August 21, 2022
The Feast Of The Trumpets

Dear Press Play Bride,

Each Sunday we are gathering and listening to the greatest Live Ministry in the history of the world. We’re having the most glorious time as we meet together to hear the Voice of God! It is Jesus, the Son of God, revealing Himself by the Scriptures, making the Scripture that has been predestinated to this day, like it was in His day, and all other days, LIVE. And to believe It, is the evidence of the Holy Spirit.

The true evidence of having the Holy Spirit isn’t just going to church every Sunday; It’s that you believe that “I am He,” the Word for your day. What is the Word for today? God’s prophet is the Word for today and he is to bring the people back to the Word, so that the Bride will know Her Husband, know Her Mate, the revealed Word.

His own life, his own works, reveals and vindicates the Word of this day.

It’s the Holy Spirit back in the Church again; Christ, Himself, revealed in human flesh, in the evening time, just as He promised He would. I know that kind of chokes them a little bit, but you must read between the lines and see, that makes the picture come.

We are the royal Seed of Abraham, the Bride. The last sign that Abraham ever seen before the promised sign came was what? God, in the form of a human being, that could discern the thoughts of the people. One man, not a dozen, one man.

I know many people different with that, but I know it’s this. I know it. Not because I’m saying you’re saying it; because, I didn’t get it from myself. My—my thought is not my own. Ever what It is that told me, if It’s wrong, then it’s wrong. But I’m not telling it by my own, I’m telling by what Somebody else has said. That Somebody else is the God that spoke to us and done all these things that He has done, and appeared, see, so I know it’s right.

We are listening to the very thought of God; not the thought of a man, but of God. Our prophet is the revealer of the Word that has been written.

We understand that playing the tapes in your homes or your churches isn’t for everyone, but for us, It is the ONLY WAY. We love to hear the Voice of God speak directly to us. We don’t need any interpreting or explaining; it is God speaking lip to ear to us.

This Sunday we will be hearing God speak and tell us how He showed His prophet a preview of us on the other side. How that Bride was looking right at him, talking to him, and we were standing together with him. We were perfectly walking before the Lord.

Then God speaks through His prophet and prophesies once again and says:

There may be some out across the nations, around the world, that even this tape would meet in their homes or their churches. We would pray, Lord, that while the service is going on, at—at…or the tape is being played, or whatever position we might be in, or—or condition, may the great God of Heaven honor this sincerity of our hearts this morning, and heal the needy, give to them what they have need of.

If you are listening to the Tapes, and believe It is the Voice of God for our day, then whatever you may have need of, God will be speaking through His messenger and say, “Give to them whatever we have need of.”

That can only happen by PRESSING PLAY my friend.

If you’d like to hear God speak and interpret His own Word, reveal Himself through human flesh, and receive whatever you have need of, come join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear God speak to us as we hear: The Feast Of The Trumpets 64-0719M.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Leviticus 16
Leviticus 23:23-27
Isaiah 18:1-3
Isaiah 27:12-13
Revelation 10:1-7
Revelation 9:13-14
Revelation 17:8