October 09, 2022
Questions And Answers #2

Dear Espoused Chaste Virgin,

God loves us so much that He had His prophet answer ALL of our questions, and placed the answers on tape. When we have need of it, all we have to do is BELIEVE AND PRESS PLAY.

Do I have the Holy Ghost?

The evidence of the Holy Ghost, when God reveals to you and you see it, THUS SAITH THE LORD and accept it.

Then I have It Lord, as You have revealed this Message to me and I have accepted It as Thus Saith The Lord!

But, it seems like I fail so much…and how about my past?

Not what you are, what you was, or nothing about it, it’s what God has done for you now. There’s the evidence.

Lord, You don’t see my past and You don’t even see my many, many mistakes now, You just hear my voice; Glory Lord, I HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Brother Branham, I know you said you are not the only pebble on the beach, but who will be directing the Bride of Christ in the end time?

By the help of God, I believe that I’m directing the Bride of Jesus Christ.

I have many things on my heart, what should I do?

Nothing else matters now but to get all of God’s children together and say, “Let’s go.”

Thank You Lord, we are doing just that. Nothing else matters to us but Your Word. Your Holy Spirit is directing us by Your prophet and we’re gathering around Your Word from around the world, and we’re ready to go.

I have many questions, I need guidance, help, and answers. Where do I get that?

I’m here to try to help you, because I love you. You’re my children that I have begotten to Christ. I claim every one of you. I claim you tonight; I claim you all time; I always claim you, and that as my brother and sister.

We love you too Brother Branham. We know God sent you to guide and direct us. We have checked It with the Word and It lines up perfectly.

Who is my father in the Gospel?

You’re my children; I—I’m your father in the Gospel, not father as it would be a priest, I’m—I’m your father in the Gospel as Paul said there.

We know It is the Holy Spirit leading you to lead us, Brother Branham. You are saying just like Paul said in the Bible, to follow exactly what you said, as It is truth, and we are not to change one jot or one tittle.

What are you to do Brother Branham?

I have begotten you to Christ, and now, I—I espouse you to Christ; that’s engage you to Christ as a chaste virgin. Don’t let me down! Don’t let me down! You stay a chaste virgin.

You have espoused us to Christ as virgins to His Word. We cannot, and we will not even flirt with another. We check everything we hear and do by Your stored up Word.

What is the most important thing I can do to be His Bride, Brother Branham?

Stay right with the Word.

All answers to our questions can be summed up with these words:


This Message IS the Word for our day. Brother Branham is the Voice of God for our day. Everything must line up with the Word. The Word needs no interpretation. If we PRESS PLAY, ALL WE HAVE NEED OF IS PROVIDED THERE, ON THE TAPES.

Got something on your heart you need an answer to? Come join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we get all our answers as we hear: 64-0823E - Questions And Answers #2.

Bro. Joseph Branham