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Updated 05-23-22

Brothers and Sisters,

Is this not the best time of your life, knowing the Lord is with us like never before? He has prepared us for every attack the devil is sending forth today, and before the enemy can even  think  of an outbreak to spread his poison, whether it be in the natural or Spiritual, the Lord has already made a Hiding Place for His Bride, for He knows the end from the beginning; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He has sent us another confirmation that the Bride will NEVER go through a tribulation time with the world, as He Promised. She is His Sweetheart, espoused to Him, protected in His Arms, and will soon be with Him at a Great Wedding Supper. Praise His wonderful Name.

Amongst all the Lord is doing for us today, I have yet more exciting news of something else He is planning for us. Brother Branham said, 

I think, if the Lord is coming next week, let's start the church this week. Certainly. Let's show Him. Let's stand at our post of duty. Yes, sir.

For the past couple years, I have been praying about expanding our Church and the classrooms we use for Creations and Study Hall, as they act as our Sunday School classes. As you know, many families from around the world have moved here over the last few years to be part of our Church, and our facilities have simply been outgrown. Locally, we now have well over 1,000 in attendance on average, 400 students are enrolled in Creations, and about 200 in Study Hall, and those numbers are continuing to climb  every month . Although we are grateful for God providing a facility to hold such a large number of people, the sanctuary has been make-shift for us, and is way overdue for improvements. We are now using 8’ movable walls to block off the sanctuary from the gym area, the current HVAC system cannot keep up, our restrooms are not sufficient, the audio is not up to par, etc., etc. 

Over the past several months, I have been working with the Boards at Voice Of God Recordings and the Branham Tabernacle on the additional Sunday School classrooms and renovation to the Sanctuary. Both boards are in 100% agreement that these things need to be done, and done  promptly

Although VGR will shoulder the cost for the new classroom addition, the Branham Tabernacle will cover the expenses for the sanctuary renovation. Each year, as you know, we have a surplus of funds from the Tabernacle we send to VGR. Over the years, this amount has accumulated for what I believe to be for this very cause. As always, the Lord made provisions for us to have this when we needed it, praise His Name.  

I am also thrilled for the opportunity today to actually show you some of these plans.

This file contains drawings of the new classroom addition and sanctuary renovation, which is scheduled to begin in May of this year. What a blessing it is to know that if the Lord is willing and tarries, our Church services will soon be even more comfortable as we hear God’s Voice speak to us, and our children will have ample room and supplies for their Sunday School lessons, in order to get the education they need in THE WORD.

Because construction will be going on this summer, there will be days that we will not be able to have church in the sanctuary. As you can see from the blueprints, we are planning for a mezzanine, which they say will prevent us from using the building for at least 6 weeks. We WILL continue to have church during that time, however,  in our Home Tape Churches, praise the Lord.

Both the classroom addition and sanctuary renovation will be happening at the same time, and the anticipated completion date for both projects is by the end of the year. Again, they say we WILL be able to have services at the YFYC, as the contractor permits, during the course of construction, only those 6 weeks will we be completely shut down.

My greatest desire however is that we will never even be able to enter into the doors of the new church, but go UP into the corridors of our Eternal Home in the Sky. Thank you Father, for all these Gifts and all these things You have let us see happen before us, but  Come Lord Jesus. Although we love the gifts, we long to see YOU.

God bless you,

Brother Joseph Branham