April 14, 2024
The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride

Dear Salt Of The Earth,

Oh dear Bride, what a time we are having, sitting together in Heavenly places, in the presence of the Word, maturing, recognizing who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

To know, from the depths of our hearts, we are NOW sons and daughters of God. Not we will be, we are NOW. We are the attributes of God’s thinking.

When Satan attacks us, and tries to show us our mistakes, our past, and our daily failures; when he tries to break us down in our mind and spirit with his lies, we just remind him and tell him, “God, from the foundation of the world, foresaw me; that’s right Satan, ME, and He sent Jesus to redeem ME.” WHACK!

“Now Satan, leave me, for the Blood of His Son speaks for ME. I can’t sin. My mistakes, yes, my many mistakes, can’t even be seen by God. The only thing He hears is MY voice worshiping and praising Him, and the only thing He sees is MY representation.”

Our representation is gathering us from the east and west, north and south, uniting us under the Word He has provided for His Bride on tape. It is the only thing He will honor; for It is His provided Way.

What is He going to tell and reveal to us next? We’ve heard Him speak through His prophet so many times and tell us about what our new Home will be like, but this time it’s going to be like we’ve never heard anything about It before.

The Divine Architect has designed this for His Beloved. See? Oh, what a place it must be, when, Divine Nature, a Divine Architect has designed it for a Divine attribute that’s been Divinely predestinated by a Divine God Who—Who is the Author of Divine Life! What will that City look like! Think of it.

We can’t hardly contain ourselves. Our excitement and anticipation is at a peak. Our hearts race to hear God speak directly to us and tell us He is now making and designing our new Home so we can live throughout Eternity with Him.

What else will we hear, and what will be revealed to us Sunday, as He tells us all about Predestination, Representation, Dispensation, Eighth Day, Holy Mountain, Pyramids, and Holy Convocation?

Can we wrap our minds around what is taking place right now? God is gathering His Bride from around the world so He can tell us what our new Home will be like. He’s going to tell us down to every little detail. What a glorious time we will have.

On the other hand, our battles have never been harder. Satan is pounding at us like never before. His attacks never seem to lighten up or go away.

But GLORY to God, our FAITH in His Word has never been higher. Our FAITH in knowing who we are is anchored so deep in our Soul, that we cannot be shaken.

We have NOTHING to fear; NOTHING to worry about. Father is in complete charge of us. He guides and directs our EVERY FOOTSTEP. He holds us in the palm of His Hand. Satan is just a bluff whose end is near, and he knows it. He is the one that is scared, he knows he is dealing with God’s Spoken Word Bride and he is defeated every time.

We ARE THE WORD. We were in Him from the beginning. We’re not going to be someday, WE ARE NOW. If we are the Word, then we can SPEAK THE WORD, IF WE’LL ONLY BELIEVE...AND WE BELIEVE.

You’re either a believer (THE WORD) or you’re a doubter (NOT THE WORD). There is not one fiber in our body that disbelieves one Word. There you are! We just proved to Satan: we are the Word. We might be the skin on the bottom of the foot, BUT WE’RE STILL PART OF THE BODY!!!

So when that liar comes after one of us, the Bride comes together from around the world and we WHACK HIM AND WHACK HIM with the Word.

When sickness comes on one of us, we unite together and WHACK HIM! When one of us gets to feeling low and down, what do we all do? WHACK HIM!

We’re going Home, Bride. The time has come. The Bride has made Herself ready. We’re in the Ark. He has closed the door and we are safely inside. We can hear the music for the Bride to come walking down the aisle to be united with the Bridegroom.

We will be on our honeymoon for 1000 years, then we’ll go with each other and Him to our Future Home.

Don’t miss it, friends. There is only one way that has been provided and vindicated by God: The TAPES. It is the Pillar of Fire speaking and leading His Bride.

Whatever you do, place that Voice before you and your family this Sunday. Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the Word, and the Word comes to the prophet. The Holy Spirit is the Prophet for our day speaking to His Bride by the Tapes.

You are welcome to join us this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as a portion of the Bride will be united together listening, all at the same time, to God speak through His mighty angel and tell us all about: The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride 64-0802.

Bro. Joseph Branham