October 08, 2023
Is Your Life Worthy Of The Gospel?

Dear Flock Of God’s Prophet,

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, how grateful we are for another time to be assembled together from around the world this side of Eternity. To be in one mind and one accord with You; to hear Your Voice speak to us. We are looking once again for renewal of strength to come from Thee, to give us courage and strength for the journey that lays ahead.

We are gathering together to receive the Manna that had been provided for us. That spiritual Manna that You stored up to give us strength for the journey. It is the ONLY thing that can sustain us through the coming days.

You told us, before You could get Your Church in order, You would have to bring us together, in one place, and in one accord. Then You would send Your Holy Spirit to us for leadership; not some ecumenical council, not some group of men, but Your Holy Spirit to speak to us lip to ear.

You spoke through Your angel and told us:

“I want you to stay with your pastor and stay with the Teaching that’s been taught here. Stay with this Word, don’t you leave It! You stay right with the Word no matter what comes or goes, stay with that Word!”

Father, we are obeying Your Word and are staying with our pastor. It is the Voice of God for today who only speaks Your pure Word that has been vindicated and manifested for our day.

You told us as it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be at the Coming of the Son of man; that we would have two things to lead us, and the rest of the world would have two things. Their two things were two preachers.

But for Your spiritual Church, Your predestinated, elected Lady Bride, our two things would be You, manifested in a body of human flesh, leading us by the Pillar of Fire.

Let the winds howl. Let the storms shake. We are safe, evermore. We are resting right there on Your Word. The time is here. The spiritual exodus has arrived. We’re walking and talking with You daily, hearing Your Voice. We are in constant fellowship with You.

We want to be Your Hands, Your Eyes, Your Tongue. You are the vine, we are Your branches. Energize us, Father, to bear Your fruit. Our only desire is to have a life that’s worthy of Your Gospel.

Reflect Yourself through us, Father, to carry on Your work and fulfill Your promised Word. Our desire is to be Your messengers for today, to fulfill all righteousness.

We want to hear You say to us:

My prayer is, to those in radio or in…on the tape land, and those that are present. May the God of all grace, of Heaven, shine His blessed Holy Spirit upon us all, that we, from this night, henceforth, can live a life that God would say, “I’m well pleased. Enter into the Eternal joys that’s been prepared for you since the foundation of the world.” Let the God of Heaven send His blessings upon all you people.

GLORY…that is us Father, Your Bride in Tape Land. Truly, You are sending Your blessings upon us and revealing Your Word to us, telling us with each Message we hear, You are well pleased, WE ARE YOUR BRIDE.

If you would like to hear our pastor, God’s pastor for the world whom He sent to call out and lead His Bride, come join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, to hear him speak the Words of Eternal Life, as he brings us a Message from God: Is Your Life Worthy Of The Gospel? 63-0630E.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Special Announcement: If the Lord is willing, we will be having a Home Communion / Foot Washing Service next Sunday night, October 15th.