November 06, 2022
The Seed Is Not Heir With The Shuck

Dear Virgin Word Bride,

We’re here. We have arrived. Time is at hand. The shuck has separated from the Seed. We have been laying in the Presence of the Son, ripening. We will stay in that Presence until our little group becomes so ripened to Christ, until we become bread on His table. Thanks be to God!

This Message has vindicated Malachi 4, vindicated Luke 17:30, vindicated Hebrews 13:8, vindicated Saint John 14:12, vindicated Revelation the 10th chapter, the opening of the Seven Seals, the mysteries of God, the serpent’s seed, marriage and divorce and all these other mysteries that’s been hid under the pillars for all these years.

We are virgins to the Word. We cannot and will not touch anything else. With each Message we hear, it is fresh and new; new Manna that’s just fell from Heaven.

But He warned us that in the end-time there would be two spirits that would be so close, it would deceive the very elect, if it were possible. Thus, we must be on the lookout for that spirit as it will seem to be the Bride itself.

Notice, see how close it looks. Matthew said, Saint Matthew 24:24, said, that, “The two spirits in the last days,” the church spirit of the church people, and the Bride Spirit of the Bride people, “would be so close together till it would deceive the very Elected if it was possible.” That’s how close.

He said the SPIRIT of the church people and the SPIRIT of the Bride people will be so close to each other. That would mean that the church people’s spirit would have to say they believe the Message of the hour to be THAT CLOSE.

That wouldn’t be Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, or even Pentecostal; they are so far off the Word and even reject the Message. None of them has a spirit close to the Bride’s.

Satan has tried, and has been very successful, to be so deceiving. Even from the beginning, he simply said, “Surely,” thus telling Eve to use her reasoning and she should listen to him and not just the Word. There is only one thing she was commanded to do: stay with the Word.


If you have a question, there has to be an answer. That is what the prophet told us. The answer must come from the Word. The Word only comes to a prophet. The prophet is the only interpreter of the Word. If any man or woman gives you an answer, it has to be what the prophet has already said. It cannot be their interpretation, idea or understanding. They have to back it up with the Word spoken by God’s vindicated prophet. It’s not the prophet’s word plus, it’s simply what the prophet said.

There are now two school of thoughts.

1: You must believe every Word on the tapes as It is the most important Messages you must hear.

2: You do not have to believe every Word on the tapes, and the ministry now has the most important messages you must hear.

There are many, many variations to the second thought: The Holy Spirit will lead me or my pastor to tell us what is and isn’t the Word. We need more than just what Brother Branham said on tape. You must have the ministry to explain or break down the Word. Without the ministry you cannot be Bride.

There are many more discrepancies, but it is impossible to list them all. But there is no variation or discrepancies to the first one. It’s simply, BELIEVE EVERY WORD.

As believers in this end-time Message, you must ask yourself these questions:

1: Do you believe what the prophet said on the tapes is your Absolute, or do you believe it is the Holy Spirit through you or your pastor?

2: Do you believe the fivefold ministry has the most important messages the Bride needs to hear, or is it the Message on the tapes?

If your pastor, preacher, teacher, evangelist or prophet isn’t telling you that listening to the tapes are THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGES you must hear, he is FALSE, AND THE SPIRIT THAT THE PROPHET WARNED US WOULD COME.

If he says THEY ARE the most important Messages you can hear, but is still refusing to play the tapes in his church, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. If he truly believes listening to the tapes is the most important thing you can do, then he would play the tapes FIRST, then preach if he feels lead.

Simple example:

If I told you, drinking pure water is the single most important thing you can do for your health, and there is only ONE certified and proven pure drinking water…but when you come to my house for supper, I don’t serve you that certified water. I tell you, “you can drink that water from your home but at my house, you must drink what I give you.”

If that water is the BEST THING I can give you for your health, which will give you life, then the first thing I’m going to give you when you enter my home is that pure drinking water.

Am I wrong by saying, “PLAY THE TAPES IN YOUR CHURCHES, it is the very best thing you can do for your people. It is Thus Saith the Lord.”

Or, are they wrong by saying, “It is wrong to play the tapes in church, Brother Branham never said to play tapes in your church. We tell the people play the tapes in their homes, in your cars, all the time, BUT at church they must hear ME.”

What Spirit is leading you? Do you say, “what is said on the tapes is my Absolute and the most important thing I can hear”? Or, do you say, “The tapes are not enough. It is not my Absolute and is not the most important thing to hear, the ministry is”?

Now it’s Seed time, or Bride time. The shucks are dead. The shucks are dried up. The virgin Word time, not touched. It’s a virgin, remember, a virgin Word time.

Come hear new Manna that’s just fell from Heaven this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: 65-0218 The Seed Is Not Heir With The Shuck.

Bro. Joseph Branham