April 28, 2024
Questions And Answers #1

Dear Tape Listeners,

I just can’t say it enough, there is NOTHING greater than hearing the Voice of God speak to us through His vindicated angel messenger for our day. Revelation after Revelation the Lord is revealing to us. There is no end to It. Each Message is like we’ve never heard It before. It is the Living Word, Fresh Manna, God’s Stored Up Food for His Bride, and all we have to do is PRESS PLAY.

We hear all about OUR soon coming Rapture. We’re going…GLORY, WE’RE GOING to the Wedding Supper. He predestinated US to be There by His foreknowledge, and there’s nothing going to stop it. The Word here unites with the person, and they two become One. It manifests the Son of man. The Word and the Church become One. Whatever the Son of man done, He was the Word, the Church does the same thing.

Before I go on, you might want to read that again!! How can we let the devil get us down? Listen to what we are looking forward to. Listen to who we are. Listen to what is taking place NOW.

Where are we going? To OUR Wedding Supper that we’ve been predestinated to by His foreknowledge, where WE, His Word and Church, become ONE WITH HIM, and whatever the Son of Man done, WE DO THE SAME!!

Then we heard all about OUR Future Home. The Divine Architect has designed OUR New City, where He will live with US, His Bride. He’s built It and has put every little thing just exactly to OUR touch; just what WE would like. Where there will be no need for a light, for the Lamb will be our Light. Where the prophet will live next door to us; he’ll be our neighbor. We’ll eat of those trees, we’ll walk up those streets of gold to the fountain and drink. We’ll be walking in the paradises of God, with Angels hovering over the earth, singing the anthems. Glory! Hallelujah!

Proving His Word to us; He, the Pillar of Fire, had His picture taken with His angel messenger to prove and say to the world, “Hear Ye Him.” We must not doubt one Word, for It is not the prophet’s word, It’s God’s Word spoken to His Bride. Then He told us, we have representation from predestination, assuring us. He don’t see us, He just hears our voice through the Blood of Jesus. We are perfect in His eyes.

The deep is calling to the deep like never before, and Father is filling us up with His revealed Word. Everything we need to know has been recorded and given to US. There is simply no end to this Living Word Message. There is nothing greater than to know WE are His Bride. The assurance in knowing that hearing that Voice, Pressing Play, is the perfect Will of the Lord; His program He has provided.

There is so much more to come! It is the inexhaustible Word of Living Water for His Bride. We have never been thirstier in all of our lives, but we have never been so refreshed as we drink and drink all we want.

Each Sunday, the Bride gets so excited to be gathered with a portion of the Bride from around the world, to hear what He is going to reveal next. He told us if we can’t come here at the Tabernacle, get to some church somewhere; go to it.

We can’t all be gathered together at the prophet’s home base; his headquarters where he was set up at, but we can turn our churches, or our Homes into churches, where we place him in the pulpit. Where we can be fed the PERFECT WORD JUST AS IT WAS REVEALED.

There is no greater gathering, no greater anointing, no greater place to be than to be sitting together in Heavenly places, listening to the Voice of God.

I invite you to come hear God's vindicated Voice with us this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as He speaks to us once again through His angel messenger, and answers all the questions we have on our hearts, and assures us that we are His Bride.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Sunday’s Message: Questions And Answers #1 64-0823M