Sunday, May 3, 2020
The Mighty God Unveiled Before Us

Brothers and Sisters,

What a glorious day we are living in. God has made a way for His Bride to hear His Voice speak directly to them and bring them the Words of Eternal Life. As never before, His Voice is speaking through His angel, calling out His Bride.

His very Word tells us: in the days of the Voice of My mighty angel, when he begins to speak (voice) it will be The Spirit of truth; he will guide you into all truth; for he shall not speak (voice) of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak (voice), and shall show it unto you.

What is Father telling His Bride? In the end-time, I want you to hear my Voice. In the days of Paul, I had scribes taking down what he was saying as he was preaching it, but today, I know you will need something far greater, something that the whole world can hear, My Voice speaking directly to you. It is so important to Me, that I choose the nature of that prophet to fit that age. See, He fits his style, whatever he does. He fits him whether he’s educated or not educated. He fits the gifts, the manner that he’ll preach in, the gifts he’ll have. And the Message for that certain age, God’s predestinated that certain thing to happen and there’s not another thing can take its place.

Whatever he is, He gives him his class, his—his gift, give him his nature, his style, and whatever it is, how he expresses himself, and whatever he does. He makes the man of the hour to catch the people of the hour.

It was so important to Father that He choose his style, his nature, how he would even express himself… everything about His angel, to catch His Predestinated Seed. What would it be to the people of the end-time? The very God of all ages, with skin on It, God, hid behind a veil.

To His Bride, It’ll bring shewbread, Manna, that’s only give for a separated people. The only thing that can eat it, that’s permitted to eat it, is just the people who are permitted and knows It.

His Bride must first have that True Revelation and believe it is God hidden behind a veil in human flesh, revealing His Word to them, as He promised to do. His Bride, not changing one Word, not interpreting one Word, but believing EVERY WORD.

Then Father reveals to His Bride WHO THEY ARE. They see themselves in His Word, as His messenger tells them: you are My written epistles, read of all men. Not a new epistle, but the Epistle that’s been written, made manifest to those who believe the Word and the promise of this day.

It is now God in men, the fullness of God in the Godhead bodily in His entire Church, manifesting Himself, fulfilling His Word. It is not a group, not your church, not your pastor, but it is you. Now the Glory of God is behind your skin. You have become a part of God’s great symphony, when the Conductor cries out and says, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever,” the Symphony cries out, “Amen!” “You shall receive power after this the Holy Ghost is come upon you.” The Symphony cries, “Amen! I got It!” There’s no more guesswork about it then. The whole Symphony is right in harmony with the Word. It’s going… That’s it. Oh! It’s a magnificent thing. The director and the Composer must be in the same Spirit. And so must the musicians be in the same Spirit, to act It all out. And the world is wondering what’s going on.

What is the attraction, what is all that noise about them people listening to That Voice around the world by PRESSING PLAY? It’s God speaking and calling out His Bride.

The time has come. The Bride is in the same Spirit as the Conductor, and the Bride and Bridegroom are becoming One. The Bride is making Herself ready. They are anointed by the same Pillar Of Fire that had His picture taken with His mighty angel.

That same anointing is upon them now and they are recognizing THEY ARE THE WORD, for only that Predestinated Word Bride will believe every Word. They are that fully restored Adam. They see God hidden in human flesh, as His messenger brings them the Word. They see God hidden in flesh in themselves, and their Faith has been anointed.

Let the Bride come together in unity once again at 10:00 A.M. Jeffersonville, IN time to hear His Voice speak to His Bride and give us Rapturing In Faith as we hear:

64-0629 The Mighty God Unveiled Before Us

Bro. Joseph Branham