March 24, 2024
Recognizing Your Day And Its Message

Dear Precious and Beloved Ones,

How wonderful it is to know we are His precious and beloved Bride. We are made up from all over the world, gathering ourselves together around His Word, listening to the Voice of God feed our souls.

We have accepted It in Its fullness, and in the power of Its vindication and Revelation. We have become a part of It. It is Something that’s in us. It is more than life to us.

We’ve recognized: His Seventh Angel Messenger.

We’ve recognized: The Evening Light Message.

We’ve recognized: Who We Are.

God has took His prophet’s Word and chopped us out. He has hewed us by Malachi 4, as He promised He would do. We believe every Word with all our hearts.

There is a great awakening taking place among the people. They too are recognizing the importance of hearing that Voice. They are wanting to come back and play the tapes in their churches.

It has been made known to them by the Holy Spirit, that this is God’s provided Way for today. They recognize this is the Voice they need to hear. It is God’s stored up Food for perfecting His Bride.

The Word promised It. The tapes proclaim It. They are believing It.

What did it do? It disturbed the priests, to see them people leaving the churches and going. He said, “If any of you attend His meeting, you’ll be excommunicated. We’ll put you right out of the denomination.”

It’s unbelievable, but it has become the same thing today. They’ll put you out of their churches if you say, “Please, play the tapes.” Could we ever have imagined this would be what separates the people? Playing the Voice of God in our churches?

The church has forgot their prophets. They “don’t need them anymore,” they claim. But God knows He’s got to have them; He hews His people by His Word. But It’s too old-fashion to them in this day.

We will stay with our prophet. We believe It to be the Voice that is calling His Bride. To us, there simply isn’t anything more important than PRESSING PLAY.

Oh, sheep of God, hear the Voice of God! “My sheep hear My Voice.”

Come hear and recognize that Voice with us, Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear, 64-0726M Recognizing Your Day And Its Message.

Bro. Joseph Branham