November 19, 2023
Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed

Dear Apple Of The Prophet’s Heart,

They are the—the ones that’s been begotten to You, by the Spirit and by the Word of Truth. And I pray that You will bless them, Lord, and keep them closely knitted together by the bonds of the love of Christ.

Get ready, we’re going to have blessings, anointings and Revelation like never before. We can feel it in our souls, something is fixing to take place. The time is ready. We’re so excited and under such great expectations. The Bride around the world is gathering to hear from the throne of God a Message that is going to take us to new heights, and fill, and fill, and then refill us with His Holy Spirit.

Scripture is going to be fulfilled. Warning has taken place. Judgement is at hand. The Lord is coming to call His Bride to our Wedding Supper. The last call has went forth. God’s coming has arrived. HE’S COMING FOR US.

We are His predestinated Seed that sees It and has accepted It. Our sins have been demolished, gone. It’s dropped into the ink of the Blood of Jesus Christ, and it’s never to be remembered. God has forgotten them ALL. We stand as a son and daughter of God, in the Presence of God. We are NOW...not we will be; we are NOW sons and daughters of God.

We recognize one thing, THE WORD. THE TAPES. THIS MESSAGE. They are the same.

And once, just a while ago, when You showed the vision, the little tabernacle here, about to store up the Food, that there would come a time when this would all be needed...“Store up this Food here for the time."

Now is the time. This is the Food. We are the people. We have the Revelation.

Others might miss the importance of the Tape Ministry. We don’t. It is our lives, it is everything to us. It is more than life to us. When we have a question about something, we don’t go ask someone to explain it to us, or find it for us. We just do exactly as God’s angel instructed us to do if we fail to understand or have a question.

Do you get it? If you fail, come back to this tape again. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be with you. Remember, this is the Truth, of THUS SAITH THE LORD. It’s the Truth. It’s the Scripture.

If you fail, come back to the tape.

Don’t get mad with us, that is what HE SAID...PLUS, this is the TRUTH OF THUS SAITH THE LORD. He didn’t say part of It, some of It, or when someone interprets what is and isn’t the anointed Word. THE TAPES ARE THUS SAITH THE LORD.

You might not get It, or understand It, or have It revealed to you yet. But to us, this is what HE is telling us through His prophet.

You know how you tell your wife things, you know, the little girl you’re going to marry. You love her so much, you just tell her the secrets, and get her up next to you, and love you and everything. You know how it is.

That’s what God, Christ, is doing to the Church. See? He is letting Her know the secrets, just the secrets. Not these flirters; I mean His Wife.

And we’re just taking It all in. Oh how happy and excited a Bride is right before her wedding. We can’t hardly stand still. We’re counting the minutes....the seconds. He just keeps telling us over and over how much He loves us.

Satan keeps attacking us like never before, but what he is not prepared for, is we now KNOW who we are. There is no more doubt, WE ARE THE SPOKEN WORD. We can, and we do, speak the Word. We have Satan’s answer. God has vindicated Himself. God has proved Himself. We are His living Word and speak with all the authority He has given to us.

And here He is today, in His Word, manifesting the same thing He did there. She can’t recognize another headship. No, sir. There’s no bishop, no nothing. She recognizes one Headship, that’s Christ, and Christ is the Word. Oh, my! Whew! I love that. Uh! Yes, sir.

We belong to a Kingdom, and the Kingdom is the Word of God made Spirit and Life in our own life. Therefore, we are His living Word.


Notice now, united together under one Headship, in a like manner, type of Israel of old. Now you getting it? Like Israel of old; one God, vindicated by a Pillar of Fire, and revealed Hisself through a prophet, to be the Word. The same God, same Pillar of Fire, same way; He cannot change His way. Is that...Just perfect as it can be.

The prophet...let that sink in. One God, vindicated by a Pillar of Fire, through a prophet, to be the Word for that day, and He cannot change.

I could go on and on, and we could rejoice and fellowship over quote after quote; and we will, from around the world this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed 63-0728.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scriptures to read before service:

St. Matthew 16:15-17
St. Luke 24th Chapter
St. John 5:24 / 14:12
1 Corinthians 2nd Chapter
Ephesians Chapter 1
Colossians Chapter 1
Revelation 7:9-10