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Mondays: 12pm - 3pm
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In-Person services at the Branham Tabernacle and the YFYC are cancelled due to the current construction project.

65-0429E The Choosing Of A Bride

Dear One In A Million,

I have been waiting for you so long. You are My darling sweetheart, and I love you so much. As I promised you, I have been making you a new Home where We will live together throughout Eternity. I’ve made everything exactly like you like them.

I can now look at you and see, you are the very reflection of Me. You have My very character, My flesh, My bones, My same Spirit, My same everything, just exactly. You have become one with Me.

I sent My mighty angel to earth to call you out of Satan’s Eden. I sent him so he could express My thoughts, My attributes, and tell you of the things that are to come. I used his mouth and his voice to express them by. After he said them, I brought them to pass, because Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word to you shall never fail.

I knew when you heard Me speak, using My angel’s voice, you would know deep within your heart, that wasn’t him, It was Me speaking to you. It was Me sending you a love letter, telling you, I have chosen you to be My sweetheart Bride.

In My eyes, there is no one like you. No one can take your place. You have stayed true and faithful to Me. When I look at you, My heart beams with joy.

When I told you, be very careful sweetheart, what you listen to, there will be many anointed ones using My Words, but they are false. You understood My warning by Revelation and stayed true and faithful to My Voice.

I was so proud when you prayed earnestly about what church you fellowship with. I told you to make the right choice, and gave you examples of what the perfect church is. You remembered when I said they all carry spirits, and chose the perfect church.

I even told you to be very careful who your pastor is. So you can just imagine how My heart leaped with joy when I saw you stayed with the pastor I sent to bring you to Me. You knew it was My Holy Spirit living in My prophet to lead you to Me.

I remember the day you were so happy, and so excited, when I called My angel up to a high place so I could show him a preview of you. We were standing there watching you as you marched to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers in front of Us.

He loved how you were all dressed in your national garb from where you come from; like Switzerland, Germany, and from around the world. Each one in your long hair that was fixed so nice. Your skirts were down neatly. I was so proud and excited to show you all to him, so he could go back and encourage you and tell you he saw you There.

Every eye was on Us. When a few girls, in the back of the line, started looking around to other places, he screamed out, “Don’t do that! Don’t get out of step!”

When I told you I was storing up Food for you to feed upon, you knew exactly what I was talking about. You wanted to be My pure Word Virgin Bride. Never did I catch you flirting with anyone else. It was always Me, My Word. That made Me so happy.

I have chosen you, YOU, to be My Bride. I am so in love with you, just as you are in love with Me. Don’t be discouraged, be encouraged, be happy, rejoice, the day is quickly approaching when I shall be coming for you. What a wonderful time We will have.

To the rest of you, REPENT, the earth is belching. One day Los Angeles will be laying in the bottom of the sea, just as I told you it would be. My wrath is belching right beneath it. I will not hold that sandbar much longer. You will slide into the ocean a mile deep, plumb back to the Salton Sea. It’ll be worse than the last day of Pompeii.

I’m going to cleanse this earth with fire soon. I will kill everything on it and beneath it. You see what is taking place around the world, just as I told you. You see My Bride uniting together around My Word, just as I told you.

Now is the time. Now is the season. Prepare yourself!

The hour of His wrath is upon the earth. Flee while there’s time to flee, and come into Christ.



You are invited to come join us, a portion of His Bride, as we make ourselves ready for His Coming, by hearing God’s Voice speak to us and bring us the Message: The Choosing Of A Bride 65-0429E this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Genesis 24:12-14
Isaiah 53:2
Revelation 21:9


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64-0802 The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride

Dear Earthly Bride,

Malachi 4 is God’s Word, and It has brought forth of its kind, US, His Bride. It is the Holy Ghost, the Person of Jesus Christ, in action, established in our hearts. We are quickened to EVERY Word He spoke, for “My sheep hear My Voice; a stranger they won’t follow.”

How wonderful have these last months been, following the prophet in Jeffersonville. God has been speaking through His mighty angel and feeding us with His stored up Food from His ONE LITTLE STOREHOUSE in all the country. It is Hidden Manna, just for His Bride.

With each Message we hear, we fellowship and rejoice with each other; “I know I have heard these Messages so many times before, but NEVER have I heard them like now”. It’s truly a fountain of Living Water bubbling up inside of us. We can hardly contain ourselves. It’s all we want to talk about. We have never been surer in our lives, who we are and where we are going.

There is no more wondering:
“I just don’t know. I’ve done so many terrible things in my life. I’ve failed the Lord so many times. It seems like I ALWAYS mess up.”

No more hoping:
“I really hope I’m a child of God. I WANT to be. I pray I am.”

Those days are ALL OVER. Now WE KNOW. Glory to God!!

How do we know? God has been speaking directly to us by His Voice on the tapes, telling us over and over, “I am in you, you are in Me. We are ONE. I chose YOU before the foundation of the world. You are flesh of My Flesh, bone of My Bone”.

What a perfect Message God spoke to us on Sunday to tell us all about how this world we are living in is not ours, it’s Satan’s Eden. How he deceived Eve in the beginning to question and doubt just ONE WORD. She took off God’s Holy Veil, and put on a veil of knowledge, then her eyes were opened and she knew she was naked.

Satan perverted the original Word, and now has blinded her that she is still naked and don’t know it. She has become Satan’s queen and this earth is her Eden kingdom.

Sunday, our Heavenly Bridegroom wants to remind His earthly Bride where our Future Home is and what It will be like. “Dear sweetheart, now that I have told you all about this world and how it’s Satan’s Eden, I want to tell you ONCE AGAIN about YOUR Future Home with Me.

I want to tell you in great detail. I know you’ve heard Me tell you about It many times, but just wait, this time it’s going to be like you’ve never heard Me tell you before.

I want to go into great detail. I want to reveal to you you’re in My perfect Will by staying with My Word and My prophet. I want to give you a type of what you are doing today as a perfect type of the new City you will be living in.

We’re really going to get into something. I will be dropping you a little something; I know you’ll catch It. You will be living in that City with Me. My prophet will live next door to you. He will be your neighbor. You’ll walk up those streets of gold and drink from My Fountain. You’ll be walking into the paradises of God, with Angels hovering and singing the anthems.

You’ll be the jewels in My prophet’s crown. You will outshine everything in the world, at that Day. There is so much I want to reveal to you on Sunday. What a wonderful day we will have together”.

He has so much in store for us in the next few weeks, if He doesn’t come and get us before then. Week after week, telling us, who we are, where we are going, what It will be like over There. He will be leading us up to the most glorious Easter week we have ever had, filled with nothing but praising and worshipping Him.

What an exciting time. We’re seeing prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes. We see the Word being manifested IN US. His Coming could be at any moment. We are standing at the door with the bouquet in our hands. We can hear the horses galloping and the sand rolling under the wheels.

The old buckboard will be stopped pretty soon. We’ll jump out the door of this old body and fly into His arms. He’ll look at us and say, “It’s all over now, honey, I’ll take you now to your Future Home.”

You are invited to be part of the greatest days the world has ever seen. Eaglets will be gathering from around the world to hear the Voice of God speak to His Bride and tell her all about: The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride 64-0802, at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time.

Bro. Joseph Branham




Reminder: Don’t forget about Daylight Savings Time.


Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

St. Matthew 19:28
St. John 14: 1-3
Ephesians 1:10
2 Peter 2:5-6 / 3rd Chapter
Revelations 2:7 / 6:14 / 21:1-14
Leviticus 23:36
Isaiah 4th Chapter / 28:10 / 65:17-25
Malachi 3:6


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65-0829 Satan’s Eden

My Dear Children,

You are an attribute of Me, your Heavenly Father. You were in Me from the beginning. You don’t remember it now, but you were there with Me. I so longed to know you because I wanted to contact you, speak with you, love you, and shake your hands.

As My child, you are a part of Me, made flesh, just like I was made flesh, so we can have fellowship one with the other as a family of God upon the earth. That was My purpose and what I wanted from the beginning.

I made a Garden of Eden for you so we could fellowship, but My enemy slipped in with deceit, and took this world over by misinterpreting My program to you.

It is a treacherous hour that you are living in, but it is also the most glorious time of all the ages, because you are now facing the great Millennium again; you’re facing Eden again.

My Spirit is not something that is schooled into you. It’s something that I predestinated by My foreknowledge into you by My mighty hand. Now My last call is going out to catch My Bride; “Come out from among them, be ye separated”.

Today they don’t try to establish My Word in the peoples’ hearts, they are trying to establish themselves. Churches are trying to establish the doctrine of the church in a person’s heart. Every man saying, “I did this. Me, I, mine, my denomination, me, this.” They are establishing themselves and not My Word which is spoken through My prophet.

You don’t have to understand everything I say, you just have to believe It because I said so, and that settles it forever.

My Holy Spirit is in action in you. It’s a Life in you, not an emotion; not some sort of a fleshly evidence, but It is a Person, ME, Jesus Christ, the Word of God, established in your heart, and It quickens every Word of this age. It’s My Holy Spirit in action in you according to the Word.

My first bride failed by listening to Satan’s reasoning, but I have redeemed you by Myself, which is the Word made flesh. YOU WILL NOT FAIL ME. You are My virgin Word Bride that will not listen to Satan’s reasoning. You will stay with My Word.

After the Millennium is over, then there will be an established Eden again; My great Kingdom will be taken back. I fought it out with Satan in the garden of Gethsemane, and won back My Eden. Now I have gone to prepare your New Eden in Heaven. I will be returning for you again very soon, so let not your hearts be troubled.

There will be no more sea, for the first heaven and first earth will pass away. I will renovate it with a Fire baptism that’ll kill every germ, every sickness, every disease, and every filthy thing that was ever on the earth.

She’ll burst forth, and there will come a New Earth. This first heaven and first earth will pass away. There will be a New Jerusalem descending from Me out of Heaven. There I will be with you, My true attributes, My sons and daughters. We will fellowship in holiness, with your eyes blinded to any sin.

I have come again unto you as I promised you I would. I have kept My Word to you. I have had My Word recorded on magnetic tape so there will be no misunderstanding, no question, just My pure Word for you; for It is Thus Saith The Lord.

Keep your conscience pure. Keep your hearts veiled. Keep your eyes veiled from the things of the world to become some big somebody.

Never forget, I will turn at the west and ride back again, one of these days. Until then, take My Name with you; It will joy and comfort give you, take It, everywhere you go, by pressing play.

Don’t compromise on one Word. My Word on tape needs no interpretation. You are part of Me, My attribute. This world is Satan’s Eden, but I have made you a New Eden where we will spend eternity together. Until then, unite around My Word. Love one another.

Come unite with the Branham Tabernacle this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, and hear Me speak through My chosen prophet and reveal My Word as you hear; Satan’s Eden 65-0829.

On His behalf,
Bro. Joseph Branham




Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

2 Timothy 3:1-9
Revelation 3:14
2 Thessalonians 2:1-4
Isaiah 14:12-14
Matthew 24:24


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From the Deacon Board

During the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, we realize there could be members of the Branham Tabernacle in desperate financial need who cannot obtain the necessities of living, such as food and sustainable goods. Because we do not have the opportunity to speak with you at Church because of the group restrictions, please email us at, or call us at 812-924-8200, if you are in this situation of need. The deacon board would be glad to investigate your situation.

I am so thankful that Father has prepared us, His Bride, for these things, both in the natural and in the Spiritual. I am certainly calling each of your names before Him in prayer.

God bless you,
Brother Joseph

There are policies with regards to saved seating at both the Branham Tabernacle and the YFYC. We appreciate your cooperation with the following:

  • Saving seats is permitted for those in your household only.
  • If you are disabled, you are welcome to enter the congregation before the doors open and sit in the designated handicap section.

We realize that there will be exceptions to these policies, and ask that you contact one of the deacons with any questions you have, so we may accommodate your special needs.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with these things, which we believe will make the services even more enjoyable for everyone.

God bless you

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From the Trustee Board

Many people have asked how to pay their tithes and offerings to the Branham Tabernacle while we are closed due to the Coronavirus. We would prefer you mail them to:

The Branham Tabernacle
PO Box 325
Jeffersonville, IN, 47131
c/o Billy Paul Branham

Our prayers are certainly with all our brothers and sisters around the world as this virus persists. For donations to Voice of God Recordings, please continue to use:

Voice of God Recordings
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