September 17, 2023
Standing In The Gap

Dear Chosen Ones,

Our Lord Jesus loves us so much, that it pleased Him to send us a prophet in our day. One He had 100% confidence in. One He could come and live in, so He could reveal Himself through that human flesh to call out His Bride.

His prophet loved us so much that he made a promise, to us, and to God, that any new Message would come from his little tabernacle. He would record it, store it up, so God’s Bride would have Spiritual Food to feast upon, even when he was gone.

God loved His angel prophet so much He helped His prophet to keep his word to us.

After God had spoken through His mighty angel and completely revealed and interpreted the entire Bible to us, He then opened up the top of the pyramid-like Rock, that wasn’t even written on, and revealed It to His angel, so he could give all His hidden mysteries to us, His Bride.

God even gave a vision to Brother Roberson, where he saw the Pillar of Fire pick up His prophet and take him West, then return him back and place him at the head of the Table where he had been changed.

The Holy Spirit then spoke and told him, “This is My servant. And I’ve called him to be a prophet to the age, to lead the people just as Moses did. He’s been given the authority to speak into existence.”

What was Moses’ calling? What was he supposed to do? God had commanded Moses to lead the people to the promised land. But there rose up men that had decided that they would interfere with the commission that God had give to Moses, saying, “You take it upon yourself to do too much. You try to make yourself the only one in the bunch that’s got any say-so.”

This act displeased God so much until He told Moses, “Separate yourself from among them. I’ll just kill the whole bunch, and start a new generation with you.” And Moses fell in the Presence of God and said He’d have to come over him.

If God was going to liquidate the people in our day, who would stand like Moses for the people? Where would we find a person that would stand, or could stand, who God would accept like He did Moses? There is only one man’s life on earth that means so much to God to stay His wrath, His mighty seventh angel.

God has always had a program. His Bride will recognize that program and will stay with It Word by Word. They know they must stay with that Voice that God has chosen to lead them to reach the Promise Land.

God spoke through His prophet and gave plenty of room to go in a different direction, just as Noah did in the Ark with the dove and the crow. But just like the dove that always returned to the Ark, the Bride will always return to the Message, that Voice, THE TAPES.

Who was the prophet of our Day? There has been mighty prophets before that God had called and sent to lead His people throughout the ages: Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, but none of them were like the mighty prophet of our day. He was called to a much higher office than all of them. He was the one to whom God chose to reveal all His mysteries. He was the one God chose to speak into existence something from nothing. He was the one chosen to reveal the Third Pull. He was the one God chose to lead His Bride.

What a blessed people we are, God’s chosen Bride. How can we be down? How can we be sad? Satan tries to discourage us, but we have the victory, we’re sealed in, safely in the Ark. The doors are shut. Nothing can harm us. We are His restored Adam.

He’s coming for us, His chosen Bride. There will be some of us that won’t have to taste death, but will be changed in a moment, a twinkling of an eye. GLORY!!

Like each of you, I am so excited, as each day, His Word, my Revelation He has given to me, gets greater and greater. I’m under great expectations. If He doesn’t come today, maybe tomorrow, but I know He is coming very soon and He is coming FOR ME AND FOR YOU.

Come join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear the Food that has been stored up in one little place as we look upon and hear: Standing In The Gap 63-0623M. We will begin the Message on paragraph number 27.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Numbers 16:3-4