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Sunday Worship Service
Sunday services are held at the YFYC Building
5010 Progress Way, Sellersburg, IN 47172
Mon/Wed Prayer Service
Silent Prayer services are held at the Branham Tabernacle
804 Penn St, Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Mondays: 12pm - 3pm
Wednesdays: 5pm - 8pm
In-Person services at the Branham Tabernacle and the YFYC are cancelled due to the current construction project.

65-0425 God's Provided Place Of Worship

Dear Quickened Ones,

How we love to gather together each week to feast upon the Spiritual Manna He has provided for His Bride. It gives us the strength we need for our journey. It is the very Life of the Messiah, manifested, making His Church ready for the Rapture.

The Pillar of Fire has called us out, and is leading us to the promised Land, under the anointing of His mighty prophet, William Marrion Branham.

Brother Branham is not the Pillar of Fire. He is the anointed leader, under that Pillar of Fire. The Pillar of Fire only vindicates his Message with signs and wonders. It is His great Holy Spirit manifested amongst us and it is a thousand times more than all the other prophets before.

Can’t you see the Son of man, the Son of man in the form of prophetic Message, returning back again in His Church, in prophecy, revealing Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever? It’s never been done through the age, till this time.

Our Spiritual minds have caught It. We see It and believe every Word. This Message, these Tapes, are God’s provided Way to catch that mind out there where that seed is sowed. We have heard that Voice and the Light has struck us and we have taken Life.

It is seating us in Heavenly places, RIGHT NOW. Not we will be, we are now. We’re already resurrected, the dynamics and the mechanics is gone to work. It has quickened us into the Presence of God, where His Spirit is. It’s not what you’re going to be, you already are! It’s just the devil trying to rob us from It.

Q: Have you come to Life?
A: Yes

Q: Has Christ become real to you?
A: Yes

Q: Has the power of God been manifested?
A: Yes

Q: Are you in that Church, God’s provided Church?
A: Yes

Q: How are you in It, how do you know you’ve been quickened in It?
A: Our whole thoughts; Our whole being, is in Christ. Christ is in the midst of us, proving Himself alive, proving that He is here.

We are flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bone, body of His body, Name of His Name, Bride of Him. We are in Him. We are His flesh and His bones.

We can’t die, we’re quickened. The quickening power that raised us from a life of sin, and changed our being, has potentially raised us up in Christ Jesus, which, the resurrection will bring us forth in the full maturity.

We are borned and regenerated, baptized with the Holy Ghost, into Jesus Christ. We have been quickened to every Word. We punctuate every Word with “amen”.

As we gather together in Jesus Christ; in one mind, and one accord, whatever we have need of, if we will have FAITH and believe, He will give it to us.

Let us realize that He will be in each of our homes, our churches, or wherever we are gathered , for we are His sons and daughters, His Bride Church.

I know He’s here. I’m positive He’s here. I know that now there is quickening power enough in the Church to heal every person that’s sitting here.

Do you believe This Message? Do you believe It is God’s Way for today? Do you believe It is the Son of Man revealing Himself in human flesh? Do you believe every Word?

If you need healing of the body, healing of the spirit, or ANYTHING you may have need of, then I challenge you to believe the anointed, vindicated, Voice Of God for our day:

Grant just now that that quickening power will quicken their faith, Lord, to what they are doing. There is a believer got a hands on a believer, a body to a body, a power to a power. And it’s the power of God, by a son of God or a daughter of God, by the Son of God. O God, may Satan turn this people loose! May they be healed this afternoon, by the resurrecting, quickening power of the Presence identified, Jesus Christ. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may it be so!

Come and join with us under: God’s Provided Place Of Worship 65-0425, and receive your healing, be anointed by the Holy Spirit, have your soul rejoice as you sit in Heavenly places and hear the Son of Man speak this Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time.

Bro. Joseph Branham



Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Deuteronomy 16: 1-6
Malachi 4:5
St. Matthew 1:23
St Mark 16:17
St. Luke 17:30
St. John 4:23 / 10:1-7
Romans 8:1-11
1 Corinthians 12:13
Ephesians 1:21
1 Thessalonians 4:16
Hebrews 13:8
Revelations 22:19


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63-0630M The Third Exodus

Dear Manifested Sons and Daughters,

One hardly knows where to begin. To think, we have been sitting together in a Heavenly atmosphere, from around the world, drinking from That Living Water, becoming His manifested sons and daughters. This Message is giving us a complete understanding, positionally placing us, and telling us who WE ARE in Christ Jesus.

What is This Message doing?

“For I espouse you, engage you to Christ, as a chaste virgin.”

Glory, God sent His 7th angel messenger to espouse us to Him as a chaste virgin. We will be judged by every word HE SPOKE. That means you must PRESS PLAY.

He wrote His first Bible in the sky. Then He wrote His second Bible in stone. His third Bible was written on paper for the great, smart, intellectual world to come. But today, the great revelation day, we have His complete and perfect Masterpiece, the very Voice of God calling out His Bride, by The Tapes:

“And YOU’LL present us to the Lord Jesus when He comes, as trophies of YOUR ministry.”

And we all scream out with one accord,

“We know that! We’re resting with assurance.” Said, “YOU will present us to Him, and then we’ll all go back to earth again, to live forever.”

Who did the Bride of Christ scream out and say would present us to God? God’s prophet by HIS MINISTRY. How can you not want to play these tapes in your church?

Only This Message, these tapes, can bring the Church in such harmony with God, until the manifestation of the Bridegroom is manifested in us. How do I know to say to you “stay with the Tapes,” I went back to the blueprint to see what the prophet said.

I hope the spiritual mind can catch it. I’m sure you do. But I wonder, out there. Anyhow, you can’t visit every nation. You can send tapes to it. God will have some way to catch that mind out there where that seed is sowed. Right. And as soon as the Light strikes it, it’s gone, takes Life. Like the little woman at the well, she said, “There It is.” She caught It.

To us it’s honey in the rock, it’s joy unspeakable, it’s the blessed assurance, it’s the anchor of the soul, it’s our hope and stay, it’s the Rock of Ages, it’s everything.

Our spiritual mind is all unmuddied up. We know exactly who He is. We know exactly what He is. We know exactly who we are. We know exactly where we’re going. We know in Whom we have believed and persuaded He’s able to keep that which we have committed to Him against the day.

Then if God has revealed to us we are His ambassadors, all the power that’s in Heaven, all that God is, all of His Angels and all of His power stands behind OUR WORDS. God has to honor the Word, for He said, “Whatever you bind on earth, that will I bind in Heaven. Whatever you loose on earth, that will I loose in Heaven. And I give unto thee the keys to the Kingdom.”

It’s time to go Home. The exodus is at hand. God is showing us who is who. The Bride of Jesus Christ, will be exodus-ed out, into the Land that’s promised.

In His first exodus, He brought them out of a natural land, to a natural land. The second exodus, He brought them out from a spiritual condition, into a spiritual baptism of the Holy Ghost. Now He is bringing us from the spiritual baptism of the Holy Ghost, back into the Eternal, by the same Pillar of Fire, by the same anointed system, the same God doing the same things!

Let the winds howl. Let the storms shake, we are safe evermore. We are resting right there on every Word.

Come join us Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, and rest on every Word God spoke for our day. Make yourself ready for His soon coming and hear: The Third Exodus 63-0630M.

Bro. Joseph Branham



Scriptures to read before the Message:

Exodus 3:1-12
Genesis Chapter 37
Genesis Chapter 43


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60-0522E Adoption #4

Dear Eagles, let us all gather together and hear the Message Adoption #4 60-0522E this Sunday at 2:00 pm, Jeffersonville time.

Brother Joseph Branham





Scriptures to read before the Message:

Ephesians 1: 8-22 / 2:1 / 4:30
Hebrews 7:1-3
Genesis 14:18-24
St. Matthew 26:26-29
St. John 17:17
Galatians 1:8
Job 38


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From the Deacon Board

During the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, we realize there could be members of the Branham Tabernacle in desperate financial need who cannot obtain the necessities of living, such as food and sustainable goods. Because we do not have the opportunity to speak with you at Church because of the group restrictions, please email us at, or call us at 812-924-8200, if you are in this situation of need. The deacon board would be glad to investigate your situation.

I am so thankful that Father has prepared us, His Bride, for these things, both in the natural and in the Spiritual. I am certainly calling each of your names before Him in prayer.

God bless you,
Brother Joseph

There are policies with regards to saved seating at both the Branham Tabernacle and the YFYC. We appreciate your cooperation with the following:

  • Saving seats is permitted for those in your household only.
  • If you are disabled, you are welcome to enter the congregation before the doors open and sit in the designated handicap section.

We realize that there will be exceptions to these policies, and ask that you contact one of the deacons with any questions you have, so we may accommodate your special needs.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with these things, which we believe will make the services even more enjoyable for everyone.

God bless you

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From the Trustee Board

Many people have asked how to pay their tithes and offerings to the Branham Tabernacle while we are closed due to the Coronavirus. We would prefer you mail them to:

The Branham Tabernacle
PO Box 325
Jeffersonville, IN, 47131
c/o Billy Paul Branham

Our prayers are certainly with all our brothers and sisters around the world as this virus persists. For donations to Voice of God Recordings, please continue to use:

Voice of God Recordings
PO Box 950
Jeffersonville, IN 47131

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