April 24, 2022
He Cares. Do You Care?

Dear Exodus Bride,

As the Hebrew children gathered on the early mornings to get manna that had been provided for them over the night, to sustain them through the coming day, we also gather for the spiritual Manna that has been given to us to sustain us for our journey.

The Bride is united together in such harmony with God, until the manifestation of the Bridegroom is being manifested in the Bride. We are holding on to every Word that was spoken and have become One with HIM.

The iniquity of the nations has been filled up. She is filthy. It is now time for our exodus to go to the Promise Land, to our Home. The Bride has made Herself ready.

As He did in His first exodus, in His second exodus, and now in His third exodus, God chose and sent us a prophet with a Supernatural sign of the Pillar of Fire, that the people wouldn’t be mistaken, and would know it was who He chose to lead His Bride.

What His prophet said was Thus Saith The Lord. It was God, coming down in the Pillar of Fire, vindicating and revealing His Word. That Pillar of Fire anointed His prophet and stood as a Heavenly Witness to prove that he was the one chosen to lead His Bride to the Promise Land.

We believe that all churches ought to be fellowshipping together under This Voice, and not segregated. What separates us? It’s not the colors of our skin. It’s not the kind of food we eat. It’s man who has got off the beaten path of the teaching of the Gospel, each man.

There is only ONE WAY to definitely show which is right and wrong. The only way you’ll ever do it, is by not putting any interpretation to the Word, but just read It and listen to It, and believe every Word.

But he said they are not doing it because of jealousy, because of spiritual blindness. They don’t want to see. They won’t listen to It.

The God of Heaven will raise up, and my voice will be on the magnetic tape of God’s great time yonder, and it will condemn this generation in the last day. Cause, it’s—it’s on magnetic tape, then it’ll be on the Eternal tape then.

It’s God, Himself, manifested in human flesh, by the Blood of Jesus Christ, to sanctify a life that He might reflect Himself through, and today they crucify that same Word made manifest.

And then may those who are listening by the way of tape, may they listen close. And may we be able to catch what the Holy Spirit is trying to reveal to us.

We HAVE caught what the Holy Spirit is trying to reveal to us, and we’re all going to the Promise Land. Every one of us! Whether you’re a housewife, or whether you’re a little maid, or whether you’re an old woman, or a young man, or an old man, or whatever you are, we’re going, anyhow. There isn’t going to be one of us left. Every one of us is going!!!

It is totally impossible for God not to keep His Word to us, if we’ve kept our word to God. If you truly believe It, there’s nothing that can make you doubt it. Time, space, nothing else can make you doubt it.

He cares for us so much that He sent us a prophet to direct us, His elected people, by providing a way of escape. He not only cared for us to bring us out, He’s provided everything we have need of while on our journey. He’s conquered every enemy for us. He heals us when we are sick. He stored up hidden Manna to feed us daily; He’s even conquered death, all you have to do is to be sincere and believe It.

We are predestinated to Eternal Life. We listen to It and we rejoice to It. It’s your Comfort. It’s the Thing we’ve longed for all our life. It’s that Pearl that we’ve forsaken everything for. We want It because we know it’s God’s loving care for us.

Do you have need of ANYTHING, spiritually, physically, or just a closer walk, or filled or re-filled with the Holy Spirit? Come unite with us around God’s Word and provided way for today and get what you have need of, IF YOU CARE. He promised to send It, and He’s done it! He promised It in His Word, and here It is! He cares, now what about you?

There will be something in your heart that tells you, “my troubles are over. I’m going to be well. I’m going to be filled. I’m going to be closer to Him. I am His Bride.”

Come join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: He Cares. Do You Care? 63-0721.

It is going to be a great big love feast as you hear Him tell you He careth for you, through sunshine or shadow, He careth for you.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before service:

St. John 5:24 / 15:26
1 Peter 5:1-7
Hebrews 4:1-4