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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Dear Perfect Word Bride,

God has sent His last power. He sent down His great eagle to restore us back to the original Faith of our fathers. This is the eagle age. There are no more Beasts. There are no more messengers. There is no more group of men. That’s all of it. We are at the end. The Voice of Revelation 10:7 has arrived and He has used His great prophet eagle to call out His Bride.

If you were listening to our pastor Sunday, God’s great eagle, you would have heard him tell you as He told us:

You are that group that will take them Seven Thunders; the very Word of God, and slice and cut and even close the heavens. You can shut this, or do that, whatever you want to. The enemy is slayed by the Word that proceeds from your mouth, for it is sharper than a two-edged sword. You could call for a hundred billion tons of flies if you wanted to. Whatever you say, is going to happen, because It’s the Word of God coming from the mouth of God. It’s His Word, but He always uses man to work It”.

How can I stress enough the importance of Pressing Play; to hear the eagle God sent? This Message is so important, so perfect...SO PERFECT, that He couldn’t trust It even to an Angel. There was no other man, no other group of men, NO ONE He could give It to, ONLY HIS GREAT EAGLE PROPHET.

We can talk about It, teach It, even preach It, but there is ONLY ONE VOICE that has “Thus Saith the Lord,” and you must believe every Word. There is only one Voice that you can place your eternal destination on. There is only ONE VOICE God chose to lead His Bride, and ONLY HIS BRIDE WILL HAVE THAT REVELATION.

There was only one eagle prophet He chose before the foundation of the world to reveal ALL HIS WORD TO....WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM, and he, and he alone, is God’s eagle messenger for this day. He, and he alone, was sent to lead God’s Bride.

My calling, or any ministers calling, is only one thing: TO LEAD YOU TO HIM, GOD’S GREAT EAGLE. The one He chose. The one He vindicated by His Pillar of Fire. The one He chose when He opened the Book, and tore off the Seals, and sent It down to the earth, to reveal It to us, His people.

The words he spoke on tape are not his words, they are the very Thoughts of God spoken and recorded on tape for His Bride to hear; and only YOU, HIS Bride have the true Revelation of that.

Bride, just think of it! We have arrived. That’s all. Scientific research has proved It. The vindication of the Word has proved It. And we’re here! And this Revelation comes from God, and It’s the Truth. And because you recognize It, WE ARE His fully restored sons and daughters.

No more wondering. No more questioning. WE ARE HIS PERFECT WORD BRIDE. We recognize who we are. We are the ones, by the Grace of God, He let His eagle see all in white robes.

Take courage Bride. We’re almost There. We can feel It. It’s more real to us now than ever before. The enemy hates us, BUT GOD LOVES US. He’s not only with us, HE’S IN US. WE ARE HIS WORD MADE FLESH.

He’s proving to Satan, WE CAN NOT, AND WILL NOT FAIL. There is only FAITH and doubt. We ONLY have FAITH. Not in ourselves, IN HIS WORD, and IT can’t fail. Why? WE ARE THE WORD. God said so!!

You didn’t choose Him, HE CHOSE YOU. How can Satan do anything to you, GOD CHOSE YOU. He chose you because He KNEW you would not fail to believe His Word. Satan tells you, “but you fail, fail, fail”’re right, I do fail in my flesh, but I’m JUSTIFIED, and I will not fail to believe EVERY WORD.

We get to be tested and go through trials for GOD, so He can PROVE TO HIS, AND OUR ENEMY...WE ARE HIS PERFECT WORD BRIDE.

May the Great Holy Spirit fill your homes, your churches, or wherever you are this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear God’s great eagle bring the Revelation to: The Fifth Seal 63-0322.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Daniel 9:20-27
Acts 15:13-14
Romans 11:25-26
Revelation 6:9-11 / 11:7-8 / 22:8-9


Saturday, August 12, 2023

Dear Eaglets,

The Voice of God is taking us to heights we’ve never been before, and revealing His Word. We’ve dug our little beaks into His mighty Wings as He takes us high into the sky. We’re soaring around way above all the cloudy skies. We can see way off into eternity. It’s a whole new Revelation to us. The higher He takes us, the clearer It gets. We scream out: I SEE IT...I SEE IT.

He has now taken His mighty Wings, gave them a big shake and told us, “FLY MY LITTLE ONES, FLY.” At first we were so scared. The enemy was filling our minds with so many doubts. I can’t, I just can’t. Then we heard Him scream and thunder back to us, “YOU CAN, YOU’RE MY EAGLETS, JUST START FLAPPING YOUR WINGS!!”

Then, all at once our little wings naturally start flapping. The more we listen to His Word reassure us who we are, and what to do, the stronger our wings got. Flap, flap, flap....Press Play, Press Play, Press Play...then all of a sudden, we’re flying. We’re Eagles.

When a little fear tries to enter into our minds, we just looked around and start listening to His Voice. There He is, flying right next to us to catch us if we start to fall. We realize we have nothing to fear, Papa Eagle is right there with us. He is watching every move we make. He won’t let nothing happen to us.

Such Freedom and assurance like we’ve never felt before. He keeps telling us, you are My eaglets. You’re obeying and doing exactly what I told you to do by staying with My Voice I have left you.

He knows when He tells us anything on the tapes, we’ll go do it, for we know It’s His Word. He’ll stand right behind It. Even if It’s not written in the Bible, He’ll stand behind It, anyhow.

We know, if it’s outside of That, He’ll reveal It to His prophet. We realize that all the mysteries of God is made known to His prophet, and him alone, so anything we need to know, It’s on tape.

Talk about the power of Revelation that brings stimulation. We want to shout it to the top of our voices. We want the world to know, I’m a Tape eagle!

God’s thoughts become creation when it was spoke, by a Word. That’s when He presents it to—to you as a thought, His thought, and it’s revealed to you. Then, it’s still a thought until you speak it.

It’s been revealed to us. Glory. Now we want to speak It. We are the Bride of Jesus Christ. He knew me, predestinated me before the foundation of the world. I am His living Word made flesh. He told me ASK and you shall receive. Knock, it shall be opened. Whatever we have need of, WE SPEAK IT.

This is the Eagle Age and we are His Eaglets. We’ve never been happier or more satisfied in our life. No fear. No worries.

I invite you to come fly to new heights with us this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as God’s mighty eagle screams to us and reveals The Fourth Seal 63-0321.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read in preparation for hearing the sermon The Fourth Seal 63-0321.
St. Matthew 4
St. Luke 24:49
St. John 6:63
Acts 2:38
Revelation 2:18-23, 6:7-8, 10:1-7, 12:13, 13:1-14, 16:12-16, 19:15-17
Genesis 1:1
Psalms 16:8-11
II Samuel 6:14
Jeremiah 32
Joel 2:28
Amos 3:7
Malachi 4


Saturday, August 5, 2023

Dear Stimulated Bride,

Get ready, this Sunday you’re going to get more Stimulation by Revelation than you have ever had in your life. You’ll just be getting drunk on the Word. It will be so good, and plainer...and even clearer than when He spoke It. And there is only one way to get It, you’ve got to Press Play!

Get the tapes, listen to them real close. Because, you’ll get it on the tape, because they’ve been playing them tapes back, and they’re really good and plain. So, you’ll get it clearer there.

What did God’s seventh angel messenger just say? The one that God chose to reveal all the mysteries of the Bible to; the one He chose to give the Revelation of the Seven Seals, the Thunders, and all His Word. The angel He chose to call out His Bride. The one He chose to be His Voice in the last days.

Let’s just read that quote once again to make sure we understand what he just said for us to do.

“You’ll get It on the”, WHERE?
“You’ll get It clearer”, WHERE?

Talk about how important it is to Press Play and to hear the Tapes. GLORY!! This isn’t my word, this is GOD’S WORD telling His Bride, GET IT THERE...ON THE TAPES. Preachers, keep off my back.

How can any person who claims they believe this Message say that playing the tapes isn’t the GREATEST thing the Bride can do? How can a pastor put his ministry above that of the prophet? Not just to quote it...I’m doing that right now too, but to play that Voice to his flock so they can “GET IT CLEARER THERE”.

The greatest ministry in the world is the Tape Ministry. There is nothing greater than Press Play. There is only one Voice that has been ordained by God to be Thus Saith The Lord to His Bride, the Voice on the tapes.

Let me be clear once again. I’m NOT against any minister preaching, nor do I feel a minister cannot preach or teach. But for me and my ministry, I am called to tell the world to listen to the incarnate Word made flesh, that has been recorded and stored up on magnetic tape. I believe It is the Voice of God, and IT, and IT alone, answers all your questions. It will give you everything you need, including Rapturing Faith, for It Is THUS SAITH THE LORD.

The Bride doesn’t need my word, I’m just quoting the Word like all other ministers. You quote and say how important it is to hear your ministry and your calling, praise the Lord. I’m telling the people the MOST IMPORTANT ministry is the Voice of God on Tape. There is nothing greater. They don’t have to have anything else.

I’m not saying these things for the people to have the wrong spirit or the wrong attitude toward any minister or ministry, God forbid. I love them. They are my brothers. God has placed a calling on their lives. Dare I speak against God’s anointed men, BUT I am compelled to speak and say that many have placed too much emphasis on THEIR ministry and not placed the Voice of God on tape as THE MOST IMPORTANT VOICE the Bride can hear.

I simply said, “Place Brother Branham back in your pulpits,” and many of the ministers have taken upon themselves to tell their people how Brother Branham never said that on tape, and THEY are called to take the Word and give it to the people; making excuses NOT TO PLAY THE TAPES IN THEIR CHURCHES.

They say it is WRONG if a pastor plays tapes in their church, criticizing people by saying, if they are just listening to tapes in their churches, and not the ministry, they are not the Bride.

I have heard so many excuses they use and tell the people. They simply will not tell their people, “THE TAPES ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU MUST LISTEN TO”. If they did that, then the people would ask… “then why don’t we play tapes in our church if it is the MOST important?”

This is who we’re going to listen to Sunday:

God manifested Himself in a Man, and told who was behind Him; and what Sarah did, laughing in the tent. And all these Scriptures, of Malachi, and so forth, predicted in the last days. Hebrews 4 said, when “the Word” comes back. Malachi 4 said It would return back by a man.

That Word has returned back by a man and we have His Voice recorded on Tape and we are going to hear It EVERY SUNDAY.

I’m happy to announce that once again, this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, we will be listening to the incarnate Word made flesh and recorded on magnetic tape. It gives us the Revelation on: The Third Seal 63-0320.

What a time we will have, Bride. What joy will fill our hearts. What peace will comfort our souls, as we hear what God Himself told Satan: “Leave them alone. If you catch one of them, My little Flock that’s filled with My Oil and Wine of the pure Word, don’t force them to say any ‘Hail Mary’, or some of your creeds. Keep your hands off of them. They know where they’re going, for they are anointed with My Oil and have the wine of joy, ’cause they know My Word of promise. ‘I’m going to raise them up again.’ Don’t hurt That! Don’t go trying to messing them up…just keep away from them.”

We have nothing to fear. We have the Word. WE ARE THE WORD. We don’t stop for nothing. We’re God’s Sons and Daughters. Satan, give away, EVERYTHING belongs to us. God Said So. It is written!

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

St. Matthew 25:3-4
St. John 1:1, 1:14, 14:12, 17:17
Acts 2nd Chapter
I Timothy 3:16
Hebrews 4:12, 13:8
I John 5:7
Leviticus 8:12
Jeremiah 32nd Chapter
Joel 2:28
Zechariah 4:12


Thursday, August 3, 2023

Brothers and Sisters,

Like you, I am so thankful for such a WONDERFUL evening of Silent Prayer we had with Him yesterday at the Tabernacle. About 1,000 people signed up on the App and was able to come at their scheduled time...PRAISE THE LORD. As I was telling my wife after our prayer service, knowing how many times the Pillar of Fire came down in that little building, and knowing how the mysteries of God were revealed there like never before in history, I was just awe took my breath away. I told her in all the world, there is no place I’d rather be than right there. Thank you Lord Jesus for preserving that very special Church in which You did mighty, wonderful works through the ministry of your seventh Angel. There is just no place like it in the world.

I would like to thank each of you for cooperating so well with the scheduling, and for being so reverent and quiet while coming in and leaving the Tabernacle. It is so special to me to see how much you respect and cherish this opportunity, just as much as I do.

If the Lord is willing, we will continue to have these prayer meetings every Wednesday evening. Because of the amount of people wanting to attend, please continue to schedule a prayer time on the BT Live app. (Signups for the following week will start on Thursday; the day after each prayer meeting.) It is best if you can arrive just before your scheduled time, in order to allow the last group to leave and free up the parking lot. It was asked if you can add non-family members while scheduling your prayer time, which is perfectly fine. You can add up to 15 people on the app. And as always, we ask that you turn off, silence, or better yet, leave your cell phone in your cars before entering the Tabernacle.

It is such a joy to gather in the Branham Tabernacle again to pray, meditate, and thank the Lord for all He has done and all He is doing in our lives. I’m already looking forward to scheduling our next conference with Him.

God bless you,

Brother Joseph



Monday, July 31, 2023

Brothers and Sisters,

I’m so happy to inform you that if the Lord willing, we will open the Branham Tabernacle, on 8th and Penn street, for silent prayer meetings starting this Wednesday, August 2nd. Brother Branham called it his “home church,” and “his headquarters,” and there truly is a sacredness and reverence there like no other place on earth. To think of the many miracles that have been done, and how the Revelation of the Word was brought forth like never before. Truly, the angels of God still line the walls of that building, just like Brother Branham said, and their presence can still be felt.

In order to schedule a prayer time, you will need to have the BT Live app, and choose a time that is convenient for you and your immediate family. You can download or update the app here: Because of very limited parking and seating, this is the only way we will be able to manage the crowds. We will keep each silent prayer meeting to 30 minutes or less, like we have done in past. As we all know, there is one thing we can’t do too much of, and that’s pray, but I certainly hope you understand the special challenges we face at the Tabernacle, and why we must schedule times like this in order to accommodate all the people.

And as always, please be reverent while entering in and leaving the sanctuary. And we ask that there be no talking in the parking lot, in order to free up parking spaces for the other brothers and sisters.

I can’t wait to enter in to this very sacred place again, and more importantly, to enter in to His Presence and talk it all over with Him.

Therefore I say unto you, what things so ever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

May God bless you,

Brother Joseph Branham