August 01, 2021
Proving His Word

Dear Babes Such As Will Learn,

What a Heavenly atmosphere we were setting in on Sunday as the Bride of Christ gathered together in the Presence of the Holy Spirit. We could feel It quickening our mortal bodies.

There is no greater anointing, no greater atmosphere, than when you Press Play and hear the Voice of God speak to you. God has fixed our ears to hear and believe every Word, for it is none other than El, Elah, Elohim, the self-existing One, the all-sufficient One, the strong One, speaking to each of us and revealing to us that we are His manifested sons and daughters.

How powerful it was as the predestinated Seed of God, from around the world, placed their Holy hands on one another. Our homes and churches were filled with the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Our Faith had been built-up, for we knew who was speaking to us. He then told us that quickening power was IN US. We believed with all our hearts and souls, because He said so.

Then He told us to say, “Lord God, I believe with all my heart.” We repeated every Word from the depths of our hearts. He said, “Sickness cannot stand in such a group as this.” Our spirit rejoiced as we heard these Words, for we knew what was taking place.

He said, “Everybody that wants the Holy Ghost, raise up your hands, WHEREVER YOU ARE that want It...I do believe that God will fill each one of you, RIGHT NOW, with the Holy Ghost.” Right at that moment, we were filled, and refilled, with His Holy Spirit, the Voice of God had just said so

Then to those that needed healing in their body, He said, “I command you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to stand to your feet and accept your healing.” At that very moment, every believer, from around the world, that had FAITH and believed, was HEALED.

Where did this take place? In one small group of people gathered together? No, it was from AROUND THE WORLD as the Bride sat together in Heavenly places listening to the Voice of God for our day.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for any man, or group of men, to unite the Bride like that. Only the Holy Spirit can do that by speaking through His provided messenger for the day. This Message is THUS SAITH THE LORD. No wondering, no guessing, God has proved this is His provided way for today.

What a rest and peace we have. We never have to worry or question what is being said to us. We never have to go back to the Word to check it, for we are listening to God’s proven Word for our day. We just sit back, open up our hearts, our minds and souls, and say AMEN, AMEN, AMEN.

No, we’re not worthy. No, we don’t understand everything. But we BELIEVE every Word. He said that was the true sign that you have the Holy Spirit, and only His Bride will believe and stay with every Word. WE ARE THAT BRIDE….Hallelujah!.

It goes way over the top of the great, so-called deep thinkers, and reveals it to babes such as will learn.

I’m so thankful that I am a baby such as will learn.

He has proven through the centuries who He was in each age. He proved It through His prophets. He proved It when He came in flesh, took our sins and was nailed upon a cross, then rose again and sent back the Holy Spirit.

Now He has proven It in our day by returning and revealing Himself in human flesh once again as He promised He would in His Word. He had proven Himself to be The Son of man, the ministry of Jesus Christ Himself, veiled in human flesh.

And now, His final chapter, the very reason for this great plan, to come for us, His fully restored, proven Bride, that stayed with The Word.

Would you have liked to have been on the mountain that day when Jesus spoke to the 5000? Would you have loved to see Him prove to the world who He was by providing the loaves and the fishes? Would you have loved to be sitting under that anointing, just hearing His Voice comfort your heart with His Words of Eternal Life?

You can, if you believe This Message with all your heart.

Come sit under that anointing on the mountain with us this Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, and hear God prove to the world who He is in our day. Luke 17:30 speaking to you and telling you B-R-A-N-H-A-M is My proven and chosen Voice to you. Come hear him: Proving His Word 65-0426.

Bro. Joseph Branham





Scriptures to read:

St. Matthew 11:4-19 / 28:20
St. Mark 11:22-26
St. Luke 8: 40-56 / 17:30
St. John 14:12
Hebrews 4:12-15 / 13:8
Malachi 4