January 14, 2024
He That Is In You

Dear Perfect Faith Believers,

Each day our hearts beat high with great anticipation. We are waiting for the hour to arrive of His soon Coming. All fears have vanished. No more wondering, “Are we His Bride?” It is anchored in our hearts like never before, WE ARE HIS BRIDE.

We are caught up in a Heavenly atmosphere, listening to the ministry of Jesus Christ, reincarnated in His Church. This Message has been so thoroughly vindicated by the Word of God, that it couldn’t be a man, it has to be God speaking lip to ear to His Bride.

We believe it’s not a man that is speaking to us on these tapes, It’s God.

What I’m trying to say, “Don’t never lose your confidence.” Don’t let Satan tell you evil about me; ’cause, there’s much. But you keep that confidence; ’cause, if you don’t, it won’t happen. Don’t look to me, as a man; I’m a man, I’m full of mistakes. But look to what I’m saying about Him. It’s Him. He is the One.

You must have confidence and believe in what HE SAYS, OR IT WON’T HAPPEN. We don’t look to God’s prophet as a man, like many think we do. We are behind the veil of human flesh, and all we see and hear is God speaking through human lips, AND HAVE CONFIDENCE AND BELIEVE EVERY WORD.

That is the Revelation of Jesus Christ for today. To believe it is God, not a man, speaking on the tapes. If you miss that, my friend, you’ve missed the Message of the hour and you can’t be the Bride.

Satan puts his interpretation to that, and 99% of the time he quotes the Message just like he did to Eve, but she was commanded to stay with the Word; what Adam told her is what God said, not what anyone else said it meant. She was to stay with the Voice of God.

This is the greatest day the world has ever known. The life of Jesus Christ, that lived and revealed Himself in the life of His prophet, is now living in flesh in US, His Bride.

We are doing exactly what He commanded us to do: stay with the Word by staying with the Voice of God on the tapes. It is God’s tape ministry and program for today.

If you truly believe William Marrion Branham was God’s chosen seventh angel messenger, the one God chose to speak and reveal all the mysteries hidden in the Word, the Voice of God to this generation, a man that had faith like no other man, the one the Angel of the Lord told “if you get the people to believe YOU, nothing will stand before your prayers”, then this Sunday will be a red letter day like no other.

There is NOTHING that can ever take the Revelation of This Message from us, NOTHING. We could NEVER doubt It. If he said It, we believe It. We might not understand It all, but we believe It nevertheless.

Jesus Himself told us: “Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.” Let that sink into our hearts. His Spirit is living in us. Can we comprehend that? Right now, as you are reading this letter, the Holy Spirit, God Himself, the Pillar of Fire, is living and dwelling in us? How do we know that’s true? GOD SAID SO!!

Satan is constantly telling us we are such a failure. And he is right, we are. He reminds us, we are not where we need to be in the Word. Right again, we’re not. We do things we know better than to do. Forgive us Lord, he’s right.

But even with all of our mistakes, all our weaknesses, all of our failures, it doesn’t change the fact, WE ARE THE BRIDE. WE BELIEVE EVERY WORD!

We’re not looking to ourselves or anything we can do, we’re a mess. We just know He chose us and give us a Revelation of His Word and nothing can take that Revelation from us. It is instilled in our heart and soul.

He told us we have to have PERFECT FAITH. We do Lord, PERFECT FAITH in Your Word. We have faith in what Your prophet said to be Thus Saith The Lord. It’s not his word, but Your Word for us.

Your prophet told us whatever we have need of, if we will just believe, and have faith in Your Word, we can have whatever we have need of. WE BELIEVE.

Lord, I have a need. I’m coming before You with all the faith I have in Your Word, for It cannot fail. But today, Lord, I’m not only coming before You with my faith, but with the faith You gave to Your mighty seventh angel messenger.

O Lord God, I ask Thee to be merciful to us. And may every man and woman that’s setting present, that has any kind of a sickness or affliction; and as Moses throwed hisself in the breach, for the people, tonight I lay my heart out before You, Lord. And with all the faith that I have, that’s in You, that You have given me, I give to them.

And I say: such as I have, give I to this audience! In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, renounce your sickness, ’cause greater is He that’s in you, than the devil that’s trying to take your life. You are children of God. You are the redeemed.

It is finished. His Word cannot fail. Whatever we have need of, we can receive.

Come join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, to receive this great blessing and anointing from God as a portion of the Bride will be gathering from around the world listening to the Voice of God place his FAITH with our FAITH.

Bro. Joseph Branham

63-1110E He That Is In You