December 26, 2021
Why Little Bethlehem

Dear Class,

I would like to preach and teach you today by the way of my letter. Let us first review what we learned last Sunday.

How do you catch a predestinated seed of God? PRESS PLAY.

What did Joshua tell his ministers to do? Go into Jericho, minister to the people by PRESSING PLAY, and thy and thy house shall be saved.

His messengers returned back, and said, “I have obeyed your orders. And there was a woman we found, when we played the tapes.

We are not ashamed. We don’t care who sees It. We wanted everybody to see It and hear It. We have placed It in our homes, in our churches, everywhere we go, so everybody passing by will know that we are identified with our Token; Jesus Christ, His Word, The Holy Spirit, The Message of the hour, The Tapes, The Voice Of God.

We can see that the wrath is about ready to pass through the land, and everything that is not under that Token, will perish. But when He sees that Token, He’ll pass over us. It’s God’s requirement of the hour. The evening-time Message, is to apply the Token.

How close did he tell us it would be class?

  • Just to say I believe It… isn’t enough.
  • To walk around where It is at... isn’t enough, it makes you worse.
  • I don’t steal.
  • I go to the Branham Tabernacle.

That’s good, that just means you’re able to read.

Don’t just come this far, say, “I believe the Message.” You obey the messenger. Come into Christ!

Take the Message, take It into your heart, that you must have the Token, the very Life that was in Christ be in you. “When I see That, I will pass over you.”

What has God been telling His Bride Message after Message? THE TAPES, THE TAPES, THE TAPES. It’s okay to preach the Message and to teach the Message, but you must PLAY THE MESSAGE.

How can anyone say they are in love with The Message and not want to play the Message before the people? They don’t have the same love relationship I have with The Message, as I want everyone to come together and hear that vindicated by the Pillar Of Fire Voice.

We have unmovable FAITH in His Word. We’re not Eve. We’re not doubters or compromising with Satan. We hold to every Word of God in the Bible, and every Word on Tape. For the tapes are the very thoughts of God, spoken and revealed to His Bride, and it needs no interpretation. It is the only place we know that we can say AMEN to every Word.

This Message is fresh bread coming down from Heaven, for our journey. It is the Bread of Life, and every day we receive a freshness from Christ, from Heaven, the Holy Spirit, coming and filling our souls.

We are sitting together with one objective, the Word of God, and we feed upon That Word. We are in God’s spiritual Bethlehem, eating God’s spiritual Bread, and our souls are punctuating every Word that He spoke, with an “Amen!” We are enjoying this Heavenly angel Food that has been stored up for us to feast upon.

Come join us at His Table and feast upon that Heavenly angel Food with us this Sunday at 10:00 A.M., Jeffersonville time.

If you tape people here, listening to the tapes, I’d like for you to listen to that one: Why Jesus Had To Come To Bethlehem. Why did He have to do it?

Father has spoken to us through His prophet once again and invited all you Tape People to come hear the Message: Why Little Bethlehem 63-1214.

My preaching and teaching is now over, now let’s PRESS PLAY.

Bro. Joseph Branham