Jeffersonville Time: ...

Dear Shouting and Rejoicing Bride,

We’re in the Word and having the greatest time of our lives. Teaching, consecration, and revelation. There is nothing more important than hearing the Voice of God on tape.

This Message is everything to us. It gives us complete satisfaction. The only thing that can quench the thirsting of our soul is hearing God speak to us through His prophet.

Each day He gives us more revelation of Himself and ourselves. A deeper reassurance that, by “pressing play,” we are hearing His Word and are doing just as He commanded us to do. We are His sheep, and sheep cannot lead himself; he has to have a leader. And the Holy Spirit is leading us to Himself, His Voice speaking the Words of infallibility on tape.

We’re not all listening together to these Messages by chance, He chose us to. “The footsteps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord.” There is some reason. We can’t help it. The Message on tape is all the Bride wants. By hearing It, It is giving us the strong hand of Faith to hold on and believe every Word.

Why do we believe it is so important for all who calls themselves “God’s Bride” to hear the tapes?

The Word clearly tells us that the Bible itself was written by the prophets. It was not their thoughts, nor their ideas, but the Holy Spirit moving them to write the Bible. The Bible also tells us that the Lord God will do NOTHING until He reveals His Word to His prophet. Others can speak It and proclaim It, but they can ONLY say what God’s prophet has already said.

If you believe that William Marrion Branham is God’s vindicated 7th angel messenger, then what he said ON TAPE is not his words, but the very thoughts of God Himself expressed. You are resting your Eternal destination on every Word that he spoke on the tapes, as you believe it to be THUS SAITH THE LORD. It cannot be added to or taken away from, nor does it need interpretation; It is the Son of Man speaking through the man He chose to fulfill His Word.

The true Bride knows the importance of hearing the tapes. To us, the tapes are the major and all other ministries are a minor. Everyone must ask theirself if their Eternal destination depends on believing every Word God’s prophet spoke. If I believe it is the Voice of God speaking and calling His Bride, then there is nothing more important than PRESSING PLAY, as I am going to be judged by every Word that GOD’S PROPHET SAID…not by what some man said God’s prophet said.

If you believe you need more than the tapes, then it’s not as important to you to place the emphasis on listening to the tapes, but more importance on the ministry. You can only have one major.

As we listen to the tape this Sunday, God Himself will speak to us and tell us we possess the legal abstract title deed of Eternal Life. We possess everything that Adam and Eve lost. It is going to be brought to us in revelation, and from the Hand of God by vindication.

Then He will tell us what went on in Heaven. How Jesus Himself took the Book, tore off the seal, then sent it to the prophet He chose and told Him to give it to His Bride….talk about shouting!!!! Everything on earth and in Heaven will hear us shout and scream as we see our names written on the Lamb’s Book of Life.

And He took the Book, (glory!) opened the Book, and tore off the Seals; and sent It down to the earth, to His seventh angel, to reveal It to His people! There you are. Oh, my! What happened? The screams, the shouts, the hallelujahs, the anointed, the power, the glory, the manifestation!

And old John, who had been standing there, our brother, crying! “Why,” he said, “everything in Heaven, everything in the earth, and everything in the sea, heard me holler, ‘Amen! Amen! Blessings, honor, and might, and power, be to Him that lives for ever and ever.’”

Where can you hear this great revelation? ONLY ON THE TAPES. There is just something special to the Bride when they hear God Himself speak through human lips and tell them, “YOU ARE MY SWEETHEART BRIDE.”

Come sit in the presence of the Holy Spirit by Pressing Play, Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear His seventh angel messenger bring: The Breach Between The Seven Church Ages And The Seven Seals 63-0317E.

We will be shouting and rejoicing and saying hallelujah.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read in preparation for the hearing of the Message:

Leviticus: 25:47-55
Jeremiah: 32:1-15
Zechariah: 3:8-9 / 4:10
Romans: 8:22-23
Ephesians: 1:13-14 / 4:30
Revelation: 1:12-18 / 5th Chapter / 10:1-7 / 11:18