Jeffersonville Time: ...

Dear Artesian Water Drinkers,

We’re not grafted, we are part of the original production of the Word. The Holy Spirit Himself, has ripened, vindicated, and made Itself manifest to us. We have accepted It in Its fullness, in the power of Its vindication and the Revelation of what It is, and have become a part of It. It is more than life to us.

The Holy Spirit Himself spoke through a humble, unworthy vessel and said, “Here is My scepter, My Word, take It and go forth, and bring the Message.” He took His Word and chopped us out, to make us His Bride.

It has disturbed the priests to see people leaving the churches and going to playing the tapes. They said, “If any of you attend the meetings, you’ll be excommunicated, we’ll put you out of our organization”.

Their answer back: You might as well turn us loose, we’re going anyhow! We’re on the journey with the Lord Jesus, our smitten Rock, eating angel’s Food, stored up Manna from above, and drinking from the Rock. We never have to worry what we’re drinking, It is nothing but PURE WORD.

We’ve always got a revival going on. Our Fountain is always bubbling over and over, and over and over. There is no end to It. We get a good, cold drink of water each time we Press Play. We depend on It and are living on It. The only thing you have to do is get there and drink.

We live by that Gusher daily! We never have to pull, dig, pump, or anything; just partake of His provided way, freely. You can take all your man-made systems you want to, all your old stagnated wells; for us, we have come to His pure Fountain. It is our Joy. It is our Light and Strength.

He is my Water. He is my Life. He is my Healer. He is my Saviour. He is my King. Everything that I have need of is found in Him. Why would I want to go to anything else?

For us there is nowhere else to go but directly to God’s provided Fountain. Never worrying what we will drink. Never having to put on an old filter rag that might get the missiles out, but leaves the nasty juice. WE JUST GET PURE ARTESIAN WATER WITH ALL THE MINERALS AND NUTRIENTS WE NEED.

He has reassured us: My little children, don’t worry no more, you have the genuine evidence of the Holy Ghost. You have proven to Me that you believe every Word. You have received It, YOU ARE MINE. WE ARE ONE. HUSBAND AND WIFE.

I’m coming for you in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. I am preparing you a new Home. You’ll love My finishing touches. I know it’s so hard on you now, and you have many test and trials and your burdens are heavy. But don’t forget, you have nothing to worry about, I have given you My Word. You are My Word. I have already done everything for you. Speak the Word and don’t doubt. You have your Faith, plus My prophet gave you his Faith.

I would love for you to join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, to hear 64-0726E Broken Cisterns, and drink from this Artesian Fountain as it bubbles the Pure Word that needs no filters.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Psalms 36:9
Jeremiah 2:12-13
St. John 3:16
Revelations 13th Chapter