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Brothers and Sisters,

As I stated in the previous letter, we will provide Communion wine and cups to all the believers in the Jeffersonville area. Please contact us at with the number of people in your household who will be taking Communion, so we can prepare your package to be picked up from VGR at a later date.

Please only order enough Communion wine for your immediate family within your household. If you are planning to take Communion with other family members outside of your household, they should get their own Communion wine for the service. For instance, if your household would like to go to your sibling’s house, or parents house for the service, everyone would get their own Communion wine, and you would take it with you.

There will of course be some exceptions to this. For instance, if your father or mother is widowed and lives by themselves, and they would like to take communion with you, we can make sure your package has enough Communion wine for one more to be served. We would not want the widows to make a special trip to VGR for this.

Again, as we do have limited quantities and containers, and shipping wine in the mail is not permitted, we can only provide for the local believers in the Jeffersonville area.

Please contact with how many in your household will be taking Communion, and for any other questions you have. We will contact you shortly with dates and times your Communion set can be picked up.

Please note: We are providing Communion wine and cups only, you will still be required to bake the Communion bread the day of the service. If you are widowed, or do not have means to make the Communion bread the day of the service, please contact us at and we will try to accommodate you.

God bless you,

Brother Joseph



Example of the Communion package.