November 27, 2022
Marriage And Divorce

Dear Prophet's Flock,

Remember, I say this to just my group only. And out in the air, I’m saying this to only my own followers. This Message is only to them, and what I’m going to say here.

Any minister, he, that’s his, yeah, he’s the shepherd of the flock, let him do whatever he wants to. That’s up to him and God. Any priest, any preacher, that’s up to you, my brother.

I’m only speaking here in Jeffersonville, the only place I would speak this at, is because it’s my own flock. It’s the flock that the Holy Ghost give me to understand to be overseer over, and He will hold me responsible for it. And these people of mine has been converts here from across the land, that I’ve led to Christ.

What a capstone to a Thanksgiving weekend. I’m so thankful to be part of that little flock he is still overseeing with each of you. There is no other place we could go.

Father has sent us a great flying eagle to lead His Bride. There are many voices that encourage the people and speak the Words that have been spoken by His prophet, but there is only ONE VOICE that was sent to lead and unite His Bride.

The Words God’s prophet spoke on tape are our Absolute. We are misunderstood because we say we believe EVERY WORD, but we were commanded by God’s prophet to do exactly that.

So say I, in the Name of Jesus Christ: Don’t you add one thing, don’t take, put your own ideas in It, you just say what is said on those tapes, you just do exactly what the Lord God has commanded to do; don’t add to It!

Wake up world. Time is at hand. The Words God’s prophet spoke, GOD HAS COMMANDED us to; believe, say and do, EXACTLY what he said on the tapes. Not what I say, not what your priest or preachers say, but what God’s prophet said ON TAPE.

There is nothing more important than to hear That Voice on tape, NOTHING. We are going to be judged by what was spoken ON THE TAPES. Not what I said, but what HE SAID.

I want the VERY BEST for you. My few words are to encourage you, just as any pastor should, to believe every Word. I don’t teach you: to doubt anything you hear on tape, there are mistakes on the tapes, you have to hear me as much as you have to hear the prophet. I write you a few words to encourage you to STAY WITH THE ORIGINAL WORD, PRESS PLAY. I want you to be the pure, undefiled Word Bride.

God had His Words recorded in this day so every living creature could hear His Voice. In the days of Paul, they just had scribes to write down what he was preaching, which is the Bible. But TODAY, God wanted it to be even GREATER. We can press play and hear with our own ears the resurrected Jesus Christ speak to us, lip to ear.

What a day we are living in. With the world literally falling apart all around us, we have a provided place we can go to and just relax. We get it on TAPE. Set in the cool of our rooms and feast upon Stored Up Food that has been stored in the storehouse. Our prophet might be a long way away, but we still remember these things are true, and do just as God has commanded us to do, STAY WITH THE TAPES.

Come have the best Thanksgiving feast you have ever ate this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as the Voice of God speaks to us the Message: Marriage And Divorce 65-0221M.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

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Acts 2:38
Romans 9:14-23
First Timothy 2:9-15
First Corinthians 7:10-15 / 14:34
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