May 30, 2021
Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word

Dear One-Man Message Bride,

I’m so thankful that God personally selected the prophet for our age before the foundation of the world. That He selected the Message He would bring and even selected the very nature of the man. He placed in him what would attract the people of our age.

With His selected messenger, He revealed to His Bride who they are and who their messenger is. To all the others, He blinded their eyes. They can never come from behind the veil to see God hiding in human flesh.

He cared so much for us, He even dressed our prophet in the type of dress that He was: the nature, the ambition, and everything, just the way he had to be; just perfectly selected him for us, so He could call out His Bride.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks the enemy tries to use today is to separate the Message from the Bible by saying: “If you had to choose between the Bible and the Message, which would you choose?”

What a trick of the devil to say such a thing. If someone asks you such a question, you can immediately tell they have NO revelation of the Word whatsoever. This Message is Christ Revealed In His Own Word.

The very words of the prophet are:

Now, we find out that Elijah could say that because the Message of the hour and the Word of God, or, the messenger, the Message—the Message, and the Word, was exactly the same thing. The prophet, the Word, the Message; messenger, Message, and Message, was the same. Jesus said, “If I do not the works that’s written of Me, then don’t believe Me.” That’s good. Any man and his message is one.

You cannot separate the Message from the messenger, they are the same. You also cannot separate the Bible from the Message, they are the same. It is God interpreting His Word.

We do have an ultimate, an Absolute, and that is God’s Word. The whole Bible is not the word of man, neither was It wrote by man, brought by man, or neither can It be revealed by man. It’s God’s Word revealed by God Himself, His Own Interpreter, Christ revealing Himself in His Own Word.

His Word needs no interpretation. What He speaks through the lips of His prophet is His Word being interpreted. He warned us not to change one punctuation, one expression, because It’s God. God manifested in a form of a human flesh. God Himself in letter form, prophet form, manifested in flesh.

To write His Bible, God sent His prophets, which was the way He had of bringing His Word to the people, through the lips of His prophets. Those prophets wrote the infallible Word of God.

They were in constant fellowship with the Author. They lived constantly in the Presence of the Author, to know what the Book is going to be. They had the pen in their hands ready at any time, to strike down whatever He said and put it down.

But in our day, He spoke lip to ear to our prophet, for His calling was much higher. His calling was to reveal God’s Word that had been written and hid in His Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Everything is in His Word, the Bible, but it has been hidden since the foundation of the world and no one knew these secrets. Unless you have this Message and believe it is the interpretation of the Bible, you too will never know all of God’s Word.

If we separate the Bible from the Message of the hour, we would be just like the denominations. We would be reading but never knowing or have the full revelation. We could never become His Bride. We would be waiting and waiting and waiting and never have the answers.

We would read Malachi, John, Luke, Hebrews, Revelation and then ask: “Where is this one God promised to come again in human flesh and turn the hearts of the children; tell us many things we are not able to bear; speak to us through His mighty angel and reveal to us all the mysteries written in the Bible? What do the Seven Seals mean? What is the truth of the Godhead, The Thunders, the true revelation of Himself?”

Our prophet messenger is the ONLY divine interpreter of God’s Word. He was the one God chose to speak and interpret His Word through. Like Moses, he was the living Word to us veiled in human flesh. He was the one God chose to call out His Bride.

He warned the people last Sunday:

His Word is revealed to one. It’s always been, a prophet came with the Word of the Lord, each age, every time, down through the Scripture. The Word comes to one. In every age, the same, even in the church ages, from the very first to the last. Others have their places, that’s right, notice, but stay away from that Pillar of Fire.

Stay away from that Pillar of Fire. What did that Pillar of Fire do? LEAD THE CHILDREN. Our Pillar of Fire leader is God speaking through His 7th Age messenger, leading us to the Promise Land.

We are His chosen Ones. We are the elected of God. We are His called-out Bride. We have the Revelation of Him yesterday, today and forever.

We recognize our day and our messenger. We recognize who we are: His manifested Word. We are His Bride that has made Herself ready by His revealed Word.

Come listen at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, and hear the answers to all that was written and hid in the Bible. Come and find Christ Revealed In His Own Word 65-0822M.

Bro. Joseph Branham



Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:
Exodus 4:10-12
Isaiah 53:1-5
Jeremiah 1:4-9
Malachi: 4:5
St. Luke 17:30
St. John 1:1 / 1:14 / 7:1-3 / 14:12 / 15:24 / 16:13
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