June 26, 2022
He That Is In You

Dear Greatest Faith Bride,

I know this is just a simple letter with improper grammar, but I want the world to know that we believe every word our prophet said and accept It to be Thus Saith The Lord. When we hear him say something on tape, we believe It, we accept It, and then personally receive It as God Himself speaking directly to us.

It has been preached, and thoroughly vindicated by the Word of God, that it couldn’t be man, it has to be God.

We believe the same material signs have appeared on the earth today that appeared when Jesus was here. The same Pillar of Fire that Saint Paul saw with the same Nature, doing the same thing, came in our day. It is God speaking directly to us:

The very same spiritual sign that He identified Himself as Messiah, has identified Him today. He is still Messiah!

You can only receive these great blessings IF you believe every Word is Thus Saith The Lord, by pressing play. If you are someone that doesn’t believe that, and has to decide intellectually or by someone telling you: “This is the Word of the Lord, and this is just Brother Branham speaking,” then this isn’t for you.

In the time that Moses led the children of Israel, there was one, that was Moses. The rest of them just followed the Message. See?

But today, for us that DO BELIEVE IT THAT WAY, our hearts are so full of joy and bubbling over, we can hardly contain ourselves.

I feel that He has redeemed us. I feel that our names are on His Book. I believe that we’ve been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb.

Because we do believe this Message is God’s Voice speaking directly to us, we accept this as God Himself speaking to us lip to ear. There is NO DOUBT our names are on His Book.

May I put it like this, the ministry of Jesus Christ reincarnated in His Church in this last day. That’s what many of us believe. I believe with you.

That is exactly how we believe it, Jesus Christ reincarnated, speaking to His Bride on tape.

Every time we press play our faith reaches new heights. This isn’t just another preacher speaking, this is God Himself speaking to us. We only want 100% pure Word.

Let me ask you something. Is William Marrion Branham your pastor? Is he God’s vindicated seventh angel messenger? Do you believe what he asked God to do, God did? Do you believe he was the Voice of God for this day? You believe every word he said? Then you are going to be blessed once again beyond words Sunday.

There’s no other way you can receive this blessing unless you’re listening to the tapes and believe what you are hearing to be Thus Saith The Lord. You must believe what he is saying is God speaking directly to you.

I, as your pastor, your brother, with what faith I have, I’ve asked God to place it on you. I believe that I’ll receive what I have asked. Now if you will believe it with me; with what faith that I have, I give to you for this hour.

To us, he is our pastor. There is no one in the world that has more, or greater, Faith than OUR PASTOR, God’s prophet. Now God’s prophet has asked God to give us HIS GREAT FAITH. IF you believe It with all your heart, It is now YOUR FAITH....GLORY, WE DO!!! Our Faith might have been weak, but no more, for we now have his FAITH.

And now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, renounce your affliction, your sickness, and say to it, “You have to go,” ’cause you have your faith, plus my faith, with the power of Jesus Christ, Whose omnipresence is here to vindicate it and prove that He is here, will make you well at this time.

What can I say that would make you come join us and receive this great blessing? Think of it, whatever you have need of, you can have it if you’ll come listen and simply believe It.

Come listen Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, with the Bride. We will be gathering and listening from the East, the West, the North and the South, all at the same time, as Thus Saith The Lord speaks to us and tell us all about: He That Is In You 63-1110E.

If you can’t listen with us at the same time Sunday, no matter, just press play anytime and listen and believe what you are hearing to be the Voice Of God speaking to you.

Bro. Joseph Branham