May 14, 2023
The Pergamean Church Age

Dear Children Of The Prophet,

We are the manifested Word, being energized by the Spirit, hearing the Voice of God, as He proclaims to us, we ARE HIS BRIDE.

Father has given His Church NINE gifts of the Spirit, and the FIVE-fold ministry, but Jesus said: In EVERY age I’ll address Myself to ONLY ONE person. Only ONE messenger for each age will receive what I have to say to that age. That ONE MESSENGER is the messenger to the true Church.

He speaks for God by revelation. The Message is then broadcast to all, but is only received by a certain qualified group in a certain way. Each individual of that group is one who has the ability to hear what the Spirit is saying by way of the messenger. Those who hear are not getting their own private revelation, nor is a group getting their collective revelation, BUT EACH PERSON IS HEARING AND RECEIVING WHAT THE MESSENGER HAS ALREADY RECEIVED FROM GOD.

How careful we must be to hear ONE Voice, for the Spirit has but one Voice which is the Voice of God.

There is ONE VOICE OF GOD and it doesn’t need to be proved like the NINE, nor filtered like the FIVE; JUST ONE PURE WORD VOICE!!

Can we listen to other ministers? Yes, but the key is to say ONLY what was spoken by the prophet. Others can, and should, exhort, teach and preach; but God has made a way today for us like NO OTHER DAY. We can hear exactly what God is saying to the Church.

He told us we have to be so careful. HE TOLD US, NOT ME, that they add here, or take away there, and soon the message is no longer pure. When listening to the tapes, It’s Word for Word, Thus Saith The Lord.

The proof of the indwelling Spirit was to acknowledge and FOLLOW what God’s prophet gave for his age as he set the church in order.

That is why we FOLLOW, and say, our pastor is the seventh angel messenger and we only want to hear what he has to say. To us, It is Hidden Manna.

The Revelation was poured out upon our angel messenger. The Revelation of the Word was given and addressed to HIM for our age. He has a little bigger Revelation of what Christ Is; a little higher calling, than all others. If we can’t live no higher than our pastor, then we want William Marrion Branham as our pastor.

We know others will not see what we see, and believe the things we believe, but they are still our brothers and sisters, and we will spend Eternity with them. But we must stay true to what we believe is the way God has shown us to worship and follow Him.

It’s so easy for others to say we place too much on the messenger, but in fact, we are just quoting him. You must take that up with the Lord. For it is the Voice of God saying these things.

Let’s open up our hearts and mind and read what the Spirit said to us through His angel:

Coming in the world soon, the great angel of Light that’ll come to us, that’ll lead us out, a great Holy Spirit, come in power, and will lead us to the Lord Jesus Christ. He probably won’t know it, but he’ll be here some of these days. He’ll make…God will make him known. He won’t have to make himself known, God will make him known. God will prove His Own. That’s what He said when Jesus was here and they didn’t know Him, see. He said, “If I do not the works of My Father, then don’t believe Me; but if I do the works of My Father, and you can’t believe Me, then believe the works.” Is that right?

Is he not calling himself the great angel of Light for this day? We know It is the Holy Spirit in him, but he said: He probably won’t know it, but he’ll be here some of these days. The Holy Spirit won’t know who He is? He won’t have to make himself known; God will make him known.

So he is saying, the prophet for our day is the great angel of Light that will lead us out and to Jesus Christ by way of the Holy Spirit through him. There is the Revelation for our day.

Who is going to introduce the Bride to the Lord? OUR PASTOR.

But this prophet will come, and as the forerunner to the first coming cried, “Behold the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sin of the world,” even so will he no doubt cry out, “Behold the Lamb of God, coming in glory.” He will do this, for even as John was the messenger of truth to the elect, so is this one the last messenger to the elect and Word-born bride.

Knowing these truths, and having the FULL Revelation of Him in this day, we have become His Spirit-born, Spirit-filled Bride.


When a Spirit-born, Spirit-filled man in faith takes that Word into his heart and places it upon his lips, why that is the same as Deity speaking. Every mountain has to go. Satan cannot stand before that man.

Now true harmony exists between the Groom and us, His Bride. He has shown us His Word of life, and we have received It. We’ll never doubt it. Therefore, nothing can harm us, not even death.


The Word is in the bride (as it was in Mary). The Bride has the mind of Christ for she knows what He wants done with the Word. She performs the command of the Word in His name for she has “thus saith the Lord.” Then the Word is quickened by the Spirit and it comes to pass. Like a seed that is planted and watered, it comes to full harvest, serving its purpose.

We have come to full harvest and are now serving His purpose. We can only do His will. No one can make us do otherwise. We have “Thus Saith The Lord,” or we keep still. We know that it is God in us, doing the works, fulfilling His own Word.

We rejoice, for the prophet saw us beyond the curtain of time as we all raised our voices and screamed out in harmony, “We are resting upon that!”

Come gather with us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear the Voice Of God bring us the mystery of: The Pergamean Church Age 60-1207.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read in preparation for hearing the Message.

Numbers 23:8-9
Revelation 2:12-17, 17:1-5, 17:15