June 13, 2021
The Rejected King

Dear precious friends, beloved, darlings of the Gospel, begotten children unto God.

I’m so thankful we are listening to our pastor. We are the sheep that he is pastoring. We are his church. These tapes have been recorded and stored-up for us. We are His 7th angel messengers’ friends, and beloved darlings of the Gospel. We are his begotten children unto God.

One day this message flashed before us and we heard Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. It has satisfied our taste, and we hunger for more. This Message, His Word, His Voice, is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is all that we need, all that we want, all that we have.

If any revelation should be presented to us that's contrary to the written Word, we’ll never receive it, because that's exactly what Satan did to Eve. She had the Word, but she was hunting for some new light, and Satan seen to it that she got it. We never want to add anything to the Word, or take anything from the Word; but just leave It the way It is. Stay right with the Word, for anything contrary is unbelief. We must STAY WITH THE TAPE MINISTRY.

“I have never preached anything, in my life, that I was ashamed of. I call back no tapes or no records. I remain with what the Holy Spirit says. That I live by and die by.” Not trying to say about myself now. But I’m just trying to give you an illustration of what’s going on, so you will see and understand. It’s people wants to be led by men.

The tapes are what the Holy Spirit is saying to lead His Bride. We live by every Word and we will die by every Word, for It is Thus Saith The Lord. We’ll stand with God’s Word even if it takes everything that’s in our life; we will remain with the Word.

Every tape we hear brings us closer to Him and reveals more of His Word. It is always just what we need for that day. We don’t want a son of Kish to lead us, we want God’s provided way: His prophet.

Our prayer is, “Oh God help us to never compromise with one Word. Let us stay right straight on that Word, and live It. We don’t care what comes or goes, what anybody else says or does, let us stay with Your Word.”

The battles get harder and harder each day. Satan is on a rampage like never before. He knows his time is at an end, his days are now numbered. He has the world under his control, so he’s attacking The Bride.

Sometimes the battles become so hard. We get so weary and tired and cry out:

I’m so homesick and blue, and I want to see Jesus,
I would like to hear those sweet harbor bells chime;
It would brighten my path and would vanish all fear;
Lord, let us look a past the curtain of time.

Father knew that we would get weary and tired, just like His prophet. So early one morning He woke His servant up, to encourage him. He let him look and go Beyond The Curtain Of Time.

Then He sent him back to tell us what it is going to be like. There was no jealousy. There was no tiredness. There was no death or sickness There. Mortality could never make us old again. It was beyond perfection.

Then the Bride took him up, and set him up on a great big high place and cried out saying:

“We know we’re going with you, someday, back to earth.” Said, “Jesus will come, and you’ll be judged according to the Word that you preached us. And then if you are accepted at that time, which you will be,” and said, “then you will present us to Him, as your trophies of your ministry.”

Therefore, when the Bride comes back to the earth, we will be coming back with him, God’s prophet, and HE WILL PRESENT US TO “HIM” AS TROPHIES TO HIS MINISTRY. Therefore, we must stay with the tape ministry.

I think it is important to insert here what we just heard the prophet say a few weeks ago:

These tapes goes only…I’m speaking to my congregation, brother. I’m not responsible for what God give you to shepherd; I’m responsible for what kind of Food I feed these people. This is for this tabernacle only. See? Now, if the people want to listen to the tapes, that’s up to them. But I’m speaking to what God has give to me.

That is why we stay with the tapes. That is why we say William Marrion Branham is our pastor. That is why we say we are his congregation. We are what God gave him. Yes, we are ONE OF THEM, GLORY.

If you would like to be part of his congregation, PRESS PLAY. If you would like to hear the tapes with us, we invite you to come join us Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, when we will unite with other believers from around the world and hear: The Rejected King 60-0515M.

Bro. Joseph Branham

PS: I have been in prayer as to what Father would like for us to hear next. I felt like He was leading me to play, “The Adoption Series.” I began to pray and seek His will. When I was finished praying, I got up, opened up my Bible randomly and begin reading, it was Galatians 4: 1-7. Father had confirmed to me and answered my prayers once again.

I and the VGR staff will be taking a time of rest for the next 3 weeks. While on vacation, I will just be sending you a short confirmation letter of the message we will be hearing.

Please remember me and the VGR staff in your prayers.



Scriptures to read before hearing the message:

1 Samuel 8th Chapter
St. Mark 16:15-18