May 26, 2024
A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord

Dear Nineveh Passengers,

Father, where Your Carcass is, Your Eagles are gathering together. You’re feeding us upon Thy Divine Manna. Give to our souls that what we really need. We are thirsting for You, Father. We’re in Your Hands.

We’re laying in Your presence, ripening, by hearing Your Voice. The Bride must make up their minds and face up to it. It’s either right or wrong. Is hearing Your vindicated Voice the most important thing Your Bride must do or not? If It’s right, let’s do It. Don’t wait any longer, find out now what’s Truth and what’s right, and stay with It. We know that It’s True, we know It is Your provided Way for today.

I must cry out, “The lion has roared, who can but fear? God has spoken, who can but prophesy?” We see It in the Word. You promised It. Who can hold their peace and keep still?

We don’t want the popular idea. We want the Truth. And we don’t, we (want) don’t want to—we don’t want to face up to nothing but what God has said is the Truth.

The time has come that you must decide what ship you are on. Are you feeding on the Word spoken directly from the Son of Man, or something else? Is someone telling you that you must hear other voices to be His Bride? Playing tapes in your homes or your churches is not the most important thing the Bride can do?

Whose voice are you listening to? What’s that voice telling you? What voice are you placing your, and your family’s, Eternal destination on?

It isn’t me, it wasn’t the seventh angel, oh, no; it was the manifestation of the Son of man. It wasn’t the angel, his message; it was the mystery that God unfolded. It’s not a man; it’s God. The angel was not the Son of man; he was the messenger from the Son of man. The Son of man is Christ; He is the One that you’re feeding on. You’re not feeding on a man; a man, his words will fail. But you’re feeding on the unfailing Body-Word of the Son of man.

Don’t listen to any voice that doesn’t place that Voice, the unfailing Body-Word of the Son of man, before you FIRST. They can preach, teach, or do all God has called them to do, but they are NOT the most important voice you MUST HEAR.

If they believed that, then they would play that Voice when you are gathered together and tell you, “this Voice, on the tapes, is the most important Voice to hear. It, and IT alone is, THUS SAITH THE LORD.”

What Voice are you in love with? Why did He have His Voice recorded and stored up? Whose Voice did God choose to speak His Word for our day?

By His provided prophet, the one He ordained to go down there and call that message, now, looked like He could have sent another prophet, but He ordained Jonah, and even Elijah wouldn’t have done, Jeremiah wouldn’t have done, Moses wouldn’t have done, it was Jonah had to go to Nineveh. That’s all there was to it. He commissioned him and told him to go. And when He says, “Go there, Jonah, go to Nineveh,” nobody else can go do that but Jonah

God has predestinated us to this life. This Voice speaks the Words of Eternal Life to us. To us, this is God’s provided Way. This is our Ship. If you’re on a ship going to Tarshish, get off before it’s too late.

If you’ve been wondering, or have any questions on your heart which way to go or what to do, come join us. Get on the Ship with us. We’re going to Nineveh, to cry out. We’re letting that Tarshish ship go on down if they want to. We’ve got a duty before God, that’s a Message that we’re responsible for.

I’m not saying if you go to a church that doesn’t play the tapes is a ship to Tarshish, but if ANYONE isn’t placing the Voice of God on the tapes as the most important voice you must hear, you better check to see who’s at the helm of your ship and where your ship is going.

I invite you to join us Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as the Captain of our Ship speaks and bring us the Message: A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord 65-0217.

Let’s just start this revival right. Right! What’s you waiting on? We believe that the Coming of the Lord is at hand, and He is going to have a Bride, and It ready. And we don’t want no ships to any Tarshish. We’re going to Nineveh. Huh! We’re going to Glory. Amen. That’s right. We’re going where God is going to bless, and that’s what we want to do.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scriptures to read:

Jonah 1:1-3
Malachi 4
St John 14:12
Luke 17:30