirit?

What are we worried about then? He’s proved to us, if we stand by Him, He’ll stand by us. His Word can never fail.

All that believe this Message and messenger of this age will be saved. All who do not believe the Message and the messenger, will perish with the world.

Listen close church. So many misunderstand, or have no Revelation of the Word. They feel we place too much on the man. If you truly believe Brother Branham is God’s prophet, then open up your heart and soul and listen to what Thus Saith The Lord says.

What will bring the Bride together? What will unite the Bride to become One with God?

“In that day the Son of man will be revealed.” What? To join the Church to the Head, unite, the marriage of the Bride. The Bridegroom call will come right through this, when the Son of man will come down and come in human flesh to unite the two together. The Church has to be the Word, He is the Word, and the two unites together, and, to do that, it’ll take the manifestation of the revealing of the Son of man.

It will take the manifestation of the revealing of the Son of man. Not your idea, not your understanding, not your thoughts nor your preaching. The Son of man will unite the Bride with the Bridegroom, and It is taking place RIGHT NOW.

We are now in a Wedding Ceremony with the Bridegroom and we’ll soon be leaving for our Wedding Supper and our Honeymoon.

The Word and the Church becomes one. Whatever the Son of man done, He was the Word, the Church does the same thing.

We can only live by every Word that proceedeth out of the Mouth of God! God has proven that our prophet is God’s Mouthpiece for today. How do we know it’s God’s Word? He says so, then He proved It by His Word.

We are the Bride-Church made ready in the last days. A called-out from all the others; that speckled bird that’s speckled by His Blood.

Father, our hearts are jumping, and my heart’s pounding, when I think of that and know that Your Words are true, none of Them can fail.

This is God’s only provided way for today. It is the ONLY way not to change one Word. Remember, the Holy Spirit can come and anoint a person, and still it’s out of the Will of God. We MUST STAY WITH THE ORIGINAL VINDICATED WORD.

If you’d like to stay with that Word and hear the Voice of God with us, I invite you to join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: Proving His Word 64-0816.

You don’t have to join us or even hear the same tape at the same time with us, but I appeal to you, hear God’s prophet.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before service:

St. Matthew 24:24
Mark 5:21-43 / 16:15
Luke 17:30 / 24:49
John 1:1 / 5:19 / 14:12
Romans 4:20-22
I Thessalonians 5:21
Hebrews 4:12-16 / 6:4-6 /13:8
I Kings 10:1-3
Joel 2:28
Isaiah 9:6
Malachi 4