April 30, 2023
The Ephesian Church Age

Dear Pure Beaten Gold,

How thankful I am to be united with each of you, getting into the Spirit and listening to God speak to us, lip to ear. There is just no end to what He is revealing to us. Our hearts are filled with joy. Our souls are bubbling over. How can one comprehend what we are hearing?

Just listen to what the Lord Himself is saying to us: “You are My true Church, My Bride. To Me, you are likened to PURE gold. Your righteousness is My righteousness. Your attributes are MY own glorious attributes. Your very identity is found in Me. What I AM, you are reflecting. What I HAVE, you are manifesting.

To ME, there is no fault in you, you are glorious within and without. From the beginning to the ending, you are My work…and all MY works are perfect.

You will never be in the judgment, because sin cannot be imputed to you. Even before the foundation of the earth, My purpose was to share My Eternal Life with YOU.

How can one grasp these Words? How can our minds comprehend what is taking place? What is being revealed? Think of it, we don’t need to cry in our heart and say, “Oh, that might have been back there in the first age when the apostles were first sent out.” There is NO need for us to look back, because of Him, who never changes either in essence or in His ways, is in our midst NOW, speaking to us and telling us He is the same yesterday, today and forever. This is the GREATEST time in the history of the world to be living.

We are beaten and purged, filled up with the sufferings that Christ left behind. We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. We are killed all the day long. We suffer much, but in it all, we retaliate not, neither do we cause others to suffer. To Him, we are pure beaten gold, not bowed, not broken, not destroyed, but formed as a thing of beauty and a joy forever by the trials and testings of this life.

He is now warning all others, “Get back to your First Love”. How careful they must be as you can’t change ONE WORD, not even a dot or a dash. That was the original trick of Satan in the Garden of Eden. Just a word added, just a Word taken away, then it is anti-Word.

In this last age he warns us there will be many false prophets appearing, telling the people that if they don’t believe them and what they say, you will be lost.

There is ONLY ONE WAY to be sure NOTHING has been added, nothing has been taken away, nothing has been changed… by listening to the pure VOICE OF GOD…PRESS PLAY.

Thank the Lord for the true, faithfully taught minister, that not only tells their sheep the importance of listening to the Message every day in their homes, but by being true leaders, placing This Message, This Voice, These Tapes, FIRST AND FOREMOST before the people in their churches.

By saying these things, I am misunderstood and accused of splitting churches and telling the people not to go to church. That is simply not true. The WORD is taking the people from these churches that are not placing the tapes FIRST in their churches. They are hungry to hear the Word from God’s Prophet. They feel IT is the most important Message and Voice they want to listen to. They feel It is God’s perfect Will to play the tapes in their church.

I have always told the people, “GO TO CHURCH”. When they ask: “Do you feel preachers can still preach?” “Yes.” I have never said or thought they shouldn’t. I simply tell the preachers, teachers, pastors, “Do what God called you to do, BUT PLEASE, place the very Voice of God on Tape FIRST, NOT YOUR MINISTRY”.

That is MY REVELATION. They must do as THEY FEEL LED TO DO. I have a right to preach and teach what I feel. If they want to say Brother Branham never said to Press Play in Church, the very Voice of God they claim they are following, that’s up to them.

The Holy Spirit is, and always has been, leading His Bride. We believe He is telling US, “PRESS PLAY, STAY WITH MY PROPHET, MY VOICE, MY HOLY SPIRIT.”

Well, we’ll have a showdown of it, then, like Elijah the prophet before this. And if you’re a child of God, you’ll stay with the prophet of this Bible. It’s the Word. Notice the hour, the season.

Who is the prophet of the Bible, The Word, the Holy Spirit!

The Holy Spirit is the Prophet of this hour; He vindicating His Word, proving It. The Holy Spirit was the Prophet of Moses’ hour. The Holy Spirit was the Prophet of Micaiah’s hour. The Holy Spirit, which wrote the Word, comes and confirms the Word.

The Holy Spirit of this hour is leading us by His prophet, as He has done in every age. God never changes His program.

Therefore, you are invited to come join us in what we feel is God’s Program by listening to the Holy Spirit speak through His prophet, and lead us as He brings us the Message: The Ephesian Church Age 60-1205, at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read in preparation for hearing the Message.

Acts 20:27-30
Revelation 2:1-7