January 15, 2023
The Anointed Ones At The End Time

Dear Sheep Pen Gatherers,

I’m so satisfied and thankful to the Lord to be gathering with each of you in God’s Sheep Pen each week, where we are hid away in our secret place, feeding and living on that Hidden Food. It is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, vindicating and revealing Himself to us.

He has hidden Himself so that others look right at It and don’t see It, but to us, His chosen Bride, we see It in plain view and believe every Word. We have stayed with His Word and His prophet as they are One and the same.

And if you’re a child of God, you’ll stay with the prophet of this Bible. It’s the Word.

Many anointed prophets today say “It’s the Holy Spirit you have to stay with, not the prophet.” Like the prophets of old, if we have a question, there has to be a correct answer. We must go TO THE WORD to see what the prophet before us said.

But there is one genuine Christ Spirit, and that’s the Word made flesh as He promised to do it.

ONE genuine Christ Spirit that He promised, Malachi 4, Luke 17, the Son of Man revealing Himself in human flesh.

Yes, there are anointed men. Yes, they have a calling. Yes, they have the genuine Holy Spirit. Yes, they have the right motive and objective.

Then how are we to know what is right and what is wrong?

Notice, they look the same. They’re anointed the same. But notice, “By their fruit...”

I hate to say these things but the hour is late and time is running out. This is what is being said and preached today by those grievous wolves Paul warned the church about, and the false anointed ones Brother Branham said would come. They are here among us, just as they said.

Here is a portion of a letter written from a minister. Their fruit is trying to cast doubt on God’s prophet. They warn their people that we are deity people by following the prophet and Pressing Play.

Listen to how deceiving this is.

I am offended that this demon has permeated our message ranks so that we now call the publications of William Branham’s sermons THE VOICE OF GOD. William Branham was not literally the voice of God, but rather the voice of a man that God used. The Bible never says he was the voice of God, but rather the Bible identifies him as the voice of the 7th angel. (Rev 3:14; 10:7).

Let’s go to the WORD and let God’s prophet expose this false teaching.

If I offended you by saying that, forgive me, but, I felt that might been resented, but, I AM GOD’S VOICE TO YOU.

Now who are you going to believe, this false anointed prophet, or GOD’S VINDICATED SEVENTH ANGEL MESSENGER? How can you be sitting under any minister that would believe or teach you such things? You better get in the Word while there is still time.

A horrible mistake has been made by the message community in deifying William Branham by making him the absolute. William Branham was never the absolute! The Word of God is the absolute.

Amen, the Word of God IS our Absolute. Who did the Word come to, you or HIM? Who is the divine interpreter of THE WORD OF GOD, you or HIM? Who did the Pillar of Fire vindicate to be Thus Saith The Lord, you or HIM?

Because you get two men, you got two opinions.

We don’t need two men nor their opinions, we just need what God’s prophet said on tape.

And it’s got to come to one final absolute, and my absolute is the Word, the Bible.

There it is, just as you said, the Bible is his and our Absolute, but then he says:

I know you, our brothers, you kind of look to me to be your absolute.

So wait a minute, that sounds contrary to what YOU SAID. He said that we do look to him to be our Absolute.

As long as I follow God, as Paul said in the Scripture, “You follow me, as I follow Christ.”

Is that not anointed? Did he not know what he was talking about?

What did God’s prophet just tell us last week?

We find out that when a man comes, sent from God, ordained of God, with the true THUS SAITH THE LORD, the message and the messenger are one and the same.

He said you can’t separate them, they are the same thing, but you say we should?

William Branham is no different than any mortal man, for he was a man of like passions, as was Elijah.

Amen, he was just a man for sure, but he was THE MAN God chose to reveal all His Word to, and lead us to the Promise Land. He was the one that God said, get the people to believe YOU.

Same thing, anointed, preaching the Gospel of pentecost, but denying the present-day promise of the Word being vindicated, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

How are we to know the difference if they are true Holy Ghost anointed ones? He give us examples so we would know the false prophets from the true prophet.

Balaam and Moses. Micaiah and Zedekiah. Jeremiah and Hananiah. In each case both were anointed prophets of God, but what did he tell us to do, STAY WITH GOD’S VINDICATED PROPHET. That is the ONLY way to be for sure you are following God’s provided Way, and are in His perfect will.

I’m only one that’s near when He does it. I was only a voice that He used, to say It. It wasn’t what I knew; it’s what I just surrendered myself to, that He spoke through.

That is all the Bride wants and needs. One Voice. One prophet. One Message. One messenger.

Oh Father, how thankful we are for Your grace and mercy to us. You told us there is nothing impossible with You. There is nothing impossible with us. For all things are possible to them that believe, and we BELIEVE.

Come join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we have God’s chosen Voice tell us all about The Anointed Ones At The End Time 65-0725M.

Bro. Joseph Branham