September 10, 2023
The Seventh Seal

Dear Tape Bride,

What a day we’re living in! What a great time! The mysteries, the secrets, all that is being revealed to us every day. We not only see what we’ve passed, we know the very hour that we’re living in and exactly what lays ahead.

We are being told verse by verse what is going to take place. He is clearly telling us who we are, who will be there, and even what we will do. The 144,000 Jews, the purged church by Tribulation, the laborers in the vineyards that will bring their honor and glory into the City.

But then He tells us that will not be you…oh no, you are My Bride, you’re with Me in that City. You aren’t going to be out there laboring in the vineyards, you’re My sweetheart. You’re My Queen with Me, your King. You are the one-hundredth of the one-fifth I chose before the foundation of the world. I made this Place JUST FOR YOU…AND JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT.

Just to think, we are gathering around His Table as He talks to us week after week, day after day, hour after hour, revealing all of His wonderful Word to us. He tells us over and over who we are; how much He loves us; what was, what is, and what is going to take place.

There are no words to express what it means to us, or how we feel when we hear Him speaking these things to us. When we press play and hear that Voice, we leave this world and instantly we are sitting in Heavenly places with Him. Our souls are comforted. We feel the Holy Spirit fill our entire being with His Spirit. It is a joy that cannot be explained. God is speaking TO US. Every Word spoken on them tapes, He spoke for us. He knows exactly what we would need to hear and when we needed to hear it…and many times we need to hear it over and over….and each time it FLOODS OUR SOUL.

We never tire to hear Him tell us about Visions, Dreams, Thus Saith The Lord, beyond the curtain, seeing us in white robes, Third Pull, creating squirrels, God’s Sword that fit his hand perfect, stored up Food, being set at the Head of the Table, Thunders, Mighty angels coming and picking him up, that special seventh angel that meant so much to him, an everlasting sign of seven mountain peaks that spell BRANHAM, say only what’s on them tapes, I have the Words of infallibility, he has been called to a much higher calling, I’ll tell you MY REVELATION, I am God’s Voice to you, stay with the tape teaching, I’m going to call you BRIDE, hain’t, tote, fetch...we love it ALL.

This is my vision. The Voice of God on the tapes are God’s perfect Will, PERIOD. Playing the tapes is God’s perfect Will, PERIOD. You can hear preachers, teachers, apostles, prophets, pastors, BUT the tapes are, and have to be, the most important Voice you can hear, PERIOD. The Voice on the tapes is the only Voice that God Himself said, HEAR YE HIM, PERIOD.

My brothers and sisters, I am not against anyone, I’m just for that Voice. We must, and I do, love all who proclaim they love and believe this Message. Even if you feel I am telling the people wrong to press play, I love you and I believe you love me. We all want to be in His perfect Will. Please keep doing what God called you to do; preach, teach, be a pastor, just tell your flock what is the most important Voice they can hear.

Only that Voice on tape says the same thing EVERY TIME. It never changes. The Bride can ONLY SAY AMEN to every Word on the tapes, but the Bride cannot say AMEN to every word any other man says, PERIOD.

If you don’t believe that, you’re not the Bride. If you do believe that, then you will have no problem telling your flock that listening to the tapes is the most important Voice they can hear.

By making these statements I have heard from so many different ministries that say I’m telling the people not to listen to their pastors and to leave their churches, THIS IS NOT TRUE. I would never say that and don’t believe that.

It is true many are saying things I have never said, nor ever believed. I can’t be held accountable for them, but only what I have said and what I believe. I have clearly spoken openly and placed in letter form exactly what I believe. They / you are placing your spin on what I am saying / meaning.

The Bride will all be saying the same thing. No two men saying the same thing. One Voice. One Prophet. One Bride.

I do not believe you have to hear the Message at the exact same time, as many believers around the world do, to be His Bride, but I do believe you should be hearing the Voice of the seventh angel messenger Sunday that Voice FIRST.

You are invited to listen with us: The Seventh Seal 63-0324E, Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as a portion of the Bride from around the world will be hearing that Voice at the exact same time.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Deuteronomy 29:16-19
I Kings 12:25-30
Ezekiel 48:1-7, 23-29
Matthew 24:31-32
Revelation 7
Revelation 8:1
Revelation 10:1-7
Revelation 14