August 07, 2022
The Oddball

Dear Shekinah Glory Bride,

How our hearts and souls were lifted to new heights as we were gathered together from around the world, listening to the Voice of God speak through His messenger and assure us once again, who we are.

He veils Hisself today, in earthen vessels, with the Shekinah. The outside looks like a bunch of holy-rollers, old badger skins, but the inside hides the Shekinah Glory.

Glory to God! Inside of us hides the Shekinah Glory. We have gone behind the veil and we can see Christ in plain view.

Today, God is not acting in man, He is acting through man. He was acting in a Man then, Jesus. Now, He is acting through man that He has chosen for this purpose. God, in the form of man; He changed Himself from the form of God, to a form of man.

God Himself appeared in the form of a human being, to Abraham’s natural seed, before the destruction, and Jesus said it would be the same thing to this royal Seed before the promised Son returns.

God has once again appeared in the form of a human being, as He promised He would. It is God hidden behind a veil of flesh named William Marrion Branham. Unless you go behind that veil and see God, and not man, you have missed the whole program of God.

Some people say, “You people make Brother Branham a god”. Well, we think that kind of runs all right. We know they are just trying to criticize us. We know we didn’t do that. But we also know they didn’t understand it, because they are on the other side of the skin, they haven’t come behind the veil.

We can clearly say, “Well, that’s not too far away from the Word of God. Is it?” We just want to let them know that we aren’t lost. We know where we are standing. We know what kind of sails we have set, and what kind of wind is blowing us. We know what our threads are, and what our nut is. And we know how we’re standing.

When God was manifest in the world, He was hiding behind a veil, behind a skin of a Man called Jesus. He was veiled and hiding behind the skin of a man called Moses, and they were gods, not Gods; but they were God, the one God, just changing His mask, doing the same thing each time, bringing this Word.

We are threaded to the Word, the Message and the prophet of the hour, and it is pulling us through and taking us to our Heavenly Home. We’re oddballs to the world, but God sent us a Nut that’s pulling His Bride out of this chaos, into the Presence of God. We are a Word-threaded nut.

God, with skin on It! It might sound like a nut, to the world, but it’s drawing all men unto Him.

This Message is the Manna that comes from Heaven, the believers Food that is only for us, and It is drawing His Bride unto Him. The Shekinah Glory, over the Shewbread, kept It from spoiling.

God has provided a Way for today, this Message and His messenger; God veiled with skin on it. Now it is God hiding Himself in us, His Bride, that can only feed on the pure Voice of God that has been vindicated by the Pillar of Fire.

We are not against the five-fold ministry, God forbid, God has called them to minister. They are following and doing how the Holy Spirit is leading them. We are just doing as the Holy Spirit is leading us to do and He is leading and directing us to stay with the tapes only.

So, now, listen to every Word. Catch It. And—and if you’re taking It on tapes, or anything, then you stay right with that tape Teaching. Don’t say nothing but what that tape says. Just say just exactly what the tape says.


So we invite you to come listen to just what the tapes say Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, and become an Oddball with us as we hear the Message: The Oddball 64-0614E.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

I Corinthians 1:18-25
II Corinthians 12:11