April 21, 2024
Proving His Word

Dear Bride-Church,

The Son of man has come and revealed Himself in human flesh to His Bride. He’s said It, we believe It, and He’s proved It. We are His Bride-Church that have made ourselves ready by listening and believing every Word that proceeded out of His mouth.

There will be a resurrection of the dead. He’ll prove it. There’ll be a Rapture of the Church. He’ll prove it. There’ll be a Millennium. He’ll prove it. There’ll be a new Heavens and a new earth. He’ll prove it, because His Word said so.

We will be the ones that will be There. He’ll prove it. We are the ones that have been made part of this Word. He predestinated US to be There. There’s going to be a Rapture by His foreknowledge and there’s nothing going to stop it, we’re going to be There!

Satan has tried for a long time to get the people to doubt just one Word that was spoken. Don’t you do that. Just believe every Word. You must believe every Word to be There. It’s not the prophet’s word, It’s God’s Word that has been recorded and stored on the Tapes.

The high priest, the bishop, the cardinal, the pastor? “God! Every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” How do we know it’s God’s Word? He says so, then He proves It. He proves His Word.

You MUST believe every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. He has proved It is His Word on the Tapes. He has proved that William Marrion Branham is His seventh angel messenger; the Voice of God for our day. All who do not believe the Message and the messenger will perish.

Now, I’m not just exactly talking to this audience. This is taped, you see, and It goes all over the world. Do you understand, people of the world, that one Word, one Word, not one sentence, not one paragraph, one Word, that’s all Eve disbelieved.

He is the Word, and we were part of His Word. That’s the reason we are here, to confirm our place in life. To believe every Word. To stay with the Word. To point the Bride to every Word that is on the Tapes.

In our day, the Son of man has been revealed. He HAS joined the Church to the Head; united the marriage of the Bride. The Bridegroom call has come. The Son of man has come in human flesh to unite the two together. He is the Word. We are His Word, and the two unites together.

It’ll take the manifestation of the revealing of the Son of man… Not a clergyman…Jesus Christ, will come down in human flesh among us, and will make His Word so real that it’ll unite the Church and Him as one, the Bride, and then go Home to the Wedding Supper. Amen.

The manifestation of the Word will unite the Bride. It manifests the Son of man again, not the church theologians. The Son of man! The Word and the Church becomes one. Whatever the Son of man done was the Word. We, His Bride, will do the same thing.

We are united by the Holy Spirit, His Word, His Voice, and are fixing to go to the Wedding Supper. The Word has united us, and the two become ONE.

We say THE TAPES, THE TAPES, THE TAPES. You must play the Tapes in your homes, in your churches. We’re criticized for placing so much emphasis on playing the Tapes. Why do we say such? Who is speaking to US on the Tapes?

Now, remember, that was not Jesus talking to Abraham there, that could discern the thoughts in Sarah’s mind behind Him. That was not Jesus, He had not yet been born. But it was a Man in human flesh, that Abraham called “Elohim, the great Almighty.”

If you believe that the Son of man has been revealed in our day; God speaking through human lips, how could anyone not see the importance of placing that Voice as the MOST IMPORTANT VOICE YOU MUST HEAR?

I’m not criticizing others that don’t see and believe what we believe; they are our brothers and sisters, but I am SO SATISFIED, SO FULL, SO ASSURED this is God’s provided way for His Bride. I can do no other. For me and my house, Press Play is the ONLY WAY.

I once again invite the world to come and unite with us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: Proving His Word 64-0816.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scriptures to read before service:

St. Matthew 24:24
St. Mark 5:21-43 / 16:15
St. Luke 17:30 / 24:49
St. John 1:1 / 5:19 / 14:12
Romans 4:20-22
I Thessalonians 5:21
Hebrews 4:12-16 / 6:4-6 /13:8
I Kings 10:1-3
Joel 2:28
Isaiah 9:6
Malachi 4