October 29, 2023
A Prisoner

Dear Prisoners,

The life that you live now will reflect the life you would have lived if you lived in the days of Noah, or Moses, because you are possessed with the same spirit. The same spirit that’s in you now was in people then.

If you lived in the days of Noah, whose side would you have taken then? Would you have gotten in the boat with Noah believing he was the one God chose to build the ark and lead the people, or would you have said, “I can build an ark too. I’m just as good of a captain and boat builder”?

How about if you lived in the days of Moses? Would you have stayed with Moses and believed he was the one God chose to lead the people, or would you have gone with Dathan and Korah when they said “We’re holy too, we’ve got something to say. God chose us too.”?

Each one of us has to choose, this day, between death and life. I don’t care what side you say you’re on. What you do, every day, proves what you are. We Press Play EVERY DAY.

Are you in the Word every day? Are you praying, seeking the Lord’s perfect Will in everything you do? Are you pressing play and hearing God’s vindicated Voice every day? Do you believe it is absolutely essential to Press Play? Do you believe that Voice on the tapes is the Voice of God for today?

For us, the answer is YES. We are telling the world that we are Prisoners to God’s Word, His Message, God’s vindicated Voice for our day. Yes, we believe with all our heart in Pressing Play. Yes, we believe the 7th church age messenger is called to lead the Bride. Yes, that Voice on the tapes is the most important Voice to hear.

The Love of God, His Voice, this Message, is so tremendous, such a Revelation to us, that we cannot get away from It. We have become a Prisoner to It.

We have sold out to everything else. No matter what anyone else says, we’re harnessed to It. There is something about It that we just can’t get away from It. It is the joy of our lives. We cannot live without It.

We’re so happy, so thankful, so proud to be a Prisoner for the Lord and His Message; for they are the same. It is more than life to us. Each day it becomes clearer and more real that we are His Bride. We are in His perfect Will. We can speak the Word, for we are the Word made flesh.

We are not connected with anything but Christ and His Message for the hour; even our father, our mother, our brother, our sister, our husband, our wife, anybody. We’re only connected with Christ, and Him only. We are connected and yoked to this Message, this Voice, for it is God’s provided Way for this day, AND THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

We are no longer prisoners to our own selfish being, to our own ambition. We have completely surrendered ourselves and are yoked to Him. No matter what the rest of the world thinks, what the rest the world does, we’re yoked with fetters of love to Him and His Voice.

We are so thankful to be Prisoners. Tell me, Father, what to do every second of every minute of every day. Let Your Voice instruct us in everything we do, we say, and how we act. We want to know nothing but You.

Come be harnessed with us to God’s Word and His Voice this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear how to become: A Prisoner 63-0717.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scriptures to read before the Message:

Philemon 1:1

PS: Brother Branham, we LOVE the way you pronounce Philemon, it is PERFECT to the Bride.