June 16, 2024
God's Chosen Place Of Worship

Dear Mrs. Jesus Christ,

If we would ask a question about anything in our life, there’s got to be a true answer. There can be something close to it, but there’s got to be a true, direct answer to every question. Therefore, every question that comes up in our lives, there has got to be a true, correct answer.

If we have a Bible question, there has to be a Bible answer. We don’t want it coming from a group of men, from any certain fellowship, or from some educator, or from some denomination. We want it to come straight from the Scripture. We must know: what is God’s true and correct place to worship Him?

God chose to meet man; was not in a church, not in a denomination, not in a creed, but in Christ. That’s the only place that God will meet a man, and he can worship God, is in Christ. That’s the only place. No matter if you’re Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, whatever you might be, there is only one place that you can correctly worship God, that’s in Christ.

God’s only correct, and chosen place to worship Him is in Jesus Christ; that is His only provided Way.

The Bible promised us an Eagle in Malachi 4; a Pillar of Light we are to follow. He will show the erring church He is Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. We’re also promised in Luke 17:30 that the Son of man (Eagle) will be revealing Himself to His Bride.

In Revelation 4:7, it tells us there were four Beasts, with the first one being a lion. The next Beast was an ox. Then, the next to come was a man; that man was the reformers, man’s education, theology, and so forth.

But the Bible said in the evening time, the last Beast that was to come was a flying Eagle. God would provide His end time Bride an Eagle; the Son of man Himself, revealing Himself in flesh to lead His Bride.

The Bible also says all the old things, in the Old Testament, was shadows of the things to come. As that shadow gets closer, the negative is swallowed up in the positive. What took place then is a shadow of what would take place today.

In I Samuel 8, the Old Testament tells us God had provided Samuel the prophet to lead the people. The people approached him and told him they wanted a king. Samuel was so dismayed that his heart almost failed him.

God had been leading His people through this consecrated, Scripture-vindicated prophet and he felt that he had been rejected. He gathered the people and pleaded with them not to turn away from the God Who had carried them like children, and prospered them and blessed them. But they persisted.

They said to Samuel, “You have never been wrong in your leading. You have never been dishonest in your financial dealings. You have done your best to keep us in line with the Word of the Lord. We appreciate the miracles, wisdom, provision and protection of God. We believe in it. We like it. And furthermore we don’t want to be without it. It’s just that we want a king to lead us to battle.

Now of course when we go out to battle it is still our intention to have the priests go ahead with Judah following, and we will blow the trumpets and shout and sing. We don’t intend to stop any of that. BUT WE WANT A KING WHO IS ONE OF US TO LEAD US.”

This wasn’t the denomination people of that day. This was in fact the people that claimed that HE WAS indeed God’s prophet that was chosen by God to lead them.

“Yes, you are a prophet. We believe the Message. God reveals His Word to you, and we like It, and we don’t want to be without It, but we want someone besides YOU to lead us; one of our own. We still intend to say we believe the Message you brought us. It’s the Word. You’re the prophet, but you’re not the only or the most important Voice.”

There are fine people in the world today, fine churches. But there’s one Mrs. Jesus Christ, and we are Her, the Ones Who He’s coming for; His chaste virgin Word Bride that will stay with God’s ONLY VINDICATED AND PROVEN VOICE TO BE THUS SAITH THE LORD.

If you wish to join us this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, we will still be on the phone hook-up around the world listening. This is what is going to take place.

Move upon my brothers, sisters, my friends, here in this place tonight and out yonder by the phone. Several different states listening in, all the way from the East Coast to the West. I pray, Dear God, way down across the deserts there in Tucson, way over in California, up in Nevada and Idaho, way over in the East and around, down in Texas; while this invitation is given, people setting in—in little churches, filling stations, homes, listening in. O God, may that lost man or woman, boy or girl, at this hour, come to Thee. Grant it just now. We ask it in Jesus’ Name, that they’ll find this safety place while it is time.

Now, Lord, this challenge has been met, that Satan, the big bluff, he has no right to hold a child of God. He is a defeated being. Jesus Christ, the only place of worship, the only true Name, defeated him at Calvary. And we claim His Blood right now, that He defeated every sickness, every disease.

And I call for Satan to leave this audience. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of this people, and they be made free.

Everybody that accepts their healing upon the basis of the written Word, make your testimony by stand to your feet and say, “I now accept my healing in the Name of Jesus Christ.” Rise up to your feet.

Praise be to God! There you are. Watch over here, of cripples and things getting up. Praise be to God! That’s it. Just believe. He’s here.

Bro. Joseph Branham

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Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Deuteronomy 16:1-3
Exodus 12:3-6
Malachi 3rd & 4th Chapters
Luke 17:30
Romans 8:1
Revelation 4:7