October 30, 2022
A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord

Dear Lord’s Lambs,

How our hearts yearn for this day each week when we can unite together from around the world to hear the Voice of God speak to us the Word of Eternal Life. There is nothing else that satisfies our soul and quenches our thirst but the Voice of God.

You told us, Father, that the great harvest field is white, ripe, and the grain is now ready for the great threshing time. The grain is now laying in the Presence of the Son and ripening to the Kingdom of God.

We stand, Father, to our conviction of what we know to be the Truth; Your Voice on tape is the ONLY Voice that will perfect us, Your Bride.

It is hard as we are so misunderstood by our brothers and sisters. We beg and plead with them not to run from His Presence, but to run into His Presence.

We know there are many anointed men You have chosen and placed to look over Your flocks, who love this Message with all their hearts, but Father, they fail to place Your vindicated Voice on tape before them. They fail to tell them that this is a one-man Message and that You chose the man to lead Your Bride. They fail to tell them that Your Voice is the ONLY Voice that will unite and perfect Your Bride.

I must “Cry out against it.” Cry out against everything, and everybody, that is against playing Your Tapes in their churches. Cry out against their work, cry out against their church, cry out against their prophets, cry out against their ministers, cry out against their priests. I must cry against the whole thing!

“Say, I come down to join up with you guys. You know, I believe I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ve got just a little thing here I believe I can make it a…bring us all together, and do this, that, or the other.”

I must cry out against it, as only Your Word, spoken by Your prophet, can bring US TOGETHER.

How can their preaching? They all disagree with each other and see things differently from one another, except one thing, they all agree on... NOT PLAYING TAPES IN THEIR CHURCHES. How can that be, Father?

You told us we must have ONE ABSOLUTE, which is Your Word. You told us Your Word comes to Your prophet, ONLY. You told us he is the ONLY one that can interpret Your Word. You told us that every minister, every lay member, every human, can ONLY SAY WHAT HE SAID. His Voice is the ONLY VOICE that is vindicated by Your Pillar Of Fire to be Thus Saith The Lord.

I’m not saying they are false or shouldn’t preach. Nor am I saying the Lord is not with them, or they aren’t anointed and called to preach, but I must cry out against them when they will not tell their people that listening to the tapes is the most important thing they can do.

To change one jot or one tittle is death. You have provided a way for Your Bride to hear Thus Saith The Lord with their own ears. How can they not preach to their people that It is the most important Message they must hear? It is the only Message I can say AMEN to every Word, as it isn’t a man’s Word, or man’s interpretation of Your Word, it is Your Pure Word.

You said the Message and the messenger are the same. Your prophet spoke It and You would bring It to pass. Your Word spoken by Your prophet needs NO interpretation as it is the Son of Man speaking directly to His Bride.

I must beg the people, come back to your first love. Come back to what you know is THUS SAITH THE LORD. If you’ve been wondering which way to go or what to do, come on, get on the ship with us tonight. We’re going down to Nineveh, to cry out. We’ve got a duty before God, that’s this Message on tape.

We believe that the Coming of the Lord is at hand, and He is going to have a Bride, and we’re getting ready. We don’t want nothing but the Pure Word of God spoken by His prophet. We’re going to Glory, come join in our ship.

If you believe this Message is the Truth, and worth living for, worth dying for, come join us this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear a Message we believe is vital and urgent for us to hear: A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord 65-0217.

You’re my lambs. How is that? You’re the Lord’s lambs that He has let me feed.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read:

Jonah 1:1-3
Malachi 4
St John 14:12
Luke 17:30