June 06, 2021
A Thinking Man's Filter

Dear Babies Of God,

We have seen the Mighty God setting in His Own Words, blinding the smart, educated and religious people of this present age; but revealing It to us, babies such as will learn, babies of God. We cannot, and we will not, listen to any other man’s word. We don’t care; it’s this Message, these Tapes, or nothing.

When He come the first time, He was a man. When He come the second time with a double portion, He was a man. When He come in the form of John the Baptist, He was a man. When He come in our age, He once again revealed Himself in a man. He is NOW revealing Himself in flesh yet again in each of us, His Word loving Bride.

We have obtained It in our hearts. Our minds and our souls are now laying in the Presence of the Son getting ripened, ’cause sheep want sheep food: “My sheep hear My Voice.” That’s what we live by, every Word. Not just a Word now and then, but EVERY Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, that’s what we’re living by.

We are born sons of God, filled with the Spirit of God. We always were sons of God, and we will always be sons of God. There is no way to separate it because we have Eternal Life. We never did begin, neither will you ever end.

We have a thinking man’s Filter: His Word, His Message, His Voice, and it has given us a holy man’s taste. We have tasted of the Heavenly things and have received that Word in our hearts. We have seen It manifested before us, and now we see It manifested IN US, and our whole soul is wrapped up in It.

There are some that are looking for someone else to reveal more to them, more than what is on the tapes, more than just Malachi 4 to lead them. But he told us it has come down through Luther, then through Wesley and even the Pentecostals, and now it’s in the eyes, prophetic, Malachi 4, and there is nothing else left to come but He Himself coming for His Bride.

And she looked back through there and seen that, seen somebody in white, marching forward; and behind it, said it looked…Said, “Brother Branham, it was you.” And said, “Marched in there,” said, “behind you, was people of different colors, packing banners; Georgia, Alabama, all different kind of places, marching forward,” coming up into the headship to where Christ was being revealed into the vision. Oh, hallelujah!

It is the Word Itself in our hearts and It is drawing us to It. We spit out anything that says, “There is more than just Malachi 4. There are mistakes in the Message. The days of a one-man Message are over. It’s denominational and anti-Word to listen to a tape at the same time. We simply don’t want it.” We live only by the Word of God, every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God for this age, that is our Filter.

We understand the tape ministry is not for everyone. To any ministers at any place, any time, this is not directed in disregards to your teachings, this is not even directed to your sheep. This Message, and all other Messages that he spoke were directed to us, his congregation. It’s not for your congregation, unless they want to receive It. But It’s directed to us, his congregation.

I have been given the right to feed His sheep. And I would only do the very best of my knowledge, in giving out the right Food that I know for the sheep.

I would like to make something perfectly clear once more. I know many are saying things that are simply not truth, and are being said to deceive and mis-lead the people.

  • I am against the ministry of Ephesians 4:11. I have NEVER said, or even thought that. In contrast, I am ordained by Brother Branham to be part of that ministry, so how could I deny it.
  • I am against going to church. I have NEVER said, thought, or believed that. We are not gathering in a building to have church because we are under construction and have no place to gather, but if the Lord is willing we will be gathering when construction is finished.
  • You MUST listen to the same tape at the same time each week with Jeffersonville to be the Bride. I have NEVER said, believed or even thought such a thing. My whole life I have said PRESS PLAY. To the ministry I have said, put Brother Branham back in the pulpit and play tapes.

But yet many ministers are telling their people such things, KNOWING I have never said or written anything like that. They simply place fear in the people and lie to them.

You must ask yourself, “Why are so many ministers against listening to the Voice Of God at the same time?” They say it is WRONG and denominational for people to hear the tapes all at the same time. Was it wrong and denominational when Bro. Branham was here and he did it?

Do you think if the people were streaming “them” all at the same time they would be against that and say it was anti-Word? Something is wrong.

God has provided His Bride with a filter, It is His Word, His Message, His Voice. The Word comes to His Prophet. The prophet is the interpreter of His Word. It has always been a one-man Message and never a group. God sent His Holy Spirit to lead His Bride and that Holy Spirit will point you to His prophet, the one HE CHOSE to lead His Bride by His Word. God can never change His program. He has always led His people with Himself veiled in human flesh.

You are invited, not demanded, to come be united with a group of people that believe EVERY WORD is the Word of God spoken through His 7th angel messenger, as we hear: A Thinking Man’s Filter 65-0822E, at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time.

Bro. Joseph Branham



Numbers 19:9
Ephesians 5:22-26